Forever together (Niall Horan FanFiction)

Its a story about a girls who was hated since her childhood....she lived lonely waiting for her lovelife..will she find him? ...will he be as she expected?


3. Chapter 3

  I  woke up in the morning by my ringing phone , it was sasha ...of course she is , I mean no one call me except her . so I answered


"Morning , sasha " I said

"Morning , you still sleeping , we must get ready for the party " she said , but I was sure she was mad at me .

" I was just going to wear jeans and t-shirt" I said


"jeans ?? you're wearing jeans for the party , look 5mins and I'll be knocking on your door"

she said almost laughing.




She didnt lie , 5mins later she was knocking on my door , we  made some coffee and we went to my room to get ready.


" so whats your plan " I said joking


" A sexy dress, make up , heels " she smirked at me , but she is really helpful .


"ok but I dont think I have the perfect dress.." I said to her, but she opened my closet to find a dress , and she did.


"wear this " she said giving me a black dress which was mid-thigh , with a gold bow on my waist


I went to the bathroom to took a shower and shaved my body and put on my dress , and slipped in my heels , and went back to sasha.


" Holy shit !!! , you're so fucking hot " she said , widening her eyes as she checking me .


" ok stop it , we need to put the make up......I like your dress too you look hot" I blushed , of course she notice that as she laughed loud.







 " Here we are " sasha said as she parked the car , I really dont wanna go , especially when I know niall is there , I like spending time with sasha she is so funny , but never get dresed with her she likes to put alot of make up , but I refused and put my own light make up .

" come on " she groaned , pulling me out of the car , and into the house , there were alot of people dancing , drinking , kissing , Ewwww .


"stay here " sasha said , leaving me in the kitchen , I bring a cup and poured some water , as I saw blond hair entering the kitchen .


" hey sandra , you look good today " niall said checking me from head to toe .


" hey niall , thanks " I blushed .


He started to come closer , but I was stepping back till my back was touching the counter , he came even more closer and put his arms on the counter  , he was so close that I felt him breathing .


"Sandra , you ok ?" sasha came into the door with a guy who was taller , with brown hair and blue eyes , he was wearing a skinny jeans and t-shirt , he must be louis I thought .


"I'm fine " I replied , moving towards her .


"come on , lets go upstairs " she said , I nodded


when we arrived upstairs we entered a room , I saw nialls friends who shares biology class with me .


"hey guys , this is sandra , my new friend " sasha said , as all of them smiled at me except niall who I didnt know how he entered the room .


sasha started to introduce them , the curly haired one was harry , zayn was a nice guy who have a black hair and hazel eyes , liam was a nice guy too he had brown hair and short brown eye , and finally lucy she was a tall girl with blond hair and green eyes , and her friend kat she was short with black hair and brown eyes .


"ok , lets play truth or dare " lucy suggested as all of them sat in a circle on the floor except me .

"hey sandra , arent you playing " kat said with a smirk , which made sit quickly next to sasha and liam .


"ok I'll start " lucy said , "Sandra , truth or dare " she smirked , as I feel the butterflies again .


"Truth " I replied . but I was sure they can barely hear my voice.


"Are you virgin ?" she asked , but this time I had no time to see her smirk , but I didnt reply.

"you hear me , Are you virgin ?" she asked but this time her voice is harsher ,  and I can feel all eyes on me .


" yes " I hissed .


" Omg really , you"re a virgin " this time she and her friend and harry were laughing so hard. but I cant take this any more.


" what ? was it a joke for ya ?" I asked , as every one stopped laughing and start to look at me .

" yes its a joke " she smirked again . thats enough .


"really ? why because I dont like the idea of sleeping with different guy every weekend like they are dolls , or because I wont give something that belongs to me for a jerk I met at a party " I said but this time my voice was louder , but lucy's eyes became wider and looks like she was about to kick me , so I run quickly out of the house.


I finally found a quit place , so I went to sit on a stone , but its was so cold and forgot to bring a jacket ,so I put my hands on my arms and start to move my hands up and down.


suddenly I feel arms on my shoulder , I turned my head to see niall.


" hey , feeling cold?" he said with his Irish accent , I nodded as he gently take off his jacket and put it on my shoulders


" Thank you " I smiled , as he smiled back and looked at the ground ,, was he blushing ?! , I thought , but then he looked in my eyes and for the first time I can see how amazing his eyes are , they are like the pure blue sky , he is beautiful and when I say beautiful I mean hot !!.


"dont be mad from lucy , she sometimes act like bitch " he said , why he was saying that , and if he doesnt like her why they hangout .


" no worries , I'm the one who must say sorry because I acted bitchy lately , I never do the with people normally " I said , still looking in his eyes , why am I doing this ? I've never looked at some one like this  before .


he opened his mouth to say something but he was interrupted by sasha who was almost running .


" sandra , you ok ? I've been searching for you ....come lets take you home ?" she said ,I nodded , but she was breathing quickly like some one was chasing her


I ran to the car where sasha and louis waited for me , I feel tired and all I want now is my bed.






the drive home wasnt bad , louis is so nice and by the way he looks and sasha I can tell he truly loves her.


its great that all my friends are having a lovely relationships but me nothing not even a single one . I throw my self on bed and I quickly fell asleep .






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