Forever together (Niall Horan FanFiction)

Its a story about a girls who was hated since her childhood....she lived lonely waiting for her lovelife..will she find him? ...will he be as she expected?


19. chapter 18


  Sandra's POV's


  "and niall needs you " was the last thing I heard from mary before I hang up , I drove my car as fast as I can thinking about what happened to niall ?


I hope he is okay , I hope he didnt do anything stupid which will make him regret it .


When I arrived at the apartment I put the car in the parking lot , I ran to the lift and pressed the button , I opened the door as I arrived and made my way to the apartment , as I was about to knock on the door it was opened which terrified me even more .


" Mary ?" I said pushing the door .


" Sandra , Niall is in his room " she said with shocked face , so I ran to his room , but when I was at his door I was interrupted by a crashing sound , so I opened the door fast .


The room was in total mess , there were broken glass everywhere , niall was sitting on his bed with a glass cup and a photo , I entered the room then I closed the door behind me.


I went to niall and sit next to him , he didnt notice me at first , but when I took the photo he was holding he looked at me with red watery eyes , he was a mess , when I looked at the photo I saw a beautiful blonde girl with bright green eyes , it must be tiffany


"This is Tiffany " Niall's angelic , soft voice spoke , he was broken inside "Beautiful isnt she ?" I didnt say anything but nodded


He opened his mouth to say something but closed it again , he stood up and went to the mirror , I didnt realize he was breaking it until I saw glass everywhere and there were a crash sound , I ran to stop him .


I put my hands on his shoulders , and turned him to face me , I hugged him tight to calm him , he was breathing heavily , like someone was chasing him


Niall's POV's


When I saw sandra entering the room I felt better , she came back for me after all what I did , she still helping me .


I felt better when she hugged me , her warm ,soft hands pulled my neck to her shoulder , I put my hands on her waist , I wanted her hug badly , I love her


"I'm sorry , sandra -" I apologized


"shhhh , dont talk " she hissed in my ears .


She stopped hugging me to look in my eyes , she used her soft fingers to brush away my tears


" I forgive you " she said looking in my eyes , what ? after what I did ?


" Why you doing this ?" I hissed


" Because I love you " she whispered near my mouth.


"After you know all about me ?" I said


" Yeah " she sighed , as she brought her lips to meet mine , her kiss is so gentle and relaxing unlike the other girls I've kissed .


I wasnt surprised when she brushed my hair with her finger , but she was totally surprised when I squeezed her butt , she jumped and looked at me for a while but then she laughed as I couldnt stop myself from laughing .


When she finally stopped laughing she kissed me again , I put my hands on her waist and carried her and put her on bed , I kneed so now I was sitting between her legs , she held the hem  of my t-shirt and slid  it over my head , she moaned when I squeezed her tights , I pushed her gently and I started to suck her neck which made her moan louder .


"Niall " she hissed


"Mmmm" I moaned , my lips made their ways to her lips , but my stupid phone interrupted , I left sandra laying on bed and went to grab the phone when I looked at the screen she was sasha .


"I'm only answering this for emergency " I said


"It is " sasha 's tone was serious


"What is going on ?" I frowned


"Niall bring sandra and come to my house quickly " sasha said before hanging up .


" What's wrong niall ?" Sandra asked still sitting on bed


" I dont know , but we should go " I grabbed my t-shirt from the floor to wear it , I took sandra's hands , she was still figuring it out but we got no time .



"Why the rush ?" Mary said from the kitchen


"Sorry , we should go " I said and she nodded , I can tell how much sandra hate her by the way she looks at her , I still didnt explain about mary


I closed the door and ran to my car still holding sandra's hands , I opened her the door and went to my driver seat .







The drive was silent , sandra didnt say a word not even looked at me , I was worried about her , she might be thinking about what happened in the room , will she regret it ? will she be mad at me ?


"We are here " sandra broke the silence


I put the car in the parking lot and followed sandra who was already waiting on the doorstep , when I reached her sasha opened the door


"Sandra , thank god you're here " she said was  a terrified look . The hell happened ?


"What happened ?" sandra said , while we followed sasha to her living room , where sasha's mom was standing next to the sofa , and on the sofa there was a laying body , when we got closer , I was shocked


"Sarah " sandra yelled as she kneed next to her "What happened to her ?" she asked


"She was in the kitchen and then she fainted " sasha's mom explained


"OK , I'll take her home " sandra was starting to calm down


"I can take you home " I offered and she nodded , I helped sandra to carry sarah as she was starting to wake up


"Where I'm I ?" sarah mumbled


"Shhhh , you'll be fine " sandra whispered , I opened the door and put sarah in the back seat , I went to my driver seat and sandra was already in her seat .


"She will be fine " I looked at sandra who was scared like hell , she didnt say anything  but nodded .


When we arrived at sandra's home , I tried to help sarah to walk to her home while sandra was getting the keys to open the door , when I was in I took her upstairs to her room and put her on bed .


"Thank you niall so much " she smiled , after all she still thanking me


"It's nothing " I kissed her forehead and then went outside






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