Chaos of Madness

Between the Angels Wings and the Demons claws, in a world growing blind he fall…


1. Endurance And Devotion


I opened my eyes, well not yet. I opened it again...! I do open them, what's going on am I already dead?

Yes I am right. the blackness of the blackest night is around me.

I just can't remember what's happen the last night or maybe my name. yes,

 David.... David walker. what about yesterday how could I forgot what's really happened! this is totally super weird, so just my name nothing more to remember except that I'm in the middle of nowhere..!

I lie on my back very still, The floor was wet and nasty smell came around. I jump up, moving my arms around me but I can't feel it, it was cold I really don't know what to do.

I freaked out and screamed anybody here...! anyone can hear me please help, it seems like I'm on another planet.

Then I start to move across the place terrified  I walk on, slowly very slowly and counting every steps my feet often slip on the wet floor but something stopped me...! Yes I knew it, the wall ! My fingers touched the wall it’s wet and cold it was made from rough stone.

That sound… like drop of liquid from behind of me. Good thank god I'm so thirsty I need some water to keep me alive for the next hour.

I walk on again, slowly it's just six steps to the drop of water. I raised my hand up, but why am I afraid of touching it. I did put my hand under the drop of water, then I taste.... it doesn't really seems like a water, the taste was so far to be water! cold hands of terror closed round my heart. oh my god it's a blood, blood falling from the nowhere, I smelt the same warm wet smell-the smell of things that have been dead for long time ago. maybe I'm not the only one in the planet of darkness a somebody was here before me, yes well definitely now I can expect my life endless.

 My knees can't carry me anymore, I fall down fainted see and hear nothing for a long while. why me! why am I here…. Yes boy who you think your talking to there’s no answer for that question move on buddy.well there's nothing I can do beside waiting, maybe someone will step by to visit me. I guess Mr. Death will be my first visitor's.

Dear god, I am going to die in this prison - a slow and terrible death. every second of every hour of every day will wait for it, and the waiting will be as terrible as the death itself. my fear keeps me from sleep for many long hours, but at last my eyes close.

When I wake, I’m hungry, thirsty, about to die. I can't stand up. I sleep, wake, and sleep again. I can't find anyway out, I cry out, I laugh, I scream, and still nothing, so many hours of terror.

so this is the new death - death by the curse of darkness this cage cutting through time with a blunt smile, see me cry, help me…Die! The hope runs dry, and the words of comfort I heard how they cracked, and the silence screams so loud, my fate is done, there will be no escape from this death, I’m pulling down the shroud.

Endurance and devotion kills each other, When will they end....?

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