Forever together (Niall Horan FanFiction)

Its a story about a girls who was hated since her childhood....she lived lonely waiting for her lovelife..will she find him? ...will he be as she expected?


13. Chapter 12


  Niall's POV's


I was awakened by the sunlight on my closed eyes , Sandra was still here cuddling with me , I brushed her smooth checks with my fingertips and put soft kiss on her checks before I get up from bed , I grabbed my phone and shoes then I went downstairs to find sarah in the kitchen .


"Morning , Niall " she greeted


"Morning ? , dont you act like you did nothing " my harsh tone drew her attention


"look niall , I understand that you love her , but no one will care for her as mush as I do " she stared at me


" Yeah , I see that , bye " I groaned .


I wanna go home , I drove my car back to my apartment thinking about a way to let her forgive me , I wish she could hear me now .



Sandra's POV's


I woke up in the morning with a great pain in my head , like I hit my head with something , I dont even remember how I got here , all I remember is that I met a guy yesterday , maybe he brought me here , but how he knew my address .


I smell like hell , so I went to take a shower , I let the hot water relax my muscles , after I showered I get dressed I decided to go for a walk , I really need fresh air , so I wore my white shirt and blue skinny shorts and a white converse , I put my hair into a ponytail and grabbed m phone , then I went downstairs.


I'm still thinking about suzan's words , should I ask sarah , she know this family long time ago , yeah I need to know everything from now .


"Hey , Sarah " I smiled , I really cant be mad at her


" Sandra , hey , look I'm really sorry I did that for your best " she begged


" No problem , I cant be mad at you " I smiled , as she hugged


" I want to know everything about my family " I commanded as she raised her eyebrows .


:"What you wanna know then ?" she asked


"I met suzan yesterday  , and she told me that when my I sold the company it caused a lot of problem in my family , so I want to understand why ?" I said


" look , all I know is that there were problems between your dad and his brothers about this company , but I thought it ended after his dead " she said the truth


" well it didnt end " I sighed


when the door's bell rang , I went to open it , it was liam


"Hey , Liam " I greeted


"Hey , so I'm forgiven " he wonderingly asked


" let me think " I teased , as he hugged me tight like I was lost .


" would you like to go for a walk ?" I offered


" sure " he smiled


" Sarah , I'm going for a walk with Liam " I yelled so she could hear me


I grabbed my keys and closed the door after me , I started to walk with Liam .


"so why you came here at the first place ?" I asked


"I came to apologize to you " he answered with a frown on his face .


"its ok , I understand why you all did that , so I'm forgiving all of you but lucy and kat " we both laughed , after all I dont regret to have a friend like liam .


" you still didnt forgive niall " he asked me


" I dont know , I reallt love him , and I - " I mumbled 


"Sandra , Niall , truly loves you , I know niall long time ago , but I never see him look at a girl the same way he look at you " he defended


"why you are even a friend with niall , you're completely different " I sighed .


" Niall is a good friend , his problem is he play with girls " he lowed his head


" what do you mean ?" I asked


"I mean he date a girls at Saturdays then he dump her at the weekend , and then he come the next saturday to find another bitch " he explained .


"Thank you " I teased


" N-no , I mean -"he mumbled 


"I understand liam , I was joking " I started to laugh


"OK " he hesitated for a moment then he joined me .


"I'm meeting my friends here , you wanna join ?" he offered pointing to the nearest restaurant .


" OK " I mumbled


when we entered the restaurant there was a table next  to the door where everyone was waiting .


"Sandra , good to see you again " Zayn greeted , he was the first one to notice me , then they all looked at me with a great smile


" Sandra , I missed you girl " sasha said hugging me tight , why everyone is hugging me tight .


I went to sit on the chair between  sasha and  liam .


"Arent you lucky , lucy and kat arent coming today " louis teased


" Yeah " I groaned , making then laughing , bit niall wasnt here


" Do you know guys where is niall ?" I asked , his disappearance frighten me


"Home , I can take you if you want " harry offered


" please " I smiled , sometimes he can be nice


The walk to the car with harry was awkward , it's the first time we be together , just us .

when we arrived to the car he opened the door for me , I smiled thanking him , then he went to the driver seat .


" So , you're forgiving us ?" he smirked , here we're back to jerky harry


" I think you're lucky to have such a friend like me who forgive you about this " I gave a bitchy smile , dont judge me he started it .


" look , I'm sorry about the way I act " he apologized with a sad look , wair , harry styles apologizing it must be a dream .


" no problem , we are friends , arent we " I smiled


" Yeah sure , we are " he smiled back


" Here we are " harry broke the awkward silence after we arrived


" ohhhh, thanks for the ride " I smiley thanked him


" No problem , you know which apartment right ?" he asked and I nodded , closing the door slowly .


After he left , I went inside the building then I ascended the lift , then I walked into the dark hall until I arrived at the apartment's door , I gave a small knock


" Sandra , can I help you " justin smiley opened the door .


"yeah , Is niall here " I asked politely


" yeah , come in " he opened the door farther so I can enter , the apartment was neat as always and it has the same smile niall has .


"He is in his room " Justin said pointing to the hall which leads to the room , I went to the room's door and knocked


"Not now , Justine " he yelled behind the door


"Its me , Niall " I quietly said , I stood awkwardly until he opened the door


" Sandra ?" he asked widening his eyes .


"Can I come in ?" I smiled


"Yeah , sure " he stepped back so I can get in.


There was a lot of messy books on the bed , I remember this bed it still look comfortable .


" So , it's nice to see you again " he awkwardly smiled


"Thank you " I said discovering the room


"Sandra , I'm really sorry about -"  he mumbled


" Niall , If I was still angry I wouldnt be here " I interrupted him , I can see his eyes sparkling and a huge smile grows in his face .


"So , you were reading books ?" I asked , as I sit on the bed and I held the biggest book which has a title (Family book ).


" This my Family book , its my favourite too " he explained , as he joined me on bed , I opened the book there was a lot of photos of his family .


"You just look like your dad" I commented as he laughed .


"yeah , I get that a lot "


I turned the pages until I found the best photo , Niall was young and he was wearing a mushroom suit , his eyes were bright blue and his checks were , but when I looked at niall he blushed


" What ? its my favourite " I sighed


"But not mine " he groaned , he was still cute.


While I was searching in the books , I found a photo , wait , its mine , why he have it ?and how he got it ? , when he noticed the photo he blushed and grabbed it from my hand.


"I took it from your room " he explained


"Ok , you can have it " I laughed .


" Sandra , why you forgave me ?" he asked


"Really I dont know why " I replied as I went to stand next to the window the weather today was good ," I just found something special in all of you " I smiled , as he stood infront of me and held my arms with forearms .


"You know , I love you , right ?" he raised an eyebrow as I nodded


" yeah, I love you too " I hissed , then he pulled me closer hugging me , his hug was so comfortable and warm , I wanna stay like that forever







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