The Sister of The Pop-star

This was so stupid. I'm not supposed to be spending time with my brother! For crying out loud, summer is coming, meaning that I was supposed to stay here and eat my weight on food and do nothing at all and then get all stressed out because of college, but NO, I am being sent away to the tour life.

Follow me Reeve Malik in the journey of a tour life.


9. Nine


Chapter Nine:

Closet Time


Four hours. The amount of time that I had to wait locked up on a janitor closet with no other than Harry Styles. Do you know how bad will it look when Zayn finds out that I was stuck with him? Or when he decides to speak with me about it and question why on earth I was stuck there? I'm so not looking forward towards that. I don't even want to get out of my bunk and face anyone.


It hadn’t been my fault.



*Six Hours Earlier*



I grabbed a book from my bag and walked out of the tour bus towards the stadium. The lads were already there and I was supposed to meet with them. The place was crowded with fan-girls, and I am pretty sure than more than a couple will be able to get inside... Meaning that if I were one of them, I would already be inside and taking picture of the lads.


I nodded at the huge security guard that was standing guard at the door and walked inside. The hallway was calm, but I sensed someone else near. I stopped and remained quiet to listen, a few seconds and I heard a footstep from behind me; I turned around and saw Harry coming with a bucket of water.


"Hell no Styles!" I shouted and ran towards the first door that I could manage to find. I opened a door and it was Louis' dressing room, as he was standing in front of me only in his boxers. "Sorry!" I shouted and covered my eyes, after I hid myself behind the sofa.


"What the hell?" Louis questioned. "Why did you just barge into my dressing room?"


"Harry wanted to throw me a bucket of water." I replied staring at the wall. "Put some pants on so that I can stare at your face and see if you were part of this plan."


"What?" Louis chuckled. "Why would you think that Harry wanted to throw a bucket of water to you? That's just insane."


"He was trying to be quiet and when I saw him and looked scared and started running to me, so I made a run to here." I replied. "I just opened a door and got inside."


"Harry's outside then?" Louis questioned.


"I don't know." I replied with a shrug. I heard the door open and then a curse out and a smack. I got up from behind the sofa and saw Louis completely drenched in water and Harry holding his arm laughing.


"I'm sorry!" Harry laughed. "I thought Reeve was the one opening the door." He tried to calm down. "I can't believe that it was you."


I started laughing when Harry sent me a wink. I can't believe that the prank had gone so well. I never thought that Louis would really fall for it, but we had planned it, without a specific person to be pranked.


"Wait a moment." Louis said looking between Harry and me several times. "You planned this."


"What?!" I laughed. "We so did not!" I said trying to calm down. "It's just stupid how Harry would believe that I was going to come out of hiding through the same door I barged in."


"Get out you two!" Louis shouted and I ran out the door and stood next to Harry. "Wait until I get my payback." Louis said before shutting the door on our faces.


I turned to face Harry and broke into another fit of laughter, so far, this had been the best prank we have ever pulled off.


"I'm grabbing something to eat." I said as I walked down the hall. "You should watch your back?" I winked at Harry and sprinted to find the food area.


Niall was on the food area, so it was fairly easy to find it, as I just had to call him and follow his voice. I was still smiling from the prank as I walked and joined Niall on his eating adventure.


"Why the smile?" Niall questioned. "Did you and Harry do something?"


"We totally pranked Louis." I smiled. "You should have seen the epic prank we did."


"You have it recorded?" Niall questioned and I shook my head. "I don't believe so."


Niall nodded and we kept talking and laughing totally losing time and not caring who came and went, we were having a great time.



*Four Hours Earlier*


I picked up the trash from the floor and Niall helped clean the table. We had eaten half the food on the place and I was so full. The concert was until tomorrow, but we were staying in the stadium as all the hotels were full or I don't know, the point was that we were staying in the stadium. I was walking towards out of the food area when I saw Harry coming towards me.


"What are you doing right now?" He questioned as he stopped right in front of me.


"I don't have anything planned." I replied. "Why? Are we pranking someone else?"


"No." Harry smirked. "Want to watch some movies with me?"


I thought of it for a moment, I had nothing better planned. "Depending on the movies."


"Your call." Harry smirked.


"Sure." I smiled.


We started walking towards his dressing room, when I sensed someone behind me. I knew the difference when someone was simply walking behind me or when they were trying to scare the living hell out of me. I nudge Harry and he gave me a questionable look. I stopped him and turned around and saw Louis with a bucket of water.


"RUN!" I shouted and tugged Harry as I sprinted for my life.


I could hear Louis behind us, and I ran faster, there was no way that he was going to get us. Harry panicked and opened a door and pushed me inside the room him following and closing the door.


"You pussies!" Louis shouted. "Come out!" He laughed. "I promise it will not hurt!"


Harry pressed his finger to my lips, preventing me from talking. We stayed like that for three whole minutes before we heard nothing outside. I nodded at Harry and he turned to open the door, but it only rattled. I raised an eyebrow and saw how Harry kept trying to open the door.


"Harold." I said. "Please tell me that we are not locked up inside a closet."


"I'm sorry." Harry said turning around. "We got locked up."


I bit my lip preventing any screams or profanities to come out of my mouth. I can't believe that I am stuck in a closet with Harry. I was trying really hard to prove Zayn that there was nothing between us and now it was going to be impossible.


"Call for help." I said. "My phone has no battery."


"Dead." Harry sighed; I threw my head backwards and groaned. "Someone will find us Reeve."


"Obviously." I rolled my eyes. "Let's just hope it is not Zayn." 

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