This Is Me

Hey!! I'm Kaylee. I'm just a normal girl. I'm just really shy. I 'm sixteen. I live with my older brother, Kyle. He is eighteen. Our parents died, that's why I don't live with them. I go Meigs County High School. It's almost prom night by the way.


2. Whats Going On

I walked to Nathen, he was talking to Kyle. I asked," ummm whats going on? I never saw you two, actually talk." Nathen smiled and said," we was just talking about somethings, like prom. Its just in a week. So, yeah." Kyle said," yeah, Kaylee, be good. I will be asking you questions, after you get done hanging out with this freak." I laughed. I said," ok, its not a big deal." I looked at Nathen and said," so where are we going?" Nathen smiled and said," that my lady is for me to worry about, and not you. Just kidding its the mall." I laughed and grabbed his arm and dragged him to his truck. Yeah, it our third year of high school. I smiled and said while I got in the truck," so what made you wanna hang out with me, out of the blue?" Nathen smiled and said," I don't know. Something in my mind just said,' hey Nathen, that girl, Kaylee yeah you should hang out with her.' So yeah." I laughed. I said," haha, sure. I can't to get to the mall. It's going to be so fun." Five minutes went by and we were at the mall. I got out of the truck and grabbed Nathen's hand and dragged him to American Eagle. I saw this really cute bikini that was on sale so I got it. It had zebra stripes for the top, the bottoms on the back said," Not Yours" in pink. I got it and ran to the cash register. Nathen walked up to me and said," don't worry, I know her, its on the house." He got in front of me and kissed the girl. Then he said," this is Hannah. She is my closet friend." Hannah glared at me, then smiled at Nathen sweetly." I waved and turned around. I walked out with my bag. I really thought Nathen liked me, but he clearly has feelings for Hannah. Nathen ran up to me and asked," hey, what's wrong? You kinda walked out of there fast." I turned around and said," ohhh, just nothing. I just saw someone I cared about kiss another girl." Nathen said," she is just a best friend nothing else." I said," best friends don't kiss each other." Nathen grabbed my wrist and said," I like you, so please just give me a chance." I said," I don't know... I heard that you used girls for sex, then just forget about them, like they are garbage. But, I will, I guess." I choked down the tears, I felt like he was forcing me to date him. I really wanted to, maybe I was just nervous. Nathen smiled and said," thanks." He put his arm around my waist and pulled me to his car. I wonder why we was leaving so early? I sat down and went to sleep. I woke up, by Nathen shaking me. I looked around and realized, we was at my house. I smiled and got out of the car.

I walked inside and saw Kyle. Kyle asked," so how was the date, with the freak Nathen?" Wow, I guess he doesn't like Nathen.

I said," well... It was ok I guess. I got a new bikini. Nathen paid for it, of course. He kissed the cashier so I would get it for free. He kissed her right in front of me. So, I walked out. He asked me why I did that. He was like just give me a chance. So... I guess I'm dating Nathen."

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