Chaos of Madness

Between the Angels Wings and the Demons claws, in a world growing blind he fall…


5. Dream Within A Dream

One day I woke up slowly, eyes still closed, feeling strangely tired. Then a sudden terror hit me. I tried to think, to remember...

And then I felt that I was waking up not from sleep, but from a Cataleptic fit. And cold fear filled me at once, fear that never leaves me, day or night.

For some minutes I lay still, but at last I opened my eyes. It was dark, all dark, the darkness of a night that would never end. I felt that I lay on hard wood, and when I moved my arms, they hit wood on both sides of me, and above my face.

I was laying in a coffin.

Then hope came. 

I pushed to open the top of my special coffin; it would not move. I tried to find the bell rope; it was not there. and now hope left me. this was hard wooden coffin, not my soft, comfortable one. and there was a smell of wetness, a smell of cold damp ground! I was not in my vault...

'Oh, dear god!' I thought. 'I have had cataleptic fit, and I'm away from home and with people who don't know me. they think that I'm dead, and they have buried me like a gid, in a cheap wooden coffin. deep in a grave with no name on it! No, no!'

I screamed a terrible screams.

'Hello? a man's voice answered.

'what's the matter?' said a second man's voice.

'what's going on?' said a third man's voice. 'why are you screaming like that?'

Then the men began to shake me. they did not wake me, because I was already awake, but the shaking helped me, and at once I remembered everything.


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