Save me tonight

Hailey always loved one direction hopeing to meet them but does she or does she save them from danger or will no one see one direction again read to find out


5. break down

  Perries P.O.V

me and the girls were on are way to the boys house. "so what do you think going to happen", jade asked "I don't know we'll find out on Monday" I said


Louis' P.O.V


it killed me seeing  hailey in pain being beaten in front of my eyes and I couldn't help at all and I know I'm next.


 "HAILEY, NO DONT HURT HER PLEASE" I screamed "AHHHHH LOUIS HELP ME PLEASE" hailey screamed " STOP HURTING HER" "NO you both will be in pain and there's nothing you can do about it" the man said "bosses orders" you mean kidnapper I said in my head the I felt a sharp pain in my ribs.


 "OWWW"  I said holding back my tears as the man kept  hitting me in every place possible.


and I looked at hailey and blood was all over her as she sat there and cried this pain that she's going through is all my fault.


then hailey started breathing heavy and the tears started to come out faster and she kept mumbling this is all my fault so much pain and it just broke my heart.



'hailey this is not your fault and we will get out of here I promise" I said and then the tears slowed down and she wipered loud enough so I could here "I love you Louis" as soon as I herd those words all the pain went away "I love you too" I said back.





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