The Move To England~(Liam Love Story)

Summer`s parents die and she has to go live with her uncle she doesn't know, who happens to be Simon Cowell. When she gets there will she fall in love with a certain plaid loving lad? That happens to be in a band her uncle put together and manages.


2. Chapter 2

~Summer's P.O.V.~ (the morning after the plane ride)

I am so happy to be off that flying death trap and back on the ground. I am currently in the London Airport waiting for my uncle, Simon Cowell, it is kinda weird saying he is my uncle since I have never met him in my life. I was walking to get my bags and find this Simon dude in this massive airport. When i was getting my bags i heard "Summer Ann Marie, are you here?," come over the intercom. Then they proceeded to say "if you are please come over to the ticket booth your ride is waiting for you."


I got up from were i was sitting and walked to the ticket booth. I ended up having to ask a security guard for help and he pointed me in the right direction. When I got there I tapped the bell on the desk and said that I was Summer Ann Marie. They called over a buff person that looks like he could be a security guard and he would escort me to my car. The buff man told me to follow him and that is exactly what i did. While we were walking he told me his name was Paul and that he was the security guard for a band named 'One Direction.' Then he proceeded to say that Simon supposedly put 'One Direction,' together on the British 'X-Factor.' Also that the only reason he was sent to pick me up was because the lads were having a meeting with Simon at his flat. Flat is the British word for apartment or at least that is what Paul told me. Once we found the car we put my bags in the trunk, but Paul corrected me and said it is called the 'boot.' 


After that little correction we got in the car and were on our way. Over in Britain the driver is on the right and the passenger is on the left. When we were pulling out of the parking lot he asked me if I wanted to some of this bands music, that I would be seeing a lot of at my new house. I told him why not so he put in a CD that was called 'Up All Night.' One of the songs that came on was quite catchy. It went along the lines of 'Get out Get out Get out of my head and fall into my arms instead  I don't I don't know what it is but you've got that One Thing.' I told Paul that the song was really good and he told me it was called 'One Thing.'  

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