Sealed With a Vow

22-year old Claire Delaney's life turns upside down following the death of her beloved father, Mark Delaney, who happens to be the CEO of Delaney Corp.- one of the most successful hotel chains worldwide. She thought things would go back to the way they were once her older brother took over the business...but unfortunately that wasn't the case. Mark's last dying wish? Marry off his daughter to the owner of Weston Hotel Group, in order to maintain the partnership between both thriving companies and prevent any competition. Can Claire possibly seek love in an arranged marriage, or will she be forced to spend the rest of her days with a total stranger? Read to find out.


23. Chapter 23- Date Night

For the past ten minutes, I'd been staring blankly at my wardrobe filled with the most elegant selection of dresses. However, I just couldn't seem to pick out a single one to wear.


Knowing my husband and his luxurious lifestyle, it was most likely that he had an upscale restaurant in mind tonight for our dinner. So, I opted for a fancier look. 


A devious smirk began to form on my lips as a champagne-colored designer dress caught my attention. Although it hung in the back of the closet, the sparkly studs were impossible to notice.


Oh, and did I also mention that it had a completely open back and quite low of a neckline?


Charlotte had bought it for me back when we were in college. Her aunt worked for the company that designed it, so she was able to get a discount.


Tonight would be the perfect occasion to wear it. I normally never wore revealing clothing, but for some reason, I just felt extra bold and daring at the moment.


So, I grabbed the dress, and with a confident smile plastered on my face, marched towards the bathroom. I knocked on the door and Derek opened it, his hair dripping wet with only a towel wrapped around his waist.


My eyes betrayed me as they wandered down his perfectly sculpted body when I was interrupted by the sound of him clearing his throat.


"What do you need?", he asked.


I immediately glanced up at him and could feel a blush beginning to creep on my cheeks. His eyes shone with amusement.


"Get out. I have to change," I said abruptly, pushing him out the door.


"But my clothes-"


Out of mischief, I threw Derek's trousers, gray dress shirt, and boxers at his chest, leaving him utterly speechless as they landed on the ground.


He was about to open his mouth to say something, but I just gave him a sweet smile before shutting the door in his precious face.


"Fuck you, Claire," I heard him grumble. A proud smirk formed on my lips, and I couldn't help but burst out laughing.


Jeez, where was the love in this relationship?


After I finished putting on some mascara,  lipstick, and my favorite pair of dangly silver earrings, I began to head downstairs. 


I admit, I felt like a fierce lioness in this striking gown. I was always used to dressing in modest clothing, but going for a different look every now and then couldn't hurt.


After strapping on my heels, I went outside where Derek was waiting with his BMW in the driveway.  He was talking on the phone, but when he turned around to look at me, I was not at all prepared to be greeted by the fiery glare that read pure outrage in his blue eyes.


Uh oh.


He hung up the phone, placing it in his back pocket before approaching me with long, quick strides.


"You look very hand-,"


"Shut up!", he snarled at me. I gulped nervously.


"What's wrong?", I asked cautiously, wincing at his loud tone.


"Your fucking dress! What the hell are you wearing?", he exclaimed in disbelief.


"I beg your pardon?", I demanded in a raised voice. He groaned loudly and placed his hands on his hips.


"Go. Change. Now," he said through gritted teeth, looming over me. "I will not have other men ogling you. You're married for God's sake!"


Oh lord, he was jealous. And jealous Derek was never pleasant to be around.


"You're impossible," I spat at him, ignoring his rage as I climbed into the car. 


I should've known he'd react like this. But what gave him the right to dictate what I wore? He was just going to have to deal with it because I was not changing into something different.


I heard my husband curse under his breath before reluctantly getting in the driver's seat. He briefly glanced at me as we backed out of the driveway, his eyes raking over my body.


"Believe me, you're going to regret ever wearing that scandalous thing," he said in a low, seductive tone.




"You don't think it looks good on me?", I asked innocently.


"Hell, it looks too good," he muttered to hinself so that I couldn't hear.


"What did you say?"




During the car drive, I was given the silent treatment, but I knew that Derek couldn't stay mad at me for long. I simply stared out the window, watching the city lights fly by.


Just like I had predicted, he began to talk again once we were nearing the restaurant. According to the GPS, there was only a quarter of a mile left.


"You hungry, yet?", Derek asked cheerfully, casually resting his hand on my thigh.


How much more bipolar could this man be?


Well, at least his good looks made up for it, my subconscious reminded.


"I'm starving," I replied.


"Me too."


"You know, it feels like we're going on a date right now."


"I guess you could call it that," he said with a broad smile.


