Chaos of Madness

Between the Angels Wings and the Demons claws, in a world growing blind he fall…


2. Illusion And Imagination

What is the most horrible thing that can happen to a person? It is not death, but everyone's worst nightmares shall it comes true.

Life and Death. When does one end, and the other begin?

With some illnesses, we cannot be sure. the body is cold and still, the heart has stopped, breathing has stopped...but this is not always the end of a life.

He's heart was silent, he's face gray, he's eyes unseeing, he's body as cold as the grave. He lay like this for three days.

How often are this happen to people? perhaps more often than we know. think of the terror of it, the smell inside the narrow room.... the long, long silence.

this is the one that happened to me.


here again I stopped suddenly! I was sure that I could hear a cry. it was low and far away, but it was a long screaming sound.

who's there ? 

David... it's me honey, weeping voice said.

yes, I said. for the love of god.'

I am here, I called.

no answer. I called again.

 'help me please!'

still no answer.

David wake up or I will make you sleep again, the weeping voice said. you are not here, or there, or anywhere!

I sat up. everything was dark and I could not see the speaker. who are you? I asked. and I wished I never asked.

I have no name in the place where I live, I am a girl, a very beautiful one, the one and the only that you always depends on, she  said. the one who carry you to your lusts and sins. I've been with you since the day you came to this life. and here shall the curtain raise. I am your Demon...

And at once, I do not know why, a strange feeling of deep gloom came down on me and covered me like blanket, I felt cold and sick and an icy hand seemed to take hold on my heart, and could not think of a happy thought to chase away my gloom. this is a dream, I told myself.

No it is not! she said. it is something else so far away to be a dream, it is a new kind of nightmares.

I looked up and  it comes out of the shadows, and yes it is not a human being, it gave a terrible cry a long, hard, unnatural scream. I was feeling so nervous, I tried to hide my terror. but the strange light was coming into my eyes, it was the moon, the full, blood red moon, shining through a narrow crack in the walls, the crack grew larger I could see the full circle blood red moon, and the great walls breaking and falling in the middle of nowhere. she looked at me with those two empty burning eyes and a full black  large mouth, skin as black as coal glowing red, long skinny hands, long sharp nails, twisted horns, and from her messy body came a sweet, sickly smell, the smell of poison. horrific evil looking that incredibly hideous to look at.

she stopped and listened, but to what, I did not know. then she lifted her head and said: why did you choose the life on this earth.

I screamed a long, wild, terrible scream.

What's the matter? she asked.

everything was black and silent, my body itself was well and strong, but I began to worry more and more. I was afraid of sleeping and afraid of waking up, and when at last I did fall asleep.

A cold hand touched my face, and a voice in my ear said softly, 'Get up!

I woke up slowly, eyes still closed, feeling strangely tired, but I was still afraid... and I was right to be afraid. I tried to think to remember... and then I felt that I was waking up not from a sleep, but from Vigilance.

And cold fear at once, fear that never leaves me, day or night.

the cold hand start to shake my arms, and the voice said, 'Get up! I said, get up!'

What you want from me? I asked.

I cannot sleep, cannot rest. how can you sleep so quietly? Get up! come with me into the night, and I will show you the true reality.

For some minutes I lay still, but at last I opened my eyes. It was dark, the darkness of the night that would never end, and when will they end...?

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