Forever together (Niall Horan FanFiction)

Its a story about a girls who was hated since her childhood....she lived lonely waiting for her lovelife..will she find him? ...will he be as she expected?


15. Chapter 14


  Sandra's POV's


  I was awakened by niall talking on his phone , but when he noticed I was awake he ended the call .


" You ok ?" my sleepy voice asked .


" Yeah , it was my mom " he answered , then he left the room , his mom ? why when his mom calls him he get angry and why he told me I didnt ask ?


Anyway , I moved from the bed , I feel lazy , so lazy , but I went to the bathroom , I opened the water tap and smashed the cold water to my face ,I brushed my teeth , then I went to the living room , where Niall and Justin were .


" Morning " I announced , both of them looked at me and smiled .


" Morning , you wanna join us " Justin offered , I went to sit next to niall


" so any plans for today " I asked paying my attention to niall .


" yeah , I'm staying at yours today , if you dont mind " he smiled


" yeah , that will be great " I excitingly replied .


" ok , I'll get ready , then we can leave " niall stood from the sofa and went to the room , leaving me with Justin , great ?  , I dont hate him but he sometimes scare me .


" so you forgave him " he smirked


" you knew ?" I frown my eyebrows .


" I know much about niall " he rested his back and looked at the ceiling


" what you mean everything ?" I wonderingly asked


" I know about his dark past , I was his bestfriend since we were in Ireland " what the hell he is talking about , which dark past ?


" Is that a game for you , you can tell me or not " I almost yelled


" I know about the girls he had dated , Tiffany was the worst " he smirked , I opened my mouth to ask , but niall entered the room


" I'm ready to go " he interrupted us


I stood up and grabbed my phone and purse and walked towards the door , niall held my hands  , Justin smirked and then the door was closed , who is tiffany ? and what did niall did to her ? Is that why he never want me to stay with Justin because he knows everything about his dark past .






" Today , I'm going to a party , you wanna come ?" he asked while his attention was on the rode .


"I dont know , I hate parties " I groaned


"Come on , it will be fun , I'll be with you , promise " he put his hand on my tights , trying to comfort me


" fine " I sighed


" cool , welcome home " he greeted .


" yeah , I missed sarah " I jumped from the car when it was parked , I grabbed my keys and opened the door .


The house was empty , sarah must be out , I commanded niall to stay in the living room , there is no way he is coming with me to the room while I'm changing .


I grabbed a red skinny dress , it stops at my mid-tights , I let my brown, long hair to cover my bare shoulders , I put some red lip gloss and eyeliner , I grabbed my purse and went downstairs .


" shit " niall sighed , " if I wast coming with you , I would tell you to change that " he completed


" and I was going to listen " I teased


" you better listen " he groaned , he opened the door and held my hands as we walked to the car .






The way to the party was short , or maybe  because niall never stopped teasing about my cloths , I really want to ask him about tiffany but I dont want to ruin the day .


" we finally arrived " I groaned


" it was just 15 minutes from home " he sighed


" It would be better if you stopped teasing me " I smirked , my comment made him laugh , omg his laugh is just amazing , its like a good tone in my ears .


We walked through a group of teens drinking , niall put his hands on my waist as we walked inside the house or should I say when he saw his friends , why he try to act pervert infront of his friends .


" look who finally appeared " a female voice yelled from back , when I turned it was sasha , of course , who it could be ?


" Nice to see again , sasha " I smiled hugging her .


" what about me " louis teased


" hey louis " I said hugging him too .


" Come on the whole group is waiting in the room " sasha announced


" you too go , I need niall for a second " louis commanded , then they left , Niall never keep a promise , I have to deal with it .


" you look extremely hot in this dress " she said


" shut up " I sighed , why I feel like everyone is staring at me like they want to eat me , I never wear this dress this is the first time , I know now why sarah refused to buy it to me at first .


" Sandra , I missed " Liam greeted , opening his arms for me , I hugged him tight , I feel comfortable in his hug , It reminds me of my brother before he hates me .


" I missed you too " I whispered in his neck .


" ok , its enough liam , you're not the only one who missed her " harry teased , I think he is better now , since he broke up with lucy , I dont even know if they were dating or not , but I dont see her with him anymore .


