Save me tonight

Hailey always loved one direction hopeing to meet them but does she or does she save them from danger or will no one see one direction again read to find out


1. the meet



                           Hailey's P.O.V

    I was in the park all alone because I was getting bored at home and it's getting kind of creepy the bushes keep making sounds which sound stupid to say cause it's probably just the wind.  I was about to go home but then I bumped into someone  "sorry I wasn't paying attention to where I was going"  I said  " I-its ok m-my name is Louis " he stuttered, wonder why. "my names Hailey" I said but I got to admit that this boy was cute and he got good fashion,  he's wearing a white shirt that said vans off the wall  and black skinny jeans and convers anyway I think I starring to long cause he noticed " hahaha do you like what you see,love"  "what no, I didn't do any thing" I said .




                Niall's P.O.V

where is Louis he's " guys where is Louis he's been gone all day and I want to go to the carnival" I said while hanging off the couch. it's actually really fun I feel like a unicorn. "I don't know Niall your just going to have to wait" Liam said then Louis walked in and with a girl she's very pretty.



      " hey guys this is Hailey, I meet her in the park"  he said  " hi " I said "hey" the rest of the boys coursed " hey boys do you mind if Hailey comes to the carnival with us" Louis said "sure we don't mind "  Zayn said  "I want cotton candy" Hailey said and every one burst out laughing  "what I'm hungry and I love cotton candy and other foods but I love cotton candy" she said " we will get you cotton candy when we get there" its candy floss but cotton candy sound like a cool word but maybe  we can bring her on tour with us we are in California right now.  " hey guys maybe she can come on tour with us" I said " ya what do you say Hailey?" Louis asked " ya sure when do we leave" she said " ummmm Saturday so you got all of tomorrow to pack" " ok that works now lets go"  Hailey has brown eyes and brown hair with pink at the bottom with contacts the make her eyes blue she's absolutely beautiful.



"ok lets go" Harry said  "i'm  ready to go" he said again Harrys been really quiet surprisingly    




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