"I've never been on a date before actually," I admitted.


"Oh really? What about Nick?"


At the mention of my late best friend's name, I could feel a whirlwind of emotions begin to cloud my mind. I don't think I could ever forget him. After all, he was the only guy to have captured my heart.


"We never had the chance to go on a date."


I didn't want tonight to be filled with misery and sad thoughts about Nick, so I tried my best to put on a joyful expression.


"Well, then I'm honored to be your first date."


I could see a look of triumph cross his face as he pulled into the parking garage of Symphony Towers- two identical skyscrapers. In fact, they were the second tallest buildings in San Diego.


"Um, why are we here?", I asked.


"To eat. Duh."


"But this is an office building."


Derek gave me a wink, and we both got out of the car. I was awfully curious as to what we were doing here, but it looked like he wasn't going to explain anytime soon.


He offered me his hand, and I took it as he led us inside the building. Several people were gathered on the main floor, all dressed in suits and the fanciest gowns. Apparently, there was some sort of gala taking place.


"I didn't know they had a ballroom here," I commented.


"There's also a hotel, too," Derek added.


"So, where's the restaurant?"


"You'll see."


We got inside the elevator and he pressed the button labeled 'Penthouse Floor.' The moment we stepped out, my eyes widened in pure awe and fascination.


"Welcome to the University Club," Derek announced with a grin.


"Oh my's beautiful," I breathed.


We were on the very top floor in an oval-shaped room, and the walls were made entirely out of glass. The bright city lights illuminated the night sky, and you could see the rooftops of distant buildings. It was an absolutely incredible view.


"I know right? Come on, let's go get our table."


Derek's hand was on the small of my back as he directed me towards the restaurant entrance. Just the feel of his touch against my bare skin sent waves of electricity coursing through my veins. 


"Why, good evening, Mr. Weston," the female server greeted us with a kind smile. "I believe you made a reservation for two?"


"Yes. For me and my beautiful wife," he replied, gazing down at me adoringly.


And for the second time that day, my cheeks began to grow red like a tomato.


"It's nice to meet you, Claire. I'm Sarah," she said warmly.


"Likewise." I smiled at her.


As Sarah led us to our table, I couldn't help but admire the elegant decorations and bountiful flower vases that adorned the all-exclusive restaurant. There was even a fountain near the bar.


All of a sudden, I felt Derek grow tense beside me, and I glanced over at him to see what was going on. His eyes were shooting daggers, and he pulled me closer to him.


"Is something bothering you?", I asked worriedly when we were seated at a table near the back.


"Yes. Do you not see the way these men are staring at you?", he muttered angrily.


"Wow, possessive much?", I remarked in a mocking tone, rolling my eyes.


"I'm not possessive. I just like to protect what's mine."


My heart instantly skipped a beat the moment those words left his mouth.


I was his...


"Relax, Derek. I've only got eyes for you. So quit with the jealousy act. It'll shorten your lifespan."


He managed to chuckle lightly.


"I mean, come on, aren't women always ogling over you, too? But you don't see me making a big deal about it."


"Why wouldn't they? I'm quite a sight," Derek said with an arrogant smirk.


I simply stared at my husband as he looked through his menu, occasionally rubbing his jaw. I sank back in my chair when his blue eyes met mine and smiled shyly at him. 


"What?", he asked.


"Have you brought any of your past lovers here before?"


"No. You're the first woman to dine here with me," he stated firmly.


"Oh, I see." I couldn't help but do a mental somersault. 


"I've eaten here a few times with coworkers, though."


"That's nice."


At that moment, the waitress arrived to take our order. Derek suggested I try the baked lobster, so I did. For himself, he ordered a New York strip steak.


As we waited for our food to come, we talked about my job interview and how it'd gone. Derek had a strong feeling that I'd get the position. If all went well, I'd be working within the next couple of weeks.


When the waitress brought out our food, I heartily dug into my lobster. We also had one of the best wines in California to accompany our meal. I'd already drunk quite a bit of it already.


"How on earth do you eat with a dress as tight as that on?", Derek asked as he cut me a piece of his steak to try.


"I swear to god, you've been mentally undressing me with your eyes this whole time."


It was true. Whenever he wasn't looking at his food, he was either staring at my chest or trying to catch a glimpse of my butt when I'd gone to go use the restroom earlier.


"I can't help it, sweetheart. You look smoking hot," he admitted as his face turned bright red. And it wasn't because of the alcohol. 


"I knew you'd finally come to love this dress," I said with a daring smile.


After having a few glasses too many of wine, I began to feel slightly light-headed.  I hadn't had this much to drink in a long time.