" Haryy , good to see you " I said hugging him


" good to see you too , love " he whispered in my ear


" where is zayn ?" I asked loudly


" he will be here soon " liam answered


" his new girlfriend is making him busy " sasha smirked


" Girlfriend ?" I sighed , which girlfriend ? who is she ?


" yeah , perrie his new girlfriend " harry answered my thoughts  , her name is perrie then .


" I cant wait to meet here " I said


" you will , and you will like her too " liam smiled .


" I'll go and get a drink " I announced


"OK , I'm coming with you " harry offered , as we walked to the kitchen , when we arrived I grabbed a cup and filled it with water


" Is that you drink ?" harry laughed , holding a bottle .


" I hate to drink " I sighed


" fine , its you're lose " he groaned , " hey you wanna walk outside " he suggested , I searched the room for niall , but he didnt appear , where is he ? ,it has been 30 minutes .


" sure " I smiled


We walked outside the house , it was cold out there , but I tried my best not to show it , I really want to know about tiffany .


" Since when you know niall ?" I interrupted the awkward  silence , he stared at his bottle for seconds , then he opened his mouth to talk


" since high school , why ?" he wondered


" just asking " I smiled , and we were back to the awkward silence again , I took a deep breath .


" Do you know anything about tiffany ?" I asked , he looked at me this time , but there was no answer


" You know , you can trust me " I reassured him


" OK , I'll tell you but please , niall cant know " he begged


" He will never know , I promise "


" All I know is the mean reason niall is here is tiffany -" he took a deep breath collecting his ideas , " Tiffany was his ex-girlfriend , he really love her , she was the first one to date him too , but one night niall did a stubied mistake , and this girls got pregnant --" he didnt finish and I felt my heart stopped and my breath went faster and faster


" Sandra , you ok ?" harry asked , putting his hands on my tights


" Thats enough , please " I started to cry a little


" OK , I'm sorry " he apologized , pulling me closer to his chest , he tried to warm me , and it worked , I closed my eyes not thinking about harry's words


Then I pulled my self from hi s hug , I wiped the few drops away my cold cheeks and held harry's hand


" Thank you , and dont worry niall will know nothing about this conversation " I reassured him , as he smiled and nodded a little .


" lets go inside " harry smiled , then we went back to the room , where niall finally appeared .


" Where were you ?" he jumped from his seat


" I was with harry " I looked at harry who was gone already


" what did he do " he nervously asked


" he did nothing " I sighed


" OK , lets take you home " he commanded


I grabbed my purse and followed niall to his car , he was pulling me like a dog  , when we arrived at the car I jerked my hand away and opened the door my self , he gave WTF look before he go to the driver seat .


" whats your problem " he asked


" whats yours , I'm not a dog " I yelled


" I'm sorry , I pulled you like a dog " he replied after he took a deep breath , " thats it ?" I can see his clenched fist going stronger and the blue of his eyes is turning to black .


" yeah , I wanna sleep " I nervously replied , then I jerked my head away , not wanting to see him in this state .


Minutes later I felt warm hands on tights , but jerked it away .


"look , I'm sorry , I dont want you to be afraid of me " his tone is calmer now .


" Its okay " I tried my best not to start a fight with him , I dont want harry to be in trouble .


" fine " he hissed , then the ride was totally quite , when we arrived home I waited for him to open me the door , I grabbed the keys and opened the door , I must pretended I'm okay with him , I want him to tell me everything


Sarah wasnt in the kitchen nor the in living room , when I went to her room she was sleeping , of course it was late , I went to my room niall was already there , he was sleeping on my bed , I closed the door and went to the closet to grab cloths .


I gave niall his t-shirt and shorts , he forgot them here since last time , then I grabbed pairs of shorts and a shirt.


" you still have my jacket " niall smirked , ughhhh I totally forgot about it


" I thought I give it to you " I groaned


" you can keep it " he sighed .


I went to the bathroom to change and brush my teeth , when I was back he was already in his shorts and t-shirt , I went to sleep next to him .


I rested my head on his chest as he kissed the top of my head , then he started to brush my hair with his warm fingertips .


" Why you never talk to me about your ex-girlfriends " I know its silly , but I need to know , he stopped brushing my hair .


" what you mean ?" his nervous tone asked


" I need to know why you left Ireland " I smiled , gently playing with his


" I've never seen any girl want to know about her boyfriend ex-girlfriends " he said


" I was just asking " I sighed , " It's okay , forget I asked this question " it harder than I thought


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