The Girl In The Closet


3. Sleepovers

A/N: I tried to add more dialogue as the previous chapters had very little, hope you enjoy!

Here we are, a month after the ice cream social, school's out, everyone's happy, so I decided to invite all of my friends, we call ourselves "The Cult", to my house for a sleepover. Everyone said they could come, including Muuri, although none of the males, who we call Y Chromosomes, could actually sleep over. That meant me and Muuri were going to sleep together tonight. In my bedroom. So as you would expect, I'm a nervous wreck, and The Cult is gonna be here in fifteen minutes. "Ding Dong", the first member is here, I go to open the door and it's Savannah, nicknamed Savernernernerner, Satin's girlfriend, at 13, she's the youngest member of The Cult. "Hey Savernernernerner" I say with a slight shake in my voice, "What's wrong?", she asks, she noticed my shakiness! "Oh nothing, just nervous about sleeping with Muuri", "There's nothing to worry about, Purge", she replied reassuringly, "Just relax". "Ding Dong", another member. Actually it was two members, Gabby, nicknamed Goobi, carpooled with Muuri. "Hiiii!", she exclaimed in an extremely high pitched but cute voice, as she wrapped her arms around my waist. I returned the hug, and said, "Heyyy, Muuri and Goobi, glad you could make it!", Muuri replied "Wouldn't miss spending some time with you for the world!". As we were making small talk, the doorbell rang again as our last guests came in, Satin and Jessi, nicknamed Jesseh, "Le Herro, Das Purge and Das Vernerner", Satin says. We say hi back and proceed down stairs to watch a movie. The movie was "Easy A", a movie about a girl who pretends to sleep with someone, and is branded a slut. As we were watching, Muuri gingerly and slowly crawled up and cuddled into my side. Wow she's warm, I thought to myself as I wrapped one arm around her and with the other reached across myself and held her hand, my nerves were starting to get the better of me as my hands were beginning to sweat a lot. I tried to unlink our tightly bound hands but Muuri would not have any of it, and squeezed my hand before returning to the relaxed grip I had grown accustomed to as she made more advances on me. I started thinking, feeling bad that I had not made up my mind and was still neck deep in the closet, slowly bobbing in and out over the last weeks. My feelings were a jumbled mess and I was trying to untangle them. As the movie ended Muuri refused to leave her position clutching my side with one hand, the other hand in mine. I eventually convinced her to move and we all made our way to my bedroom and sat on the bed, Muuri to my right, and Jesseh on my left. It was getting late and Satin had to leave, so we made our goodbyes and began taking about our sexualities. Muuri was talking about how she came out to her parents, I told them about me and my indecisiveness, and they reassured me that I could take my time. As I told them my story, Muuri crept up next to my face, and elegantly placed a delicate kiss on my cheek, and this time I returned it, both of our cheeks turning bright red immediately. We then decided to go to sleep, with Muuri's head on my chest, our hands still locked together as they were during the movie, as things slowly faded away, Muuri's bright eyes were the last things I saw, I smiled, a good, happy smile that no one has seen in ages. I knew that I needed to make a decision soon, but that didn't matter right now, all that mattered in the world was me and her.

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