Penniville Princess

Lily has always wanted to be a princess. She wanted the castles, dresses, and crowns. The fabulous balls, the jealous friends, but most of all she wanted true love and a happily ever after. When she was little she dreamed about being rich and doing whatever she wanted, whenever she wanted. Now that she was older, living in the small town of Penniville, she knew her dreams of royalty would never come true. With 17 years of constantly being let down, Lily told herself true love and happily ever afters were just part of a fairy tale. But what if she was wrong?


7. A Real Sleeping Beauty

   I awoke to several wet kisses placed all over my right cheek and a gentle squeeze from the arms wrapped around me.  I opened my eyes, to two breathtakingly bright blue eyes.

   "Good morning my dear," Nate whispered as he placed another peck on my forehead.  "Sleep well?"

   "When did I fall asleep?" I asked, slowly sitting up from our cuddle under my blankets.  "What time is it?"

   "It's about 7 o'clock.  You fell asleep watching the movie last night and when I tried to get up to leave you wouldn't let me."

   "I wouldn't?"

   He laughed and wrapped his arms around my waist again, pulling me back down so we were forehead to forehead.  "Every time I tried to take my arm back you would grab it and pull it back around you.  I tried to shake you and I even talked to you right in your ear, saying that I needed to go, but you just groaned and kept saying 'no.'"

   "I don't even remember that," I giggled.

   Nate brought his hand up to my face and gently stroked my cheekbone with his thumb.  "It was definitely worth it," he whispered and placed a soft kiss on my lips.

   I giggled again.  "Well my dad is probably gone by now . . . want some breakfast?"





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