Don't Jinx It

*Batman Fanfiction*
Aurora Wayne; Bruce Wayne's adopted daughter; one with an obsession with riddles. Unfortunately, having Bruce Wayne as her legal guardian, she was under threat by rouges. She just had to jinx it, didn't she? Too bad she didn't care.


2. Halloween Ball

~~"I gotta go with Bruce, see ya later little Rori!" Richard said as we walked through the door, heading towards Bruce, who was sitting at an exclusive table next to the stage. The twins and I just sort of stood by the food table, while they scoped out cute boys. A few minutes after the guests really started streaming in, Bruce stood up on the stage. "Hello, and welcome to Wayne Enterprises Annual Halloween Ball." Bruce said, looking at me and nodding. I gave a slight nod and prepared myself.

"But this year, the ball is not just for Halloween, it is also to celebrate my adopted daughter, Aurora's, eighteenth birthday." A round of applause erupted. "Why don't you come up Aur-" Brue began, but was interrupted by the lights turning off for a few minutes before turning back on. People were looking around, and I saw Richard give Bruce a look. "Ha Ha Ha Ha He He He He Ho Ho ho." a crazy voice said, not really laughing. Of COURSE! Out of all the days, it had to be my birthday Joker had to crash! I basically growled, and saw the crazy man walk in casually. I began to reach for my knife, but I stopped. Why? Because EDWARD NIGMA walked through the door. "Hello, imbeciles." Riddler said, cocky as ever.

"Okay, okay, ev'ryone on da ground!" Harley's thick Brooklyn accent yelled. Everyone dropped to the ground, except me, of course.

“No.” I said evenly.

"Excuse me??" Harley growled.

"Got a little fight in ya." Joker said, as he started to walk over, and bring out his switchblade. "How about I cut it out?" he said menacingly, the blade inches from your throat. I saw Richard, shaking his head, clearing saying, "Don't start anything!" I smirked and stared at Joker, and steadily said, "Why So Serious?" Before he could react, I threw my extra knife, not my lucky one, and hit the chandelier above Joker, smashing it basically on him. I ran as fast as I could, and hid. As Joker regained himself, he looked around.

Harley started to go off to try to find me, but Joker said, "No, we're not killing this one. She's got some fight in her." Joker said. "C'mon out, birthday girl, and if ya come quietly, we won’t have ta hurt ya!" Harley said. "No can do." I mimicked in Harley's voice. Riddler finally looked interested, searching for me. I was up in the rafters of the roof, and RIddler could clearly see me. Our eyes locked, and he gave me a devilish smirk. "Why, Joker, aren't those Aurora's friends, the ones she was protecting when we first entered?" he said, pointing at the twins. He looked back at me. "Fucking ASSHOLE!" I mouthed.

Joker headed towards them, and then I dropped down. "I'll come if you don't hurt the twins." I said. Joker laughed, and Riddler smirked. "Do that trick again, Miss Aurora." Joker said. "My name is Rori." I said through clenched teeth, but in Riddler's voice. Riddler's eyes widened. "So how can ya do dat?" Harley asked, marveled. I shrugged. "If I've heard their voice before, I can say whatever I want and it sound identical." Richard's mouth hung open and Bruce's eyes were confused and wide.

“Well, c’mon, Rori.” Harley said happily, skipping to the door. As I walked beside RIddler, I looked behind my shoulder and gave Bruce a look that said, “I’ll be back.” The door closed behind me, and I could no longer see Bruce or Richard. We all piled into a black van. “Yea, a black van is not suspicious at all.” I said sarcastically. No one answered, until Riddler spoke up. “I said the same thing.” I nodded. “Where are we going?” I asked him, as he was the only one paying a second glance at me. “The main warehouse, in the Narrows.” He answered.

Well, I guess I’m living with Rouges.


Ooooh, what's gonna happen to Rori now? :)

only I know hehe

for those that don't know, Rouges are Gotham's most known criminals:

(riddler, scarecrow, Harley Quinn, joker, mad hatter, killer croc, catwoman, poison ivy, and bane)

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