Don't Jinx It

*Batman Fanfiction*
Aurora Wayne; Bruce Wayne's adopted daughter; one with an obsession with riddles. Unfortunately, having Bruce Wayne as her legal guardian, she was under threat by rouges. She just had to jinx it, didn't she? Too bad she didn't care.


5. Batman

~~“C’mon, Jinx!” Harley giggled as we got in a red van.
“By the way, you have to refer to as by our aliases. No calling me Momma Cat and no calling Harley Harlz while we’re on a job.” Momma- I mean, Catwoman said.
I nodded, understanding.
“So what’s the plan?” I asked them.
“You go hide in the rafters, and look out the window and around the room for Mr. Detective.” Catwoman said.
     “If the B-man shows up, stall ‘im ‘till we get outta there. Don’t get caught! Once we got the diamond in the van, one of us will come get ya if ya need help.” Harley said, smiling widely.
     I nodded, and smiled nervously. What if I blow our cover? What if I get them all put into Arkham?
“Hey, don’t sweat it, Jinx! Arkham cells are easier to open up than a water bottle! Plus, we kinda like bein’ in Arkham for a while. Free food, free room.” Harley said.
      I nodded, calmer than before. I won’t mess this up. I’m not gonna rely on not jinxing it, either. I’m not Two-Face, I don’t leave that to fate or luck.
We entered the museum, and Catwoman took black spray paint and revealed hundreds of red security lasers. I jumped onto the rafters, crouching low. Harley and Catwoman jumped in and through the lasers. Catwoman grabbed the diamond with her cat claws. They started walking through the door when there was a loud CRASH from the window.
“Go!” I mouthed to them; and they ran out to the van.
Batman looked thoroughly confused that no one was here. His eyes in his cowl turned white. Heat Sensors. Of course. Before he could find me himself, I stepped out from the shadows, walking calmly and slowly.
He whirled around to look at me.
“Who are you?” he demanded.
“Gotham’s newest rouge.”  I replied. I had disguised my voice, so no one would recognize my voice as Aurora Wayne.
“Where’s Aurora Wayne?” he demanded in a gruff voice.
“My. Name. Is. Rori.” I growled in my normal voice, and roundhouse kicked him. As he was on the ground, he said, “Rori?” his voice- it wasn’t gruff. Wait a second!
“B-Bruce?” I said, confused at first. “You- You’re Batman?” I asked, getting angrier and angrier.
Oh, in the whole year I was his daughter, he just chose not to tell me the most important thing he could keep from me. “Goodbye, Batman. You’re dead to me. Treat me as a rogue first. I’m Jinx now.” I said, and pressed on a pressure point, effectively knocking him out.
I headed out there, with Harley and Catwoman. “He’s unconscious. Drive.” I said, getting in the van.
We headed home, and when we entered with the diamond, we were met with cheers, especially me, for knocking out the Batman and successfully helping in a crime. They took a picture of me, the diamond, Harley, and Momma Cat. They put it on a bulletin board, which held several aged pictures, all of the rouges and their first crime.

Riddler smiled at me, a genuine smile. I smiled back, and whispered to him that I would buddy with him tonight. He smiled wider at that.

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