The Girl In The Closet


2. Ice Cream!

Today seemed to be the most normal day in existence, until she asked me to the ice cream social, that she would be performing at, later that day. After school we walked together, extremely close, over a bridge and through the woods to the middle school. We met Kat, nicknamed Meemas, and went in the stage room where she and the rest of the guard would be performing "Good to Be Alive" by Skillet. Me and my best guy friend Joe, nicknamed Satin, sat and talked about me and Muuri while they practiced twirling their flags. Satin, being the funny guy he is, constantly made me laugh as we were trying to have a serious conversation where he was convincing me to put my arm around Muuri. I really wanted to, but was extremely nervous because I didn't want to mess it up. There she was, practice was over, so she came over and sat in between me and Satin, and Satin grabbed my arm and pulled it around Muuri, I'm not gonna lie I really liked it, but being forced to annoyed me. As we talked, she leaned into my side and her warmth was so comforting. Although I wanted to stay there forever, I had to leave because we were going to see Meemas before the social. As we were talking Muuri slowly, but noticeably, slipped her hand into mine and we held hands for about 5 minutes when she whispers into my ear, "I love you Paige" and my heart does a gymnastics routine, as I'm trying to calm myself from what I had heard, she gives me the biggest hug a person of her height could possible give and I almost lose it. She's just so cute, I think to myself as Jeanette interrupts and tells Muuri she has to prepare for the show. Me and Meemas enter the stage room and cheer Muuri on while her and the guard perform flawlessly. She comes out and she jumps into my outstretched arms for a huge warm hug followed by a kiss on the cheek from Muuri, our hands intertwine again as the imprint of the kiss still lingers on my cheek. Now it's time for ice cream! After getting our ice cream, Muuri says, "Open Wide" and delicately places a spoonful of ice cream in my open mouth. As we exit the high school, hands once more intertwined, I give her one more kiss on the cheek goodbye and a final hug. On my way home all I can think about is her, her laugh, her warmth. She never leaves my mind as I drift off to sleep.

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