Forever together (Niall Horan FanFiction)

Its a story about a girls who was hated since her childhood....she lived lonely waiting for her lovelife..will she find him? ...will he be as she expected?


18. Chapter 17


   Niall's POV's


  "I still want to know about tiffany , when you are ready to talk I'll be ready to listen " it was the last thing she said before she leaves me in the dark room .


I dont blame her for hating me , actually I hate myself everyone does , I dont like the way I'm living my life but I dont have another choice , and dont say there is always another choice because its different with me .


I wish I could go back in time and think well before hurting tiffany , I still remember her face when she knew about the truth , her image is like dagger in my mind .





It was just another party with another drunk friends , I was always missed up , I feel like someone is steeling my life from me and I can do nothing but watch .


I was in the kitchen drinking while there was party outside , from the many parties I attended I forgot whose house is this ? , I brought the cup to mouth and let the cold liquid touch my tongue , as I saw justin entering the kitchen with a curly haired guy , he was tall and dressed in black , black jeans and black t-shirt , to be honest he looks dangerous .


" Niall , here you are " he said as he was getting closer followed by the curly haired guy , " Niall this is Harry , Harry this is Niall " he introduced us


"It's nice to meet you Niall " harry outstretched his hands for a hand shake .


"Nice to meet you too harry " I smiled .


" We are going upstairs , you coming ?" justin informed


"Right behind you " I replied , then he left the kitchen taking harry with him .


I put the cup on the counter , as I remembered tiffany , when I first meet her it was in this house  , then she became the lucky girl to be involved in our stupid game , after that night she never appear and never go to school and her friends know nothing about her .


I started to walk out of the kitchen to find the boys standing outside the house , I went to meet them , when liam saw me he jerked his face he was the only one who never agreed about this game .


I was one feet away from the boys until I felt small hands gently stopping me , when I looked at the figure who pulled me , it was her , Tiffany , I felt somehow better to see her alive .


She still look sad , miserable but she was a bit fat , her eyes were red  and she was looking at me with begging eyes .


"T-Tiffany " I mumbled


" Can we talk for a second " her miserable voice spoke , I just nodded and followed her to a quit balcony .


" Why you were skipping school ?" I wonderingly asked


" I wasnt afraid of you " she spoke with harsh tone for the first time , " I came here to tell you one thing " she took a deep breath before she complete " I'm pregnant "


End of Flashback


After she told me that she was pregnant , I felt like the air went thicker like I can no longer breath , she was pregnant with my baby  .


But I turned my back to her , not taking any responsibility , but I cant be a father I mean I was 16 turning 17 , I cant be father in high-school , but the way she looked at me still make me feel sick , it was a disgust look .


I wish sandra could forgive me .


Sandra POV's


After I left niall in the room lost , he wanted to say something but I didnt let him , I know what he will say , he will say I regret doing this , and he loves and never hurt me , but no , this time I cant fall for him , he is a monster .


I grabbed my phone and dialed sasha's number , I didnt hear from her since days ago , I missed her too .


"Hey sasha" I said


" Sandra , I missed you girl " she sighed throw the phone .


" Me too , can we meet somewhere ?"


" yeah sure , what about now?"


" Now is fine , I'll pick you up " I hang up the phone , then I started my engine  , I started to drive my car still thinking about him , why I cant take him out of my head , ohh wait because I love him , but thats wrong , it's totally wrong .






Minutes later I was at sasha's house , I parked my car in the parking lot , then I locked it and started to walk towards the door .


I pressed the small bell , then a young beautiful lady opened the door , she just looks like sasha , she must be her mum .


" Can I help you " a small nice smile grew on her mouth


" Yeah , I;m sandra , sasha's friend " I introduced myself  , but the smile faded away and she looked at me with widened eyes and opened mouth .


"Are you OK , ma'am " I tried to break the silence but she just walked away , Is she ok ?


" sorry , sandra , my mum is a  little tired " Sasha interrupted my thoughts , Tired ? what kind of illness could do this ?


I followed sasha to her room , her house was big almost like mine , and her room too , I liked it a lot , she opened her room's door and when I was already inside she closet it



" long time no seen " sasha interrupted the awkward silence .


" Yeah I missed you " I said sitting on her bed , watching the many posters she had on her wall on of them was for The fray , which was my favorite .


" I missed you too " she joined me on the bed


"so , How is niall ?" she smirked giving me a gentle push on my shoulders , and I know exactly what she means .


"Our relationship is not going well " I sighed


"The hell you mean ?" she groaned






30 minutes later and I was done telling her the whole story , her reaction surprised me she got mad and she wanted to go to niall , I cant imagine what he was going to do .


" I need to go home "


" call me when there is new news " she winked as I followed her downstairs


After we said our goodbyes , I went to my car and started the engine and when I was about to drive my car home , my phone buzzed , when I looked at the screen it was unknown number so I ignored it , but when it buzzed again I answered


"Hello " I answered


"Sandra , I need your help " a female voice yelled through the phone .


" Who are you ?" I nervously asked


" Its me mary " my heart dropped " and niall needs you"













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