The First Crush

Her happiness was never with HIM.
She loved him for being himself but that was never satisfying A! She was always an inch away from death and they never lived happily ever after :)



10. Chapter 10 "Hard to get"

Chapter 10

Harrys P.O.V

"What’s wrong?" Niall asked

"Her voice is so close to this stranger on the phone" I said not taking my eyes away from her

"Yeah and what if she's that stranger?" He asked again

"Strangers never been that hot before"

"Ha-ha as if U'll see her again, Dude she's a fan that U'll never see again as every other one, I know see's but forget about her" Niall said, he has never been that negative specially about our fans .. He always loves them back

"Hey can I have a pic PlZz?" She asked

"Sure" Niall answered taking her phone from her... I wanna say *Dude let me take care of it* but I stayed speechless

"Tongues out xP" The stranger said, she must be funny

"Hhhh crazy one, ThanX guys" She said as soon as she saw the picture

"Hhhh UR welcome" Niall said, damn it dude let me take one step to her, No doubt he likes her... But I want her to like ME, why am I so into her... I don't even know her name... I need to do something.

"Wait" I finally said "Can we have another pic?" Damn it I can't think straight

"Sure" she said raising a brow to me and stepping closer... I gabbed out my phone instead of her she already had one now it’s my turn

"Smile" I said to get all of her attention to the pic... I was planning to put my arms around her waist but by hands were frozen in their place


 "ThanX but Why have U taken it with your phone?" She said, damn it’s her... This stranger

"I mean ….” She was trying to take her question back

"To keep your beautiful face next to me" Finally a sweat thing came out of this mouth  "And to find U again  ... It would be easier when I have a picture of U" I said without thinking, I can see her cheeks getting red

"Well thanX, I hope U get what U want" Someone is playing hard to get... I can feel my heart trying to get out of my rib cage, what is she looking at? What? Why is Niall even staring? She's nowhere to be found when I turned my face back... Damn it

"She's mine little Horan" I said to myself trying to get my temper under control cuz the second it's out of my hands Niall will be at the hospital .. Now she's taking a picture with Loui and of course she'll search for Zayn too and head out, What R they saying? Should I follow?

"Sure" I said to myself again following her ... She's entering the room, Is Zayn inside alone? No way he was late becuz of his hairstyle so Lou must be in there too, Why am I asking myself those questions I don't even know her ... a look won't make a big deal, and went there and 'the look' was a few minutes of staring at her actually. 

After she took a picture with Lou I consumed that the best way to get her is to watch her from a distance, so I left the room before she can notice me.

Victoria's P.O.V

"Hey how was it?" Bake asked as soon as I jumped into the car

"It was  ... like  ...” I don't know what to say "like a dream that came true" I finally found the right word.

"U owe my favor then" He said with a bright smile

"Sure, I can be your servant like  ... Forever" I said while laughing

"I'll take that but later now we have to go the concert is about to start" He reminds me

"Ohh right let's go" I said when I opened the passenger door

"This place is too crowded" The said in a loud voice for me to hear

"Too many cool kids" I said looking in his eyes with a smile to annoy him

"Stop doing that UR so annoying girl"

"Forget about that where our seats are?" I asked while we're walking

"At the second row I guess, come" he said grabbing my hands to lead me to the seats

"Cool !!" That’s gonna be amaZayn

"Here" he said while seating "There's no boys here?" he asked, good question

"U'll find few ones here or there or maybe up there idk" I can't see a single male except Bake of course

"Here they come" I said while standing up 

"He's staring at me" I said to Bake



"Why? What happened backstage?" 

"Dude don't take my happiness away and stop talking" I don't know what am I saying but I can't think straight, Harry is talking to one of the guards and pointing at me, what is he up to ?

"Excuse me ma ‘me, can I see your tickets?" Harry was planning for that of course

"Sure, Bakie the tickets" I said to Bake taking the tickets from him to show it to the guard

"I'm sorry that's not your seats, your seats are in the first row"

"Sure, let’s go" I wanna see what he's up to

"Here" he said leading us into a very perfect place right in the middle of the stage and Harry is still staring, he's doing nothing except staring and singing his solos, I'm trying not to pay much attention to him but I can't so I'm just looking at the one who's singing trying to be normal, Things cannot be more awkward 

"What’s going on" Bake asked me when he saw Harry looking

"I have no idea" when I looked back at Harry his face is different there's something wrong, after the first song is over Harry whispered something to that guard again and the guard is on his way to me

"We want U backstage after the concert" He said

"I can't do this, tell him that I'm not coming, it's not that easy" I said enough for him to hear me

"RU sure Cuz this opportunity doesn’t come twice" He said and he's wright but I can't

"I'm sure"

"Ok, It's your choice then, Excuse me" he said waiting for a last word

"Sure" I said and he went away

"What was that?" Bake asked

"Harry wanted me backstage after the concert but I refused" I simply answered

"Whaaat?! RU crazy, girl that was your dream"

"My dream was to see them and it had already came true all thanks to U"

"But  ... but what if he wants U to be his friend or his girlfriend or even if wants to have a coffee" 

"It's not that easy, I don't date remember" I reminded him

"Yeah I know but this has to be a special case"

"No special cases, and if he wants me that bad he will follow me until he gets me"

"Insane" He said and I smiled not even knowing why.

"London make some noiseeee" Loui said... I've always dreamed of hearing this statement and then the crowd went crazy except me, I hate screaming

"Someone is playing hard to get" Harry told Zayn but the microphone was near enough from his mouth so I heard him and both of our eyes met one more time

(I'm sorry for this very late update but yesterday I was so exhausted even to write it all, I hope U like it and if UR reading this plZz plZz don't forget to vote and tell me your opinion in a comment :) ilysm <3 )


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