The Sister of The Pop-star

This was so stupid. I'm not supposed to be spending time with my brother! For crying out loud, summer is coming, meaning that I was supposed to stay here and eat my weight on food and do nothing at all and then get all stressed out because of college, but NO, I am being sent away to the tour life.

Follow me Reeve Malik in the journey of a tour life.


12. Twelve


Chapter Twelve:


I sat down on the counter of the kitchenette the tour bus had, Zayn and Liam were the only ones awake, yet they were going through their mail and other things on their computer. After the talk I had with Liam, Zayn had spoken to me and told me about what he had said to the lads about me being off-limits, but if any of them decided to make a move, he would allow it as long as I was happy.


"Where are we going now?" I questioned. "I believe that in three months you have already toured all England."


"We have." Zayn replied. "We are heading to the airport."


"We are leaving to America." Liam replied. "You missed the first two months of the tour."


"I'm aware of that." I replied. "I was finishing school detention." I rolled my eyes. "How long are we going to be in America?"


"Bout four months." Zayn replied. "You excited?"


"Sure." I replied climbing off the counter. "I'm going to take a bath. Have me eggs and bacon for when I come back." I winked and walked towards one of the small bathrooms.


I picked up an outfit for a plane ride and walked inside the bathroom. Let's get ready for the day.





After we passed the crazy fans we could enter the airport, where more crazy fans waited for the lads to take pictures with them and I don't know what more. I wanted to get to the plane as soon as possible, but the fans didn't let us go so fast. After like twenty minutes of agonizing wait, the lads were able to move on, I started walking behind them when Harry stopped and waited until I was next to him so that he could walk beside me.


"Hey there Reeve." Harry spoke as we walked through the airport.


"Hi." I replied. "Are you okay now?" I questioned. "Did the menstrual cycle ended?"


"Ha-ha." Harry rolled his eyes. "So funny Reeve." I winked over at him.


"No but seriously." I spoke. "Are you in a good mood or should I go make another friend?"


"I'm perfectly fine." Harry smiled. "I'm sorry I've been ignoring you..." He lowered his voice. "I was trying to keep my distance because of Zayn, and also because I had to think over some things."


"Have you spoken with Zayn?" I questioned and he nodded. "Everything in order?"


"I guess." Harry replied. "Liam also spoke with me. I think there is something going on." He rubbed the back of his neck.


"Nothing bad I swear." I placed my hand on his back. "Just relax." I gave him a smile.


"Share seats with me." Harry said and I raised an eyebrow. "Please."


"Sure." I replied with a small smile on my face.


The rest of the journey towards the gate was in pure delicate silence. I knew what Zayn and Liam must have told him, yet I didn't want to agree to whatever he thought he knew. There was this thing where I had to tell him that he could try to make a move, but I just don't know how, where or when...


Paul made us hurry the fuck up and he pushed us around until everyone was on the plane. He said that we were late, but to be sincere, if the lads hadn't stop for half an hour to take pictures, we would be on time. We either came earlier or avoided fans... Neither was going to happen soon.


"Seats." Paul said as we entered the plane. "Umm, it's two in each."


"We can choose or do you have already assigned us?" Liam questioned.


"You choose." Paul rolled his eyes. "Everyone hurry up, we don't want to have trouble like last time."


I was about to question what the hell happened last time, but Harry pulled me into the last set of seats. I frowned confused, but continued to follow him, I had promised to sit next to him....


Harry let me enter first and I sat next to the window and stared out, I couldn't believe that I was going to go to America, it had always been a dream of mine, yet never achieved because I was a 'trouble' kid...


"Could I ask you something?" Harry questioned and I turned to face him.


"Sure you can." I replied with a small smile. "Do I have to worry about it?"


"I don't think so." He chuckled shyly. I smiled at him and nodded. "This is going to sound all weird, but I need to know." He made a pause. "Do you think that you and I can go to a date?"


My eyes widen but a smile was plastered on my face. "Of course we can." I replied. "When we get to America though, cause I highly doubt there is a place for a date inside a plane."


Harry chuckled at my response and kissed my forehead. "When we arrive in America." He chuckled some more. "I believe that we have a whole week so that we can settle down. We'll go out then."


"Sure." I replied with a smile and turned to face the window once again.


Maybe spending my summer with my brother and his band mates isn't going to be as bad as I thought it was going to be. Summer love maybe? 




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