The Sister of The Pop-star

This was so stupid. I'm not supposed to be spending time with my brother! For crying out loud, summer is coming, meaning that I was supposed to stay here and eat my weight on food and do nothing at all and then get all stressed out because of college, but NO, I am being sent away to the tour life.

Follow me Reeve Malik in the journey of a tour life.


15. Fifteen



Chapter Fifteen

The Date


I did gasp in surprise as Harry opened the door and helped me out of the limo. The view that I had right now was breath taking. The view was so simple yet it held the most powerful words that man can't express. Have you ever seen something so beautiful that you can't seem to find the perfects words to spell it out?


The sun was setting and it gave a serenity colour towards the beach. Yes, we are at the beach. The mixture of colours made the white table look so beautiful, I don't know how much trouble Harry went through, but I was in love with the place already, and I hadn't even gotten to the spot prepared for us.


Harry took my hand in his and we walked together towards the table. It had a circle of candles surrounding it within a 3 meters radio, so the glow of the flames wasn't that strong on the spot.


"You like it?" Harry questioned making me break contact with the place and stare at him.


The way the sun was setting, gave a certain glow to Harry, he looked more gorgeous than before if that was ever possible. "Yes." I whispered with a shy smile. "It's beautiful."


"I'm so glad you liked it." Harry chuckled scratching the back of his head. "I was trying to come up with something as beautiful as you, but nothing can compare to your beauty."


I was staring at his gorgeous green orbs trying to catch a joke or something, but his words were so sincere that it made me weak on the knees. The smile that spread through my face was more real than any smile that I had ever given in my entire life. I was just starting to understand all the mixed signals that I got.


"Harry." I whispered and turned to face my feet. I was a mess with my emotions. "I don't-"


"Don't say anything." Harry chuckled as he lifted my chin. "You don't have to thank me or anything. I just want for you to feel special tonight."


"You make me feel special." I whispered closing my eyes as I enjoyed the way Harry caressed my cheek with his thumb.


"Let me treat you like a princess for the night." He whispered to my ear before kissing it. "Our food is waiting." He grabbed my hand and I opened my eyes.


"Lead the way." I smiled as I walked next to him.



The dinner was some pasta with a bit of wine, not so much so that we didn't end up drunk. It was a calm night, and the ocean breeze made the environment even better.


Throughout our dinner, Harry keep complimenting me and telling me how much of an awesome person I was. I was blushing like crazy, yet I still managed to tell him how I felt towards him. I knew what he felt because Liam and Zayn had already told me, though I wanted to her it from his mouth, I decided to make the first move.


"Can I tell you something?" I questioned to Harry as we ate the dessert.


"By all means." He gave me a short nod.


"I think you might have an idea, but still." I sighed. "It has never been easy for me to talk about this sort of things, but you are worth the trouble, so sorry if it sounds plain, it's just how I am." He chuckled slightly. "I like you Harry, I like you more than just a friend."


Harry's smile became bigger and I blushed fiercely. Harry took my hand into his before staring straight to my eyes. "I like you too." He chuckled. "I like you more than a friend Reeve. I think that you are the most beautiful creature that has ever walked in this world. Ever since the first time I met you, I knew that you were different, that you were special, and since that day I vowed to myself that I was going to do whatever was in my power to get to you. I know that I don't have the best reputation, but you know me, you the real Harry Styles, you know how I am, and because of that you know that I will never do anything to hurt you." I took in a sharp breath. "I fancy you Reeve."


I stood up from my chair and tackled Harry with a hug, causing us to fall to the sand, me on top of Harry. We were laughing and I couldn't help but to stare at him. Memorize every feature he has simply remember his face.


"You're so beautiful." Harry spoke again and I hid my face on his chest. Harry laughed, his vibrations tickling my face, as he played with my hair.


We stayed like that for a moment, before I lifted my head and smiled at Harry. He raised an eyebrow as I straddled him and got up from the floor. I extended my hand so that he could stand up.


"Let's walk by the beach." I smiled. "Like near the ocean."


Harry nodded and I sat on the chair taking my shoes and socks off. Harry followed my actions and he folded the hem of his pants so that they didn't get wet.


He grabbed my hand and we walked under the moonlight. It was just like a movie, and I couldn't be happier at the moment, everything seemed to be going perfectly fine.


We stopped at the middle of the beach and Harry made me face him. I raised an eyebrow but he chuckled and kiss my nose.


"May I ask you something?" Harry questioned.


"Of course." I replied.


Harry cleared his throat and grabbed both my hands. "Reeve Malik, would you like to be my girlfriend?"


I stopped breathing for five seconds before I moved my hands to the back of his neck. "Yes." I whispered to his lips. "I would love to be."


And just as the last words escaped my mouth, Harry's lips were on top of mine, in a sweet loving kiss. 

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