Save me tonight

Hailey always loved one direction hopeing to meet them but does she or does she save them from danger or will no one see one direction again read to find out


4. the plan

 at home....

            Harrys P.O.V

    "guys I just got a txt the address is '188 black lane' "  I said. "ok so what's the plan" Niall said "ummm ok we go to the address with all the weapons we can find around and me and Zayn will guard and the rest of you will split up and look for them and if you need help we will all have walky talkys just let us know where you are alright." I said and every one nodded in agreement.


 "ok it's ten o'clock at night lets get some sleep we'll work out the rest of the details tomorrow." "ya I'm pretty tired if we don't get some sleep we wont be able to do any thing tomorrow, night boys" Liam said "ya lets go to bed night" Niall said.


  the rest of the boys nodded and headed to bed and so did I.  once I made it to bed  I fell into to sleep hoping every thing going to be ok.



          Haileys P.OV

I was sitting next to Louis in a dark room tied to a chair with bruises all over my body from being slapped and punched by body guards and it stung like hell "fuck,Louis we need to figure out a way out of here." "I know I'm am really sour right now, damn these roped are digging into my skin and far too" Louis said "im with you it hurts like hell" "sorry I got you into this" Louis said "what, Louis you didn't do anything don't say that you didn't know this was going to happen"


 "ok, but this all feels like it  was my fault" Louis said "you know this is some thing that I never thought that would happen" I said "ya this was a little unexpected' he said


 "I know this is not the right time to say this, that and I cant see you but I was wondering if we ever get out of here would you go on a date with me?" he said I didn't know what to say so I just squeaked " umm I mean yes of cores" I said really thank god I thought you would say no and hate me forever" he said I just laughed.



  Louis P.O.V

 she said yes I am so happy right now I don't know what to say .

" we should probably get to sleep" I said "ok good night Louis" "good night hailey"


then I drifted off to sleep.





Harrys P.O.V

I woke up with sweat pouring down my face, probably from my dream last night. 



I was walking tourds the screams and once I made it hailey and Louis were covered in blood laying there lifeless and a bloody knife in the corner of the dark room I collapse to the ground tears pouring down my face getting their blood all over me.


end dream.....


man that was frightening then I got up to take a shower and got my outfit which consist is a red  tee and cream colored pants with white convers. 


  unknowns P.O.V

"boys go wake them up" "ok boss" then a minuet later I heard the screams. "wake up you brats" "hahahahahaha I love hearing their screams." I said to myself.


Perries P.O.V  

harry just called me and told me what happened I'm now in the plan I called the rest of the girls and told them we are all going to meet up with the boys and help.


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