The Sister of The Pop-star

This was so stupid. I'm not supposed to be spending time with my brother! For crying out loud, summer is coming, meaning that I was supposed to stay here and eat my weight on food and do nothing at all and then get all stressed out because of college, but NO, I am being sent away to the tour life.

Follow me Reeve Malik in the journey of a tour life.


11. Eleven


Chapter Eleven



I closed my eyes trying to ease the pain. I know that it was useless, but I felt useless at the moment and I had to do something. The fall hadn't been pretty, but I never thought it was going to be this dam painful. I didn't even know that I was going to fall, if I knew, I would have never done it.


"Reeve." Zayn's desperate voice said. "Please stay with me."


"I'm here." I whispered. "Care to explain how it happened?"


"You don't know what happened?" Zayn exclaimed. "Did you hit your head?"


"No." I chuckled. "Just my arm, but seriously, everything happened so fast that I am not sure what happened."


Zayn rolled his eyes. "Okay, so umm the dare right. You remember the dare?" I nodded. "So you climbed up the ladder, and it turned out that it was like broken, so when you were about to grab the pipe, it fell down and you came with it landing in a weird position which lead you to your broken arm."


"It's broken!" I whined. "Fuck that explains why it hurts like a bitch."


"Keep it PG!" Liam shouted. "There are cameras here."


"Do you think I care?" I rolled my eyes. "You are not feeling the pain I am!"


"Jeez girl." Niall laughed. "The ambulance is on its way, chill it."


"Whoever tells me to chill it or to keep if PG one more time, will be smacked with the cast I get." I said. "And it won't be on a nice place."


Zayn chuckled and kissed my forehead. "Don't worry. Everything is going to be fine."


"Oh I know." I sighed. "Can I get something to eat?" I questioned. "I don't think there is any need to operate so I can eat."


"You are always thinking about food." Niall shook his head as he walked over to the hallway.


"WHO'S TALKING!" I shouted gaining laughter from everyone. "Javadd. Where's Styles?"


"I think he is waiting for the paramedics." Zayn replied. "I really don't know where is he though."


"Whatever." I yawned. "Someone Google if pain makes you want to sleep." I added trying to repress a yawn, but failing miserably. "Cause I would really like to sleep right now."




I blew some air from my mouth as I waited for Zayn to finish with the paper work. Turns out that I had in fact broken my wrist, not my arm, my wrist people, meaning that I had to wear a cast for five weeks...


"Doesn't it hurt?" Liam questioned.


"Not anymore." I replied. "They gave me pain killers." Liam nodded and we remained quiet for a while. "Liam, can I ask you something?"


"Sure." Liam replied. "What are you worried about?"


"Do you know if Harry has feelings for me?" I traced my blue cast. "I mean-" I licked my lips. "I'm sure you get my question."


"I do." Liam chuckled. "I don't the answer though. Harry hasn't mentioned anything to me."


I nodded. "Is that he's been avoiding me." I rolled my eyes. "Since the closet incident, he's been keeping his distance, and I don't know if it is because Javadd told him to, or because he simple wants."


"Don't think to much." Liam patted my head. "I will have a word with both Zayn and Harry. You have to know that your brother told us that you were off limits before we went over to pick you up. I think that for Harry that might be a problem, I just don't know for sure."


I rolled my eyes letting out an exasperated sigh. "Why on the sweet mother of earth would Javadd tell you guys I am off limits?"


"Because you are his little sister, and the job as an older brother is to protect our baby sister, no matter what, protect her from everything and anything." Liam smiled sweetly at me. "Don't worry, I will speak with him, but I need you to answer me a question before I do."


"Ask away Daddy Directioner." I giggled. "That name sure suits you."


Liam chuckled. "Do you have feelings for Harry?" He questioned. "Do you think that you and Harry can become something more than just friends?"


I stared at Liam, what he was questioning was the answer I didn't want to answer. I knew myself, and the minute that I admit something, I knew there was no way back for me. Was I ready to accept the reality or could I keep lying?


I had to see the facts here, how much did I know about Harry? I knew his life to his fans, but I also knew his personal life, all the night talks when neither could sleep. Not only was that, but also everything he did for me, he was so into the things that I did; he remembered every detail about the random things we spoke when we were bored.


I took a deep breath and nodded. "Yes we can." I replied. "Harry and I can be more than just friends if the circumstances let us." 

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