Forever together (Niall Horan FanFiction)

Its a story about a girls who was hated since her childhood....she lived lonely waiting for her lovelife..will she find him? ...will he be as she expected?


5. chapter 5

  Niall's POV's


  After she finished talking , I felt my eyes are watery for the first time since a long time ago , how could this happen for such a beautiful girl.


"I tried to forget and move on in  my life but I cant , they are still my family " she completed , but this time of course she was crying , her nose and cheeks are red and tears stream down her face , I wrapped my arms around her as I pulled her closer .


I tried to comfort her while trying to hold my tear , she really doesnt deserve that ,  how could someone hurt her ?


"I'm sorry I ruined your day " she said pulling her self from my cuddle , wiping her stream from her cheeks .


" No worries " I said looking at my feet , I feel I just cant look at her eyes , those beautiful brown eyes , I cant see her crying


" Can I tell you a secret " she surprised me , no one ever told me a secret but I nodded


" I've never had a boyfriend before ' she said anxiously , I tried my best not to wide my so I dont hurt her , but what she never had a boyfriend but why ?.


I wanted to ask her more question but my phone buzzed , so I left her next to the tree and walked away to answer .



Sandra's POV's


 I cant believe I just told him my story but there something strange about him made me tell him everything about me , I wasnt sure if I could trust him or not but I feel better after telling someone my story .


I think I was going to tell him more but his phone buzzed so he took it and walked away from , is he hiding something ...why do I even care he is not my boyfriend ?.


minutes later he turned back but something was wrong , I was sure.


" lets go , its getting " his frown was covering his face while he helped me to stand up , I bent down to get my purse , but he already started to walk to his car , I started to walk to his car and I opened my door and get into the car as he was already in the driver's seat .



The drive home was quite,  just the sound of the car engine , when I arrived home , I opened the door and before I get out of the car I feel hands holding my wrist ..


" Wait " he said " I must see you again " he said still holding my wrist , I just nodded .


 I get out of the car and when I arrived st the doorstep he was gone , I opened the door to find sarah in the kitchen .


" Hey sarah " he greeted her


"Sandra , hey " she greeted back " How was your date ? " she asked me , my date ? should I really call it date ?


"Good I think " I replied not sure of what to say " I'm going to my room , I need to sleep " I said walking out from the kitchen , when I arrived to my room I closed the door any changed into comforting sweatpants and a t-shirt .


I threw my self on my bed thinking of what happened today , I dont even know how niall took my phone number , it must be sasha she is the only one who has my number , but why would she give it to him if she didnt want me to go on this date ? Has he threaten her ?.


And why he was acting so nice to me until he answered this call , I must figure out .


* * * * * * * * * * * * *

 * * * * * * * * * * * * *


hey guys , if you wanna know how sandra and sasha look like I'll post the picture in the next chapter and if you have any question please ask


and dont forget to vote and comment ILY :)





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