Penniville Princess

Lily has always wanted to be a princess. She wanted the castles, dresses, and crowns. The fabulous balls, the jealous friends, but most of all she wanted true love and a happily ever after. When she was little she dreamed about being rich and doing whatever she wanted, whenever she wanted. Now that she was older, living in the small town of Penniville, she knew her dreams of royalty would never come true. With 17 years of constantly being let down, Lily told herself true love and happily ever afters were just part of a fairy tale. But what if she was wrong?


5. Rapunzel, Let Down Your Hair

   9 o'clock a week later I sat in my room watching Tangled and eating pistachios.  Alexis was grounded because of her Nazi neighbors and Jasmine was out with Ben who was officially her new boyfriend.  I'm pretty sure they haven't been apart the entire week.

   So I sat alone in my favorite bright blue pajama shorts and my favorite oversized gray sweatshirt watching one of my favorite movies.  I may have given up on my happily ever after but there was something about these movies, the passion and fearlessness of these animated characters gives me this feeling of hope and happiness.  It's too bad a happily ever after requires a man and a castle.

   Rapunzel was just about to make her way down the tower when I heard something hit my window.  My room was on the second floor and my window was right next to a tree so the wind pushed the branches to tap on the glass of the window sometimes.  Living up here your entire life you get used to it and you know exactly what it sounds like.  This wasn't it.

   It sounded like it was hard and small, like a pebble.  It sounded again, this time a little harder.  I slowly walked up to my window and opened the shades just as small red object hit my window.  There, sitting in my tree next to my window was Nate, his smile as big as Jupiter.  I unlocked and opened the window, leaning out and resting my elbows on the window sill.

   "I'm here to rescue you fair maiden," he said, trying to make his voice sound deep and heroic.  It failed.

   "Who are you, Nicolas Sparks?"

   "Very close but no.  I'm much better looking," he said, throwing me a big brown bag.  I looked inside.  M&Ms.  "Requesting permission for entrance, my lady."

   "Um . . . sure.  But there is one problem Mr. 'Not So Nicolas Sparks,' how are you planning to get in here?"

   "Haven't quite figured that out yet."

   I laughed.  "All right, get down and go to the front door, I'll let you in."

   "Wait, do you have Nazi neighbors like Alexis?" he whispered like someone was listening to the conversation and he didn't want to offend them.

   "No, they're all probably in bed by now.  I don't think I have a neighbor under the age of 70."

   "What about your parents?"

   I swallowed and looked down at my bare feet.  "My dad is working in his room, he won't be out for the rest of the night, now come on."

   "Your mom?" he said, quieter this time.  I could hear the hesitation in his voice like he knew he probably shouldn't ask it but curiosity got the better of him.

   "Just come in, please," I smiled a sad smile and tucked my hair behind my ear.

   "All right, all right, you don't have to beg me," he said, his humor and charm back like nothing had happened.  I liked that he was willing to respect my boundaries.  Well . . . most of them.

   Nate, in one swift movement, jumped from one branch to another farther down and dropped to the ground, gracefully falling on his feet.  I ran down the stairs and unlocked the door, opening it to a smiling boy.  He walked right past me and up the stairs.  He examined every door down the long hall until he stopped in front of the last door down the hall, decorated with purple wooden letters spelling out 'LILY.'  He pointed at door and looked back at me with the same smile he wore the first time I met him.  His cheekbones were prominent, his jawline was sharp, and eyes weren't anything but perfect.  Delicately shaped lips, slightly curved up on one side.

   I nodded and followed him into my room.

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