The Girl In The Closet


5. First Dates

A/N: Sorry for not posting for a while, I've been having real life problems.

Today is the day. The first date. I've thought it over a million times in my head, making sure that everything is perfect. We've decided that first we should go out to dinner and go to her house afterwards for a movie and some cuddle time. I drive to the restaurant, 15 minutes early, and wait for her to arrive, when Muuri does get here, she looks stunningly beautiful, wearing a dress and complimenting dangly earrings. We enter the restaurant and both awkwardly sit down at a table, she's obviously nervous. We order, and while we wait, we interlock hands and make small talk, she had mentioned that she was extremely tired. After we ate, our chauffeur (my mom) picked us up, meanwhile in the car, Muuri leaned into me, so I put my arm around her and gave her a swift kiss on the cheek, as she fell asleep. We arrived at her house and I woke her up and almost carried her into her house, as she was still nearly asleep. When we were in her house, she went directly into her bed, went under the covers, and motioned for me to join her. I laid next to her as she put her head on my shoulder and put on the movie, I didn't notice what movie it was, but it didn't matter as neither of us were focused on it, we were solely focused on each other. I took her hand in mine and draped my arm around her side, my hand falling loosely around her waist. She had just fallen asleep and her head was falling, yet again, to my chest. I whispered into her ear"I love you Mary Jean Nelson", and fell asleep next to her.

*next morning*

As I awoke I noticed I was missing something, I was lacking that ball of warmth on my side, so I got up to see where my warmth had gone as to reclaim it. I found it, brushing its teeth in the bathroom, she saw me, I pointed back at the bedroom and gave my best puppydog face and said "Pleeeeaaseee", a smile crossed her face and she said , "In a minute, I'm busy right now", so I grabbed her hand, and started pulling her gingerly back to bed. She quickly dropped the toothbrush, spit, and followed me back. We both laid back down and continue cuddling, my hand in hers, the other around her, only this time, we kiss, once, twice, I get the hint and start to go in for more, as the doorbell rings. My mom is here to pick me up, so I gather my stuff, slightly disappointed at her timing, and go home. When I get home, I fangirl more than I have ever fangirled before, rolling around on the ground from the feels, screeching like a pterodactyl.

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