This Is Me

Hey!! I'm Kaylee. I'm just a normal girl. I'm just really shy. I 'm sixteen. I live with my older brother, Kyle. He is eighteen. Our parents died, that's why I don't live with them. I go Meigs County High School. It's almost prom night by the way.


1. This Is Me

Hey, I'm Kaylee. If you wanna see a picture of me, then here it is:

I'm the shy girl at school. I was never noticed by any of the popular girls. I have fake friends. I know they are fake, because well they don't talk to me much. I'm sixteen, I live with my eighteen year old brother. Our parents died, so now we only have each other. We live in Miami, Florida. We have family, but they live in Texas, somewhere. My brother's name is Kyle. Here is a picture, I know all you girls will think he is "cute" :

He is the wide receiver, for our school's football team. He is one of the most popular guys at our school. He isn't one of the players though. He had a girlfriend for two days. Yeah, not long,  but she is his first. Here is a picture:

Her name is Ashlyn. I haven't talked to her yet. Ok, I'm going to get to the story.

*Ding, Ding*

I slapped my alarm clock. It was Monday, and I could tell this was going be a good day. I went to my closet and picked out this outfit:

I went to my bathroom, and brushed my hair. I felt like this day, I was going to get noticed by people, so I wanted to wear my hair pretty. I done my hair like this:

I walked downstairs and saw Kyle. It wasn't just Kyle it was Ashlyn. Ashlyn smiled and said,"hey, you must be Kalyee. Kyle talked so much about you. And don't worry, it wasn't bad." She laughed.

I smiled and said,"ummm, hey. And I'm glad it wasn't bad." Ashlyn looked at me weird.

Ashlyn asked," is something wrong?"

I said," you're a cheerleader. The cheerleaders hate me."

Ashlyn laughed and said," I'm cheer captain. Oh, Kyle told me you could dance! You should be a cheerleader."

I smiled and said," oh my gosh! I always wanted to be a cheerleader."

Ashlyn laughed and said," that's great. Meet at the gym, after school. This is going to be great!" I looked at my phone and realized, I had to go.

I said," I well see you later, bye." I walked out of the house.

* At School*

I walked in the school. I heard someone calling my name. Wow, it didn't sound like one of my fake friends. Whoa! It was another popular kid, he is so cute. Here is a picture his name is Nathen:

Nathen said," hey, Kaylee. I was wondering if you wanted to hang out today, like around school?"

I smiled and said," that would be cool. So, what's your plans for today?"

Nathen smiled and said," well, I have football practice. Then, well maybe we are probably going to hang out."

I frowned and said," I have cheerleading practice. Maybe, after?"

Nathen smiled and said," I could probably watch." Then, he winked. I laughed.

I said," yeah, sure.  I gotta get to class, but I will see you after." I walked off to my first class.

*Cheerleading Practice*

I walked to the gym and saw Nathen. I walked up to him and smiled. Nathen said," I think the girls are late."

I smiled and said," I'm just early."

Nathen smiled and said," you aint like the other girls."

I tilted my head and asked," what do you mean?"

Nathen smiled and said," other girls would be late, for these things. You always have to be on time. You don't care what people think of you, but you do sometimes, like today. You never dress up like that, but today you did. You laugh at the random things. You stick with your fake friends, when you know they are fake."

I smiled and said," you realized all those things about me."

Nathen said," yes." After he said that, all the girls, came in. Sam this girl:

She said," Kaylee, what are you doing here?" Yeah, she's a bitch, but you know.

I said," Ashlyn said, that I could be a cheerleader." I could tell she got mad.

Sam turned to Nathen and said," hey, wanna hang out. Maybe." She was stepping closer and closer to him.

Nathen said," ummmm, no. I'm hanging out with Kaylee today."

Sam looked at me and said," you, bitch. Why do you even wanna hang out with him. Just so you can be popular, well it isn't going to work!"

I stepped closer to her and said," bitch please! You aint my boss, I can hang out with who I want, when I want! Now, get out of my face!" Sam looked at Nathen, then walked off.

Nathen smiled ear to ear and said," wow, that was awesome." I laughed. Ashlyn walked in, and walked over to me.

Ashlyn said," hey, get over there. We need to practice, your boyfriend, can wait." She smiled at me.

I said," he isn't my boyfriend." Ashlyn just smiled. I just walked to the other girls, and soon we were doing all kinds of stuff. Then, it came to the dancing. I love to dance, so I know I will be better at this. We were dancing to the Wiggle. When it was done, I walked to Nathen. He was talking to Kyle.

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