Forever together (Niall Horan FanFiction)

Its a story about a girls who was hated since her childhood....she lived lonely waiting for her lovelife..will she find him? ...will he be as she expected?


2. Chapter 2

   Sandra's POVs



I woke up in the morning feel so tired , I'm not a morning person anyway , but today I wake up late so I had no time for shower or breakfast , I quickly put on my skinny blue jeans and a white t-shirt , and my leather black jacket , I have feelings its going to be cold today .


I said my goodbyes to sarah and walked to school , but no one seems to be happy like yesterday , I knew it they just become happy first day but for the rest of the year the frown won leave their faces.


 Today's first class is english , cool I like english , I held my books and walked to the class as fast as I can , but nothing worked , I was late .


"Miss kings , you're late " the teacher said with angry face , he didnt seem to be nice .


" Sorry I woke up early " I said , but the whole class started laughing , great what a perfect start for a perfect day , I started to walk to my desk at the back , I didnt realize who was sitting next to me untill I sat down , when I looked at him , he was the same boy from my biology class , but this time he was alone . I looked away fast when he smirked to me . I'm so stupid I shouldnt look .


the rest of class went good the teacher introduced himself as Mr alarck , but when finally  the class was over I went to my locker to get my books , but I was interrupted by a male voice.


" Hey " he said , with a smirk , SHIT!! he is the same boy from my class


" hey " I replied with shaky voice , of course he realized that .


" I'm niall , dont be afraid I dont bit " he said , still smirking.

"I'm sandra , but I really have to go " I walked away from him not knowing where to go , till I decided to go to the bathroom ....when I entered I looked into the mirror


"shit" I hissed ,  my eyes are so red like I was about to cry , I was so scared of him but he seems nice , I mean he didnt hurt me .


I took a long breath , and walked to my class , but he wasnt there , good . its enough we shared 2 classes.



well now its lunch time , I went to to the lunch area and brought an apple and juce , yess I'm on diet , I spend years and students in my old school keep calling me fat , but I have my perfect body know .


I went to sit on an empty table and started to drink my juice , but I was interrupted by a girl .


"hey , do you mind if I sit here " she asked politely .

" yeah sure you can " I smiled to her


"I'm sasha you must be new kid her ?" she asked , smiling , I cant deny she has a beautiful  smile.


"I'm sandra , and yeah I'm a new girl " I smiled back to her




I spent the most day with sasha , she is a  nice girls , she told me about the whole school, and of course she didnt miss niall , she told me everything about him , and that he is dangerous guys I said, and that he date a new girls every month ,but what shocked me that she told me she was dating louis tomlison who was one of nialls bestfriends , nut he is much nicer as she said , but by the way she was smiling while shw was taking about him , she truly loves him.


when I arrived home sarah was there and dinner too , I was starving so I eat alot besides she was a great cooker.


While I was watching tv in my rooms my buzzes its was a text from sasha.

Hey sandra, I just wanted to tell you theres is a party tom , you should come



party?!! , I 'm no really in party things , It always has an awkward ending , so I replied :


Idk know I'm not really in parties , maybe later :);)

                                                  sandra ,XD

mins later my phone buzzes again .


no you're comeing with me :)

             sasha .XD

I smiled and replied ok for here , she is a good friend .


I need to sleep now I have a pertt tomorrow.


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