Save me tonight

Hailey always loved one direction hopeing to meet them but does she or does she save them from danger or will no one see one direction again read to find out


7. rescue

 Nialls P.O.V


there in front of my eyes Louis and hailey covered in blood and two men laughing at the sight and then I cracked I beat the two men too the ground and kept punching and kicking them while Liam got them out of here and to the car the men were lying on the ground choking an there own blood



and then I laughed and ran to the car.


and when I got there every one was in the car and Louis and hailey sat there whimpering and it just broke my heart and Liam started the car and it roared to life and we sped off to the hospital.


at the hospital.....


we checked in sat in the waiting room


"Niall, its alright their going to be fine" Zayn said and every one stared at him in shock he's been so quite, and I hadn't noticed I had been crying till I felt the warm salty liquid slid down my cheek




Haileys P.O.V


this pain that was shooting through me was unbearable and then suddenly I seen white clouds and an angel "follow me she said in an angelic tone so I did she led me down this long white hallway to this door  where another angel stood they had long beautiful hair in neon colors and it was the girls had breath taking gowns and the guys had white tuxes with glitter all around the room it was amazing and the wings on them were just ... wow.


"you are still alive but when you wake up you will have powers you can heal people including yourself and you can protect and can be underwater for  how ever long you like cause you can breath underwater and survive in crashes and fires you can pretty much do anything Louis will have powers too they are telling him now the same powers as you and you two will have a very bright future ahead of you now you may go oh and we will talk all the time we can become friends here is my number by hailey" then I woke up wow me an Louis have powers.







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