Don't Jinx It

*Batman Fanfiction*
Aurora Wayne; Bruce Wayne's adopted daughter; one with an obsession with riddles. Unfortunately, having Bruce Wayne as her legal guardian, she was under threat by rouges. She just had to jinx it, didn't she? Too bad she didn't care.


3. The Warehouse

~~"Otay, Rori, first we gotta have a meetin'!" Harley said.

    I nodded, and walked with her into the warehouse. it was a huge, abandonned warehouse that looked, in all honesty, horribly rundown. But, when I got on the inside, it was the the cleanest warehouse I've ever seen. There was a hallway to the right, and I could see a few doors, painted various colors. All I could see from wear I was was a golden door, which had yellow construction tape on it, a green one with a purple question mark, and a plant green door. the restr I couldn't see very clearly, as they were blocked by Riddler's figure. 
          "No, no, no, Aurora, that's not for you to see yet." he said, directing me to a large space, with couches. There were only four couches. There was also a purple recliner. There was a white couch, a black couch, a green couch, and a brown couch. "Johnny! Red! We got her!" Harley yelled, as we stepped into the living room. Jonathan Crane and Poison Ivy turned their heads, eyebrows raised. Ivy smirked, and Crane's mouth opened slightly.
         I glanced at Riddler, who was looking at Scarecrow with a look of... anger? what? um.. ok.... Harley dragged me into the center of the couches, and she sat on the brown couch with Ivy. Crane was on the black couch, and Riddler sat on the green couch. Joker was sitting in the reliner, legs propped up, and a look of thought on his face.

"So, Aurora-" Joker began.

"Let's get something straight. My name is Rori." I cut off.

"Rori," he resumed. "How about I make you a little offer?"

I raised my eyebrows. "You want me to join you as a rouge and if I don't, then I'll just be a captive here until you kill me." I said.

His mouth dropped, and Riddler had an amused look on his face.

"You had that look and I could read it easily." I shrugged.

"So how 'bout it?" Harley asked, excitedly.

"Sure." I shrugged, earning happy and shocked looks. So what? Normal is boring!

"So, Rori, what shall your alias be?" Scarecrow said, speaking up for the first time since I had arrived.
    Of course, an uproar of suggestions came up. Riddler offered Mystery and Enigma, and Harley offered Aura, which I liked, but it didn't feel right. Ivy offered Rose and  Briar.
         I knew my alias, but they were arguing amognst themselves. the only one paying attention was Mr. Nigma, who was simply staring at me and deep in thought, and Jonathan semed to have an internal battle. Suddenly, Catwoman dropped from the ceiling onto the brown couch next to Harley, shouting, "Let the girl decide!"
        "Rori?" Harley asked.

I smirked, set on my anwser. "Call Me Jinx."

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