Forever together (Niall Horan FanFiction)

Its a story about a girls who was hated since her childhood....she lived lonely waiting for her lovelife..will she find him? ...will he be as she expected?


10. Chapter 9


Sandra's POV's


I woke up in the morning to find niall still sleeping , he was holding me tight , I tried my best to move from the bed without waking  him up. but I failed .


"sorry ,I didnt wanna wake you up " I hissed


"no problem ,princess " a smile grows on his sleepy face , "I wanted to see your sleepy face " he completed .


" Really " I sighed "and how is it ?"


"It's cute and sexy " his sleepy voice , made me blush .


" Are you free today ?" niall asked


" Yeah , why ?" I wondered


"I'm taking you to the mall , get dressed " he commanded


I didnt replay , I kissed him on cheeks and went to the bathroom to brush my teeth , after that I went back to the room to find niall ready to go .


" you still in your PJs " he sighed


"I was brushing my teeth " I laughed at the way he was looking at me , he left the room to let me change


Today was a sunny , warm day so I decided to wear some hot shorts and a blue t-shirt , I slipped into my black converse and put my hair into a messy bun and put some mascara which make my eyelashes look longer and thicker and some lip gloss .


I went down stairs to find niall taking to sarah , when they saw me they changed the subject .


" I'm ready to go " I said


" ok " niall smiled and held my hand , I waved to sarah before we go , I sat in the car as he went to his driver seat .


" where are we going " I asked


"To a party " he said focusing on the road .


" A party ? Now , it still morning " I mumbled


" you've never been to a morning party ?' he asked , I shook my head no 


" well , you will today " he laughed







We arrived at a big house , the house was full of boys and girls in bikini , all of them are drinking , swimming , dancing or should I say dirty dancing , Omg thats ridiculous !!!!


I felt niall's hands on my waist as we went inside the house , where all of them were sitting , liam ,zayn,louis , harry , lucy , kat and sasha , she didnt tell me there was a party .


" I knew you will bring her " sasha laughed , making her way to me to hug me .


" Why you didnt tell there was a party ? " I whispered in her ears


" Because I know you wont listen " he smiled


" Sandra , glad you make it " zayn hugged me tight .


I giggled as niall gave zayn a back off look , zayn just ignored him , I went to sit next to liam he was my favourite one this group .


" hey " I greeted him , while sitting next to him on the sofa , niall just left me here to bring drinks.


" hey " he greeted back " long time no seen " he smiled


" yeah , I'm not really into parties " I smiled back


I was about to ask him questions about this group but niall iterrupted me by giving me the drink


" lets play truth or dare " lucy suggested , OMG I hate this girl !


I didnt want to play , but I know the silly comments she will give me about it , I sat between niall and sasha , but this time I decided to start .


" I'll start " I announced , I felt every eye on me " lucy , how many times you had sex?" I smirked , so you wanna play , I can play


she gave me how dare you look , but I ignored it , I  really like to see her burning from anger.


" what are they too many ? I can count " I smirked , she looked at harry then her devil eyes turned to me .


" yeah " she smiled , " they are too many including niall " she smirked looking at niall , what the hell ? I'm not surprised because niall slept with this bitch , I'm surprised by the way she said it .


I really wanted to leave , but no , not this time , she said that to make me leave but I have too face it .


" my turn " kat announced " sandra , truth or dare ?" she smirked , I cant stand them , Ughhhh!


" dare " my answer surprised her , it took her minutes to tell me my dare 


" I dare you to kiss ...harry  " her dare made my heart drop


" no , no way I'm kissing him " I shook my head .


" yeah , I'm not kissing her " harry 's raspy voice speaks , for the first time I hear him speaking.


" no she choose dare , what you expect me to do , dare her to have a shoot " she sneered


"fine " harry sighed , what ? not harry please


I stood up as harry was already standing behind me ready for the kiss , he put his hands on my face and pulled me closer to him , I can feel his breath now , he was staring at my eyes , but when my eyes met his I saw how beautiful his eyes were , they were green, light green , he was handsome


He interrupted my thoughts by smashing his lips into mine , I surprised him by kissing him back while putting my hands on his back to pull him closer , his lips were so sweet but tasts like beer but I like it.


"ok , thats enough " niall's voice interrupted us ,


Me and harry stopped kissing still holding each other , both of us were breathless , I stepped back and sat in my place again , I felt every one staring at me .


Harry went back to his place still staring at me , I wanted to laugh because of the way lucy was looking at me , like she wanted to kill me .


Niall stood up and left , without a word , but by the way lucy was looking at me , I knew there was something look .


I went outside looking for niall , I finally found him in the backyard , crossing his arms , he was giving me his back , I put my hands on his shoulder , he looked at me and then jerked his face .


" You enjoyed the kiss ?" he asked me still looking in the other direction .


" Niall let me explain , I didnt want to kiss him " I acquitted myself .


" yeah , but you did " he said still not wanting to look at me .


" Niall , I'm sorry " now I was crying , how great ?!!!


He turned to face me now , he held my face in his warm hands , as he stared at me with his eyes , his pure blue eyes but this time it was sparkling because of the sun .


" Dont cry , I know harry is a jerk and lucy is a bitch too"  he said, making me smile .


His face was inches from me now , I wanted to kiss him so bad , I smashed my lips into his and I can feel he is smiling maybe he likes me to control ,  I let my fingers go throw his blond hair as he moaned , I know he like it when I play with his hair .


" sandra " he interrupted , I opened my eyes to meet his blue ones " will you be my girlfriend ? " his question made me freeze in my place


" yeah " I hissed


He smiled and kissed me again , but this time our kiss was passionate , he put his hands on my back pulling me closer , our hips was touching now  , after a while we stopped kissing both of us were breathless .


" lets take you home ' he suggested and  I nodded







When we arrived home ,I gave niall a sweet , small kiss and went inside the house , I greeted sarah and joined her on the sofa .


"you enjoyed the party ?" she asked .


"How did you know I was at a party ?" I frowned my eyebrows


" ...Niall told me " it took her minutes to answer me . I just nodded , but when niall told her ? and why ?


I went back to my room , not wanting to ruin my day by asking her more questions , as fast as I changed my cloths my phone buzzed , at first I thought It was niall but the number was unknown so I ignored it and switched my phone .


I watched T.V in my room till I felt sleep , today was a good day ..

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