The Sister of The Pop-star

This was so stupid. I'm not supposed to be spending time with my brother! For crying out loud, summer is coming, meaning that I was supposed to stay here and eat my weight on food and do nothing at all and then get all stressed out because of college, but NO, I am being sent away to the tour life.

Follow me Reeve Malik in the journey of a tour life.


6. Six


Chapter Six:

Post Concert.



I rolled my eyes at the dance moves Liam was doing as he played Wii on the recreation room at the back of the stadium. Niall was also playing but, he had better moves than Liam, and so he was winning. I was on the couch laying down with my feet propped up as I had managed to sprain it as I tried to help a little kid yesterday at the carnival.


Louis and Zayn were on wardrobe check for the concert that was going to start in a few hours and Harry was nowhere to be found, and I didn't care. My eyes were closing themselves due to the painkillers the doctor had given me to ease the pain on my foot. I snuggled further trying to sleep, I mean, if the painkillers were making me sleep, might as well just obey them and do so...



"Truth or dare Reeve?" Liam questioned as the bottle landed on me. I thought for a moment, how bad can their dares be?


"Dare." I smirked. "As no one is macho enough to do one."


"I dare you to-" Liam thought of what I had to do. He looked up to the tree where we were sitting. "I dare you to climb the tree and get the kite that is up there." He said pointing at a purple kite.


"Sure." I shrugged and stood up.



I opened my eyes as Louis' voice came into the picture. Liam was now sitting on the floor, as I was taking up the entire couch and Niall was playing with Louis. I don't know how long I slept, but I was still tired and neither my brother nor Harry where on the picture.


" How's your ankle?" Liam questioned when he stood up and saw me staring at the lads.


"Doesn't hurt anymore." I replied. "Though the painkillers are making me sleepy and the couch is too uncomfortable." I added with a small shrug.


"There's a bed in one of the dressing room." Liam said. "Want to rest there?"


I thought of it and nodded, I could surely rest right now so that after the concert, I could join them on the dinner and the movie night they had planned. Liam walked over to Niall and Louis who's game had just ended and questioned them about the bed in one of the dressing room.


"It's on Harry's." Niall replied. "Reeve, do you think you can walk there?"


"Reeve is not supposed to walk." Zayn joined the conversation. "If she wants to rest, she'll have to do it here on the couch, unless someone wants to carry her towards Harry's dressing room."


I rolled my eyes at my brother, ever since the stunt, he was being all moody and bitchy, aka the normal Javadd attitude. "I'll crawl." I said. "Plus how long can Harry's dressing room be?"


"Don't worry." Niall said. "I was heading there anyway." He smiled. "Piggy back ride?" He crouched before me. "Hop on kid."


"Thank you Niall." I smiled as I hopped on. "I hope that you find your princess sometime soon, you surely deserve the best."


Niall pinched my thighs making me laugh as he walked down the corridor. I still had not spent do much time with each of the guys, but from all the I could learn and I knew from everyone on the internet, I knew some basics of each.


"Mind knocking?" Niall asked as we stopped right in front of the last door. I extended my arm and knocked twice. "Harry open up! But make sure you are dressed!"


"Who's out there with you?" Harry questioned from the inside.


"Reeve." I replied. "They said that there was a bed here and the painkillers are making me sleepy so I want to rest."


"Sure." Harry opened the door and narrowed the eyes at Niall carrying me. "Don't you have legs?"


"She can't walk." Niall replied as he walked inside. "Doctors order, plus Zayn is on bitch mode and told us not to let her walk."


Harry rolled his eyes and Niall dropped me down on the bed. "Thanks Niall." I smiled and took off my shoes. "Now, I am going to sleep, wake me up when the concert is over."


"Do you want something more comfortable to sleep in?" Harry questioned. "I have sweatpants and a hoodie here so that you don't have to sleep in jeans."


"If you don't mind." I replied with a smile. "Please toss them... I ankle hurts." I sighed in annoyance. " I really hate that kid.


Niall and Harry snickered at my comment and Harry tossed me the sweatpants before they both left me alone on the room. I snuggled into the covers, knowing that in more than a split second I was about to crash into deep sleep.




"TURTLE!" I shouted as we played charades with the lads on our way back to the hotel we were going to be staying.


"YES!" Louis laughed and hugged me as he came to sit next to me. "Who's next? Zayn?"


Zayn stood up and grabbed a card before tossing it on the pile of 'already used'. He stared at Liam and winked at him. I furrowed my eyebrows but in a split second I knew what he was doing. Liam seemed confused and so did Niall, as Zayn twirled his hair and made stupid gooey faces towards Liam.


At this point, Louis, Harry, and I were laughing out loud, not being able to contain it. Harry had his phone out, and I was sure that this was going to twitter and there was no way we would ever forget that day.


Liam seemed to think for a moment, before he stood up and shouted. "FLIRTING!"


Zayn nodded and I just cracked more laughter, making everyone burst into a laughing fit. It seemed that after the concert and the nap, everyone was more energized than ever.


I was leaning on Harry as I grabbed my stomach and tried to catch some air to breath when I felt him come closer to me. "I love it when you're so carefree." He whispered on my ear. "I can you make you be carefree always." 

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