Forever together (Niall Horan FanFiction)

Its a story about a girls who was hated since her childhood....she lived lonely waiting for her lovelife..will she find him? ...will he be as she expected?


8. Chapter 7


  After an hour from thinking , I decided to call sasha , I didn't call her since the day we fight , I never replied to her calls neither . so I dialed her never and waited for her to answer .


" Sandra hey , I missed you " she said


"I missed you too ,girl " I smiled to her words , after all she still my best friend  .


" look I really wanna see you , can you come to my house ?" I nervously asked , I'm not sure if she is mad at me or not .


" yeah , sure I wanna meet you too , there is a lot you're missing " she Laughed , then we hang up , I was really happy because she agreed to come here , she is the first friend come to my house .


I decided to check sarah while waiting for sasha , when I went down stairs she was watching T.V .


" look who is finally out of his room " she greeted me .


"you look different , are you on diet " her comment made me laugh


" No , I'm just eating less " I groaned


" Are you baking something ?" I asked , there was a great smell .


" shit , I almost forgot about the cupcakes " she ran to the kitchen , cupcakes? I love cupcakes .


" by the way , sasha is coming home today, maybe now " I informed her , she just nodded without even looking at me .


I left her in kitchen preparing the cupcakes and went to answer the door , of course it was sasha .


" come in sasha " I opened her the door


" hey sandra , good to see you " she smiled .


" this sarah , I told you about " I introduced her


"hay sarah , I'm sasha " she introduced her self , but sarah just smiled and focused back at her cupcakes.


I went up stairs with sasha to my room .


"This is my room " I guided her to my room


"wow , Its big " she sighed .


" Are you on diet , you lost a lot of weight " she said checking my body


" No , I'm just eating less " I blushed , why everyone is asking me ?.


I went to downstairs to bring cupcakes and tea and the went back to my room , after I gave her her tea and cupcakes she thanked me


"Now here is the big news " she put her tea on the table and stand up " Louis ...asked me to be his girlfriend and I agreed " she started to jump and scream like teenagers


"Woah , woah " I calmed her down , " you werent dating? " I raised  my eyebrows to her


" Dating ? nope " she laughed


"whats funny ?" I nervously asked


" You just said we were dating before " she laughed again


" yes , because he was lovesick you " I imitated her voice ,as she laughed .


" Now here is my big news " I interrupted her from laughing " I stayed at niall's yesterday " she widen her eyes at me like if I told her I murdered someone .



" You what ? sandra why you did that? " she sat next to me on bed .


"I didnt he took me out and then he told me I'm staying at his apatment and I was afraid to disagree " I told her .


" look try your best not to stay at his again " she advised me or should I say warned , but I just nodded






Bed time for me !! I sang it as I was ready to sleep the rest of the day was routinely , I spend it with sasha as two crazy teenagers after she left I watched T.V with sarah and ate her delicious cupcakes 


Now I need to sleep because tomorrow Niall is taking me out he is going to tell me everything , but sasha know nothing about it .






when I was up I found a text from niall



Morning beautiful I'll pick you up at 7

                                  ~ Niall X



I smiled at his text , then I went down stairs to get some coffee and went back to my room , I decided to take a shower .


I went to my bathroom and opened the tap and waited till the waiter be hot enough , then I went inside the shower I grabbed my vanilla shampoo and shaved my body and washed it with shower gel .


when I finished I covered my naked body with a towel and returned back to my room , I went to the closet and grabbed matching bra and panties , and some shorts and t-shirt , after I get dressed I dried my hair and went back to my bed and opened my laptop .


I got bored from using my laptop for 2 hours doing nothing important , so I went down stairs when sarah called me for launch .


" so you're free tonight " sarah asked while putting the food on the table .


" yeah Niall , is picking me up at 7 " I answered , bringing the food to my mouth , she was the best cooker ever


" cool , make sure you enjoy " she smiled . and I smiled back


After eating I looked at the clock it was 6 so I quickly went to my room , I must get ready , I'm not sure what to wear , If could ask sasha but she cant know about me getting out with niall .


I decided to wear a strapless black dress , which was reaching my knee , I slipped into my high black heels , and started to put my make up


I hate heavy make up , so I only put mascara , eyeliner and red lipstick , which made me look perfect , I just let my long brown hair to fall on my shoulder .


It was 6:55 now Niall could be here in any minute . I went down stairs to wait , but sarah wasnt there , I dont remember her telling me she is going out .when the door bell rang I ran to open it


" You look ...beautiful " niall smiled , checking me from head to toe


" Thank you " I blushed


He took my hand and guided me to his car , when we arrived he opened the door for me and quickly went to his seat


" I'm glad you came with me " he smiled , kissing me on cheeks , as I fast felt the butterflies in my tummy , he was so sweet today .






we arrived at the same beautiful place that he took me to before , he held my hand and we sat at the same tree


" First of all , you are the first one I bring her here " his words made me so happy , I was the first to be here with niall , Wowow!


" I ran from my mum when I was 16 " he took  a breath before he complete " because when I was 15 my mom got married , but that not why I ran away the reason is that man kept treating me and my brother bad , and he used to hit us "


" one day , he came home and he was drunk " niall said while few drops of tears fell from his eyes " He kept breaking mum's stuff and he stool mum's necklace that dad brought it to mum before he die , then he hit mum I was 16 then and I couldnt control my anger so I hit him hard and didnt stop till I found blood on his face , what made me run is my mum's reaction she yelled at me and hugged her bloody husband " I didnt realize I was crying till I feel few drops on my cheeks .



"I dont know why I'm telling you this ?" he said making his eyes meet mine again .


" you know you can trust me ?" I almost whispered .


"thank you " he smiled


I found my self getting closer to him , I rested me head on his chest as he wrapped his arms around me , I felt so comfortable ,I can smell his amazing smell ,  his soft,warm hands started to move up and down my shoulder , but I felt I wanna stay like this forever .



" you wanna go ?" niall asked , interrupting my pleasure


" yeah " I replied , I never wanted to go but its late






The drive home fun , niall kept making fun of everything we were both wearing , you can say I didnt stop laughing , when we reached home and I was about to go he held my wrist.


" Tomorrow there is a party , you will come ?" he asked


"I dont know , I'll call you tomorrow " I replied , I promised my self no parties but I have to sa that for now.


He opened his mouth to say something but closed it again , his blue eyes were staring in mine as he started to get closer .


The distance between us was so short , I can feel him breathing , I felt the time was paused as he pressed his lips into mine , his lips just taste like how it looks , they are sweet , small  they taste like cherry it taste better .


" see you tomorrow " he smiled , leaving me breathless


" see you " I said closing the door of his car


when I went to my room , I changed my cloths and went to my bed thinking about that day , I dont how to feel , sad because of  the dark, sad childhood that niall had , or happy because I saw the better side of niall the sweet , funny side .

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