Forever together (Niall Horan FanFiction)

Its a story about a girls who was hated since her childhood....she lived lonely waiting for her lovelife..will she find him? ...will he be as she expected?


12. Chapter 11


Sandra's POV's


"It's me , Suzan " I jumped from bed


"H-hey , C-an I-I help you " I mumbled .


"yes we need to talk " her tone was serious.


"ok , when? and where?" I know its stupid to talk to her after those years , but I have a lot of question I wanna ask .


" Now , meet me at Starbucks , I'll be wearing red " she commanded , then I hang up


I quickly get dressed , and grabbed my purse and quickly went outside the house , Sarah wasn't home , good , I grabbed my car keys it was Kia Optima ,silver one .


I started the car engine , and drove my car to Starbucks , and went inside looking for a lady wearing red shirt , until I found one sitting alone on a table when she saw me she waved to me , so I know this was Suzan .


I made my way to her , she was a young lady , her age was about 30 , she just looks like my dad , her hair was blond and her eyes were hazel .


" Sandra , nice to see you again " she hugged me tight , like I was her lost baby who was found.


"Hey " I said pulling a chair to sit , when she sit down she started to stare at me .


"Well , you wanted me for something important " I broke the awkward silence


" yeah " she sighed , " First of all , I want to apologize because I didnt look for you all of these years , second , I want to warn you " she said with a straight face .


" Warn me ! , from who ? and why ?" I wonderingly asked , the hell she mean ?


" from everyone around you sandra " she replied

" Look , your dad was a successful trader , and when you sold the company , it causes a lot of problems in this family .


"why ? , this company was mine and I had the right to sold it " I defended


"I know , but the others dont " she said , I was about to ask her more questions but she had a call which made her leave


"Sorry , I've to leave , if you want to ask me anything you can call " she said then she left , what does she mean it causes problem in this family , which family ? , ohhh wait the family that never looked after me after my parents dead or the family that I've never met ?


I went to my car , and started the engine and drove my car , but her words never leave my mind .


I dont know where to go and If I went home Sarah would be there , so I decided to go to a bar , yes a bar , I  know its stupid of me to go there especially when its my first time , besides my clothes aren't related .




I arrived at the nearest bar , I sit on the bar stool , when I was about to order something to drink , a hot guy sit next to me .


" hey " he winked


"hey " I smiled , he was a tall guy about my age , he had spiky ,  black hair and he blue eyes , but not as beautiful as niall , stop sandra , you cant keep thinking about him


" you wanna drink something " he bit his lips , he was looking at my boobs now , great , so pervert .


" two tequila shots " he commanded the waitress , who was wearing tank top which barely covering here boobs , then his eyes made her way back to my body .


" so , I'm Justin , what about you ? " he asked me , thank god this time he was looking in my eyes.

" Sandra " I smiled .


" It seems like you wasnt ready to come here " he laughed , looking at my clothes.


" yeah , I wasnt " I groaned , grabbing my drink , and I drunk it , but it tastes weird , like fire in my throat .


" you ok " he laughed , and all I could do is nod .


" lets dance " he stood up and pulled after him , when we arrived at the dancing stage , everyone was dancing


" come on, dance " Justin raised his voice so I can hear him

"I cant " I yelled , he pulled me closer


" let your body feel the music " he whispered in my ear .


I started to move like hell , he started to laugh but then he held my waist , and I started to dance like him , he was a good dancer


As I begun to learn how to dance , I felt someone grabbing my hand , when I turned it was niall , great , he pulled me out of the crowd .


" what the hall are you doing here? " he yelled .



Niall's POV's


After spending most of the day looking for her , she is here dancing with a jerk , so I grabbed her from the crowd , and if he tried to stop me I'll kick his ass .


"what the hell are you doing here ?" I yelled , but I didnt mean to yell at her , I yelled because of the noise .


" Dancing " she laugh , the hell she was drunk .


" lets take you home " I pulled her , I didnt want to be rude to her , but she was drunk.





 I took her keys to open the door , after I opened the door I carried her bridal style , and took her to her room and gently put her on her bed .


"wait " she groaned holding my wrist .


"yeah " I quietly replied .


"Please , stay with me tonight " she begged but her eyes are closed , I'm confused , should I leave because if she woke up in the morning and found me she will get mad , or should I stay because I missed her


" fine " I hissed , I slipped under her blanket , she moved closer and wrapped her arms around my stomach and her head was rested on my chest  , so I wrapped my arms around her shoulder .


I brushed her hair from her face , she is beautiful , I wish I could see her beautiful eyes when they sparkle when I touch her , or the way she blushes when I talk dirty to her , I want her to tell me everything is ok , but its my fault I shouldn't lie to her or I should stop them


I slowly felt asleep by the way her warm body warms me and the amazing smell her hair has , I love her and I wish she could forgive me .



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