Forever together (Niall Horan FanFiction)

Its a story about a girls who was hated since her childhood....she lived lonely waiting for her lovelife..will she find him? ...will he be as she expected?


17. Chapter 16


   Sandra 's POV's


I went out of the room , not knowing what to do , I'm enraged from him , I went to my secret place , the swing in the garden , not really secret but it helps me to relax , to run from the world and wild people , you might think I'm crazy but sometimes I wish I could live in the forest there is no human there only animals and peace .


I really want to know what happened to this girls , why did niall do something like that ? what did she do wrong ? yeah , right she trusted him , like I did and he disappointed me , sometimes I try to lie to myself about it , but I cant .






I woke up in the morning in my bedroom , how I came here , I dont remember I fell asleep here yesterday , maybe sarah brought me here yesterday .


I needed to take a shower , so I went to my bathroom and opened the water tap , when the water was hot I stepped into the shower , the hot water washed my body , it was relaxing every  muscle in my body , it helped me to relax but not to forget .


I'm still thinking about every word Niall said yesterday , still trying to imagine what happened to Tiffany , but I need to know , I didnt realize I was crying until a few drops of salty water touched my mouth , I closed my eyes allowing the water to mix with tears .


Minutes later I was done , I grabbed the towel and covered my naked , wet body , I went back to my room to get dressed I wanna go for a walk , so I opened the closet to bring cloths to wear , I picked a black legging , a pink flannel shirt and white converse , I let my wavy hair go freely and put some mascara .


Before I leave the room my ringing phone interrupted , when I looked to the screen Harry's name appeared


" Harry " I said putting the phone on my ear.


" Sandra , how are you ?" his raspy voice asked , it was easy to recognize his voice and niall's of course .


" Fine '


" You free today ?" he asked


" Yeah , actually I was going for a walk , you wanna come ?" I suggested


" sure , it ok by me " it was the last thing he said then we hang up , I put the phone in my pocket , then I went downstairs


Sarah was in the garden , she was watering the flowers she is good at that , when I stood next to hear she didnt realize me but seconds later she did .


" Morning " I smiled


" Morning , where are you going so early ?" she asked


" For a walk with harry " I answered.


" Harry ? so you are friends now " she smiled and I just nodded , I said goodbye then I waited for harry at the doorstep


When I saw a black car I knew he was harry , he stopped in front of me , I leaned down looking through the window


" I said I need to go for a walk " I teased


" sorry , give me 2 minutes to put it in the parking lot  "  he groaned .


" Only one minute " I really like doing that .


He drove the car to the parking lot and after he parked it we started , not knowing where to go.


" Do you have any idea where we are going ?" he smiley asked


"No , just walk " I playfully pushed his arms making him laugh so hard .


" Niall told me about Tiffany " I took a deep breath before I speak .


" Really ? what happened ?" he frowned at me


" I asked him to tell me about his past and he did " 


" you need to know that he had a reason for it " he said


" Why you keep defending him ?" I stopped in front of him so now I'm facing him , he is much taller than me


" he is my bestfriend " he defended himself


" That's it ?" I stared in his eyes , but he jerked it away .


" yeah " he started to walk now






The rest of the day went well , harry and I had alot of fun together , he was nice , I think I found a better harry than the dark one after I failed with niall .


Harry walked me home , when we arrived he took his car and left , but I dont wanna go home not before I talk to niall , I drove my car to niall's house , I was afraid not from him I never was  actually he somehow help me to feel safe , I was afraid to face him .


When I arrived , I stopped in front of his door , I was shaking but I took a deep breath to feel brave , I brought my small fist to the wooden door and gave one knock , seconds later the door was slowly opened .


I opened my mouth to say something but the figure in front of me made speechless , it wasnt niall neither justin , it was a female


she was young lady about my age with long blonde hair and brown eyes and really pretty face ,she was wearing.......nothing but towel covering her naked wet body


"Can I help you " her quiet voice spoke .


" Yeah , I need to talk to niall " I nervously said


" Sorry , he is taking a shower " she smiled , what the hell is going on


" Who is there Mary? " an angelic voice yelled , then niall appeared , he was topless with only towel covering his lower body .


"It must be Sandra " she opened the door farther so niall can see me clearly now .


" Sandra..... c-come in " he mumbled


I made my way to the living room where niall was , he looked at me with terrified eyes.


" Can we talk for a second " I almost mumbled , why I do care ? he can do whatever he wants , he can bring girls and get drunk , he can be old niall , I dont care .


" sure " he pointed to his room , then he gave that mary one last look , why is he terrified ?


I started to follow him to his room , when we were  in the room he closed the door , then he looked at me with childish face


"Sandra , it's not like what you think -"


"I dont care " I interrupted his defense , " I came here to give your jacket back " I stretched my arms so he can get it


" you know , you can keep it " he hissed


" thanks , I bought one " I know my tone is harsh but he deserve it , doesnt he ?


I stood up and started to walk to the door , I was confused I dont wanna be oppressive .


" I still want to know about tiffany , when you are ready to talk I'll be ready to listen " I said opening the door without even looking at him .


* * * * * * *  * * * * * * * * *


sorry guys I know I wasnt updating lately , but I was having a terrible connection












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