Forever together (Niall Horan FanFiction)

Its a story about a girls who was hated since her childhood....she lived lonely waiting for her lovelife..will she find him? ...will he be as she expected?


4. chapter 4

 sandra's POV's


"ughhh , school " I groaned as a pushed my self from bed .

I'm confused , Idk what to feel , sad because I acted like a bitch yesterday and of course every one hates me now especially lucy and kat , or feel happy because how niall acted yesterday , he looks like he really cares , Idk why everybody is warning me from him .


I went to the bathroom to take a shower , I smell like shit , so I tried as fast as I can to take a shower , so I cant be late



5 mins later I was done , so I put on some legging and and a blue t-shirt and converse , but his time I'm doing something different maybe some make up wont harm I put mascara and eye-liner and some simple !!


I drunk my coffee and walked to school , nothing is different about school today , so as usual I walked lonely to my locker .


"hey sandra , feeling ok ?" without even looking I knew it was him , I can tell by his Irish accent .


"hey niall , yeah I'm fine thank you " I blushed , looking in his blue eyes.


" I was wondering if ya are free today ?" he nervously asked , niall horan who scares every one is being nervous , and he is asking me out . SHIT !!


It took me few seconds to reply , I need help .


"uhmmm...I think I'm free " I smiled , he just give  a smile from ear to ear.


"Great , I'll pick you at 7 " he smiled to me and the left , wait how he will know my adress ??



"Sasha , sasha " I called her name , running , trying to catch her .


"woah , woah , whats wrong ..?" she said terrified because of the way I was talking.


"Nial ..." I paused to collect my breath , " Niall just asked me out ." I said to her , but she opened her mouth to say something but she closed it again ...what she doesnt look happy ?


"Sandra , you cant go on this date " her reaction scared me .


"What ? what are you talking about ?" I wonderingly asked .


"Sandra , please listen to me niall is so dangerous , he will as you on a date and he will treat like princess but for two weeks only and you're lucky one month but then he will dump looking for another girls " her voice is getting harsher .


" Sasha I thought you would be the first to jump , but I'm going on this date you like it or not "

I walked as fast as I can away from her , and I heard her calling my name but I just ignored , why every one is trying to bother me .





I went to my room , I must get ready for my date so I get from the closet and grabbed a turquoise dress which was mid-thigh and slipped into my heels , I decided to wear a straight hair and put simple make up .


I got dressed and waited on my bed when my phone buzzed I grabbed it and answered it after I made sure it wasnt sasha , I've ignoring her calls and texts I know what he is going to say


HEY sandra 10 mins and I'll be at your door , get ready princess

                                       Niall .X


I smiled at his text wait a he know my phone number ?


I went down down stairs to find sarah watching tv .


"You look so beautiful ,honey " she said smiling , I blushed at her comment she is so sweet , I thanked her but I was interrupted by the door bell ringing .


"it must be him " she rushed to the door to open it , so I followed her to see niall standing

OMG can I just say he was so hot , he was wearing skinny jeans and white t-shirt with leather black jacket .


" Hey ready , beautiful " his comment made me blushed , I nodded and started to walk out the house , when we reached the car he gently opened me the door .


"so do ya wanna go ?" he asked me but his focus was on the road .

"I dont know " I smiled to him .


"ya hungry ?" he asked but this time looking at me .


" yes "


"were ya wanna go?"


"Nando's " I replied , this is the best restaurant I've ever been too.


" okay , lets go to nando's " by the way he said I knew he liked nando's too , I mean who doesnt its the best .





When we arrived at nando's niall opened me the door and took my hand to help me out of the car , we entered the restaurant still holding each others hands , when we reached the table he pulled the chair for me and helped me sit .


"would you like to order something ?" the waitress asked , or should I say flirting with niall , was I invisible ? .


"Yes , I would like to have a flame-grilled chicken breasts " niall said looking at me , and then finally the waitress noticed me 


" I would like to have flame-grilled chiken breasts too" I faked a smile too her , when she left I paid attention to niall who was staring at me smiling


"what?" I smiley asked , it took him secs to answer.


"you're just so beautiful " his answer made me blush , I really hope I'm not just another play for him , but I dont care because all I know is that I really like him .






we finished our dinner then we left , I was so happy because I was about to kick this waitress .


" so , where are we going now ?" I asked looking at niall who was starting the car engine .


" A surprise " he proudly smiled .





Minutes later we arrived at a strange place , there was a road and two gardens at each side , and along river which is next to the right garden .


" where are we ? " I asked looking at the both sides .


" just come , I wont kidnap you " he let out a short , loud laugh


I just smiled and followed him , he held my hand till we reached a large , old tree next to the river , the moon was full today and its reflection was on the river , its was the best sight I've ever seen , but why would niall take me to such place ?


" sit " he said pointing to the tree , so I sat down , and started to discover this place and enjoy how beautiful its is .


"So tell me more about you " niall said looking in my eyes , oh god those pure blue eyes , he is so beautiful .


"you know you trust me " niall interrupted my thoughts , Do I really trust him ?


"what you wanna know about me ?" I asked him.


"Your family , friends , story , You ?" he said , I took a long breath trying to collect my thoughts before I start.



"sandra , wake up hon" my mum said waking me up , today was birthday I was turning 14 , I'm not really happy I dont know why , I washed my face and went down stairs where my family where, but they were all dressed even my older brother tayler he was 17 .


"Morning " I said smiling , my mum and dad replied but my brother didnt , he never actually .


"Happy birthday !!!" my hugged me tight , I smiled at her.


"so , why you are all dressed? " I asked , raising my eyebrows .


"...we are traveling " there was a silence before my mum answer .


"Traveling ? Do you even now today was my birthday ?" I asked trying not raise my voice .


"I'm really sorry honey , me and your dad had a work , so we are going to london " my mum said , looking at her feet , of course she cant look at me .


"yeah , and why tayler is going ?" I asked , raising my eyebrows higher .


"Because I wanted too " he answered calmly like nothing happened .


I grabbed my phone and walked outside


"where are you going ?" my mum yelled


"For a walk , I need some fresh air " I yelled back so she can hear me , and walked outside the house.


I started to walk not knowing where I can go , I have no friends to go and tell her about what my family did , how could mum do that I'm her only daughter , but of course work is more important than me , she always care for work .


After about an hour walk I decided to walk home , I closed my phone not wanting to answer any of her calls if she called .


when I arrived home there was nodody home , the left without even goodbye , as I always do I went to my room and grabbed my phone and headphone and started to listen to music , it was my only way to happiness , even when I listen to music I cry.


I didnt realize I was sleep untill I woke up in the morning , I decided to take a shower but my door's ringing bell stopped me , I ran to open the door to find an unfamiliar face , he was a long man , wearing a police uniform .


" Good Morning , Miss Kings " the police man said


"Good Morning , come in " I suggested still wondering of his sudden appearance , I followed him to the sofa .


"I wont waste your time , Mrs kings , but I need you to come with me to the office " he said politely .


" Is everything ok ? " I asked with a terrified face , he looked at his feet before he answers.


" NO , your parents and brother ....are dead .." he couldnt finish his sentence , as I fell on the floor and felt nothing more .


End of Flashback







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