Forever together (Niall Horan FanFiction)

Its a story about a girls who was hated since her childhood....she lived lonely waiting for her lovelife..will she find him? ...will he be as she expected?


1. Chapter 1

"sandra , wake up you dont wanna be late " sarah yelled from down stairs . "I am up " I groaned..I hate to wake up early , but I have to I walked away from my bed I can barely feel my feet , I went to my bathroom and opened the tap and waited for the hot water , I get into the shower and let the hot water to relax my muscles , I washed my hair with vanilla shampoo and washed my body . After I finished shower I went to my closet and put on some black skinny jeans , white shirt with long sleeves , and slipped into my converse . dont judge me I prefer wearing converse they are more comforting. anyway I prushed my long , brown , wavey hair and get my bad "Morning , sarah " I said entering the kitchen where sarah was , If you are asking sarah was my dads assistant but I grow up with here , you can say she is like my older sister "Morning , honey....ready for first day at school ? " she asked with a big smile on her face...this smile that always comfort me . " yeah " I said faking a smile " what you dont look happy ? , come on every one is happy today ..its first day at school" she said with that smile again trying to cheer me " yeah , especially when you are a new kid " I groaned , she understand nothing about being a new kid , I just move to london..I cant deny london is the best country I've ever seen , but I miss my friends ...wait !! I 've none . "Anyway , I have to go I dont wanna be late ..bye sarah " I waved my hands to her and got my bag and left but I hear her saying bye I prefer to walk to school , school is 5 mins from my house anyway. ~ ~ ~ When I arrived at school the butterflies started to play in my stomach..great ! thats all I need. Everyone seems happy , and laughing and hugging....really as you didnt have the whole summer. I hugged my books and started to walk to my locker..I have Biology class first so I got my books and walked to my usual I'am early , so I just sat in the back I like sitting in the back it helps you to sleep if you wanted too and no one will notice ..after a while the class was filled with students following by the teacher ..except two desks text to me , they were empty "Good morning class , I'm Mr josh your biology teacher , and I'm teaching you biology this year , so....." the teacher was interrupted by two boys , one of them was wearing black skinny jeans and black t-shirt and he had curly hair , and the other was wearing skinny blue jeans with white t-shirt and he had blond hair , they look dangerous , I hate judging people but I should stay away from them. But the blond one started to wake towards me .SHIT! , I knew what was going next , he came to sit on the desk next to me ...ohh , how great !!! I tried my best to focus in my book but I swear I felt him looking at me the whole period , when I hear the bell rings I collected my stuff and walked as fast as I can. ~ ~ ~ Finally home ! when I opened the door I called for sarah but there were no answer , maybe she is out to buy something , I walked fast to my room , throw my bag on the floor and myself on bed , nothing happened today at school after this boy I was so tired so I fast fell asleep .
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