Forever together (Niall Horan FanFiction)

Its a story about a girls who was hated since her childhood....she lived lonely waiting for her lovelife..will she find him? ...will he be as she expected?


22. Chapter 21


 Sandra's POV


 When I woke up , Niall was gone but his phone was placed on the bedside table , I rubbed the sleep from my eyes and made my way to the bathroom , I opened the tap and waited for the hot water while I striped my clothes , I stepped into the bathtub and washed my body and hair , I grabbed my toothbrush and toothpaste and let the mint flavoured paste to clean my teeth .


After finishing , I closed the water faucet and covered my naked body with a white , fluffy towel , and went back to my room , I picked white shorts and a black t-shirt , I slipped in my black converse , and dried my hair letting it to take it's curly  appearance ., I went downstairs to find Sarah and Niall in the livingroom catting , but when they saw me they changed the subject .


" Morning princess " Niall cheered


"Morning " I smiled back to both of them , still wanting to know what they were talking about .


" You ready to go to school ?" Niall smiled and I nodded , like it's fun to be back to school , I followed Niall to his car and I opened the door and get in to sit on the passenger seat .


" Nice shorts " he smiled looking at my legs


"Look who is in a good mood " I teased making him laugh hard


" We're back to school , cheer up !" he groaned , he is really in a good mood .


"  yayyyy I'm so happy " I mocked his voice


"Hey dont mock me " he snapped


"Fine " chuckled


"Are you ok ?" he asked , while I felt his fingertips warming my bare skin


" Yeah " I sighed


" We are at school anyway " he parked the car , and we both walked inside the building with entwined hands which probably shocked the whole school .


I was about to say something but Sasha butted in , as she was coming in a rush with a great smile on her face .



"Sasha , it's been a long time " I cheered while throwing myself in her hug , god I missed her !


"Yeah , I missed you Sis " she chuckled in my ear


" Come on , lets show you something " she said reaching for my hand then she pulled , I didnt have time to tell niall I'm leaving , but he was busy with his friends .


I followed Sasha to her locker , the hallway was crowded by teens chatting and laughing , yeah back to school .


" Look " Sasha pointed to a poster next to her locker


"The starry night ? , seriously , you brought me here to see a prom poster " I sneered


" Please dont tell me you hate prom " she groaned


" I do "


" Seriously ?"


" I mean think about it, prom night is the last night at school , and after school you go to college and then you get married and have husband , and every time you look in the mirror you'll see face wrinkles because you are aging "



" Ughhh , you're so talkative " she joyfully pushed my shoulder


" yeah , lets go to class " I chuckled







" Today's class went good " Sasha said , while we both left the class . gladly this was the last class today .


 " Yeah " I sighed


" You still not going to the prom ?"


" We have 3 weeks . I'll think about it " I teased


" Take your time " she chuckled


" Hey princess " Niall interrupted as he wrapped his arms around my waist , kissing me .


" Hey Sasha " he said paying attention for sasha who was standing awkwardly .


" Hey Niall , good to see you " she smiled back , "Sandra , Louis is driving me home , so I should go " she said looking at me .


" It's okay " I smiled


" Bye , I love you " she said before storming outside .


" I love you too " I replied


"Ready to go home , babe " Niall suggested and I nodded


We both walked to his car , when we arrived he opened me the door while he went to his driver seat , he can be nice


" So , you saw the prom posters today ?" Niall asked still looking at the road .


"Yeah , It was good " I lied


"So , I was asking if you wanna go to the prom ?" Niall nervously asked


" Really , that will be awesome , babe " I tried to show excitement  , I hate lying to him but I cant also refuse his request .


" Yeah that will be awesome " he cheered





I know this chapter is too short but I'm so busy


Promise the next one will be better   


                  MarYam . x






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