Forever together (Niall Horan FanFiction)

Its a story about a girls who was hated since her childhood....she lived lonely waiting for her lovelife..will she find him? ...will he be as she expected?


9. Chapter 8


    Sandra's POV's


  I was awakened by my ringing phone , when I looked at the screen the number was unkown but I answered


" Hello " My sleepy voice answered


" Hello , are you sandra ?" the female voice asked


" yes can I help you "


" it's suzan , your aunt " she didnt finish , and I felt the blood running through in my veins and everything became darker and I felt nothing more .






"Sandra , wake up hon ?" I hear sarah's voice


" Wake up princess , you ok ?" I hear a male , Irish voice , no thinking it was niall


" What happened ?" I hissed trying to open my eyes


" you was taking in the phone and then you faint " sarah"s shaky voice answered me .


" yeah , I was talking to a women who said she was my aunt " I tried to stand up but I failed .


" I'll make you some lemon juice " sarah said leaving me in my bed and niall sitting at the edge of my bed .


" How did you know I faint ?" I asked him


"sarah called me " he quickly replied


" How she got your phone number ?" I raised my eyebrows trying to know what I miss


" ...she got from your phone " It took him seconds to replay , but then he stood from the bed and sat down next to me as he wrapped his arms around me .


"I'm glad your ok " he completed , steering our conversation into another direction .


I rested my head on his warm chest , I was about to ask him more questions but sarah came back with to cups of lemon juice


" you better ?" she asked , giving me my juice and niall his


" yeah , better " I smiled , then she left


she never allow me to have guys in home , why niall ? he looks like bad boys , isn't he ?


" Thank you because you're here , niall ? " I said , pulling my self closer so I can smell his amazing scent .


" No problem , princess  .I'll always will be here "  he kissed the top of my head


" can you stay here tonight ?" I offered him


" I was staying without you permission " he teased me







The rest of the day went perfectly good , I see that sarah is liking niall , the proof is she is letting him stay with me tonight , after we had dinner me and niall went to my room as sarah went sleep , niall kept teasing me about my cloths but  I ignored him .


when it was bed time I offered him my cloths but he prefered  to sleep topless


" I cant believe you are offering me your cloths " niall sighed


" what ? you will be cute wearing them " I smirked , wearing my t-shirt while niall was sitting on the edge of the bed .


I saw him standing up and moving towards him , he carried me baby style and throw me on bed , I tried to stand up but he  gently pushed me back and slept above me , the distance between us only allow  air to pass


" you know your so hot today " he smirked , moving the hair from my forehead  then he moved his hands to my cheeks , his fingertips were so warm and soft .


I was about to say something but he interrupted me my putting a small kiss on my lips , he gave me one last look and pressed his lips to mine , he started to gently bite my bottom lips , I felt his hand making her way under my t-shirt as I felt his fingertips on my small tummy making butterflies playing in my stomach , I put my hands through his blond hair making him moan loud  .


" You need to sleep " sarah yelled from the hall , interrupting us , me and niall laughed but mine was louder


"shhhh" niall put his finger on my mouth " we dont wanna have a company " he hissed , his comment made me giggle a little .


His hands turned back under my t-shirt as I felt his tongue in my mouth he was good in that , this time I put my hands on his topless back , minutes later niall stopped


" we need to sleep " niall sighed , we both were breathless


" yeah " I laughed sitting on the bed


" come here " niall said , opening his arms , while he was under the blanket ready to sleep , I went from the other side under the blanket .


He wrapped his arms around me , pulling me closer to him , I rested my head on his warm, topless chest and wrapped my arms around his stomach .


"I'm glad your here with me " I said , as he kissed the top of my head , and quickly felt asleep .



Sorry guys this chapter was short


And for drama lovers , there will be much drama in in the next chapters






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