"So...when's the last time you got laid?", I asked Derek as we were both sharing an ice cream.


"You're drunk," he remarked with a laugh.


"I'm not. I'm just curious."


"Why do you care?" He had an amused look on his face.


"Just answer the damn question."


"Way too long ago to remember. Probably a month before I got married to you."


"Poor you."


"This is gonna be a long night," Derek said, grinning.


It was nine o'clock by the time we got home. I went to the fridge to grab some strawberries to snack on. I wasn't all that full from my dinner because the portion was fairly small. That's what I didn't like about fancy restaurants. You had to pay more for less.


I sat down on the stool next to the kitchen counter, eating my strawberries. They had to be my favorite fruits in the world.


When Derek walked by, I grabbed him by the tie and pulled him towards me. He encircled his arms around my waist, and I grabbed another strawberry.


"Want one?", I asked when he grabbed both sides of my face and crushed his lips against mine.


My eyes widened in surprise and the strawberry fell out of my hand as I wrapped my arms around his neck, pressing him against me.


I could feel him smiling against the kiss as his tongue invaded my mouth, exploring every inch of it. I was lifted into his arms, and he carried me bridal-style upstairs to our bedroom.


The moment Derek lay me down on our bed, he climbed on top, his lips wreaking havoc all over my neck. I let out a loud moan as he began to rub his growing erection against my feminine core.


"See what you do to me, Claire?", he said in a husky tone. "You have no idea how badly I wanted to rip this dress off of you the moment you walked out the front door."


His words sent shivers down my spine, and my desire for him increased as he continued to kiss me senselessly, my fingers tangled in his luscious, dark hair.


Eventually, we both stopped to catch our breaths. Derek lifted my chin up and I stared into his lust-filled eyes.


"Do you know how long I waited for this moment?", he whispered, brushing away a stray piece of hair from my face.


My heart was beating rapidly as Derek slowly unzipped my dress. I grew still beneath him and suddenly rushed to grab his hand.


"I can't do this," I breathed.


"Why not?"


"Y-you and Ashley probably did it on this same bed." My voice was shaking, and I felt more vulnerable than ever.


What is wrong with you? Your hunk of a husband is lusting over you and you're bringing up his ex?, my subconscious scolded.


God, I was such a mess.


"Sweetheart, listen to me. Ashley and I were in the past. But now, it's just us two. She'll never get in the way of our marriage. Do you trust me?"


"I do trust you," I said quietly.


"Besides, I know you want me just as much as I want you."


He gave me his signature smile and then went back to removing my dress. Only this time, I didn't stop him. He slid it down the rest of my body before throwing it on the ground.


I pulled him back towards me and impatiently began to undo his tie and the buttons on his dress shirt. Soon, the only thing he had on was his boxers.


As he kissed me passionately, I could feel his large hands on my breasts. A moan escaped my lips as he gently tugged my nipples with his fingers, causing my feminine core to pool with desire.


"You're so beautiful," he breathed against my lips before his mouth began to follow the direction of his hands. I lay helplessly underneath him as he sucked and licked my skin, inching closer to my throbbing core.


My heart was pounding out of my chest as I anticipated what Derek was going to do next. He hooked a finger into the waistband of my lace thong and slid it down my legs, leaving me naked before his heated gaze.


I cried out with pleasure when he placed a kiss on my most womanly parts. His tongue sent me into a state of pure ecstasy as I grabbed onto the sheets, fighting the urge to scream.


Just as I was about to come apart beneath him, my husband's lips were back on mine, and I kissed him like there was no tomorrow. My hands worked to slide his boxers off as he sucked the sweet spot right below my ear, causing me to elicit a quiet moan.


He positioned himself at my entrance and was about to slide in when I called out his name.


"What's wrong?", he asked.


"I - I'm a virgin," I confessed.


Derek was grinning ear-to-ear, his blue eyes dancing in the pale moonlight. He truly was the most handsome man I'd ever laid eyes on. And I couldn't wait to share this intimate moment with him.


"I won't hurt you, sweetheart. I promise," he reassured, placing a kiss on the tip of my nose.


"Wait, there's one more thing."


"Oh god, what now?" He was beginning to grow impatient.


"You forgot to put on a condom," I stated,  giggling like a little girl.




Derek reached for a pack of condoms in his nightstand and I stared at him in all his naked glory, also catching a glimpse of his length as he was putting one on.


Holy shit, it was big.


"Just relax, alright?", he instructed as soon as he was back on top of me. His pupils were dilated, and I could hear the sound of his uneven breathing.


I nodded my head.


The first thrust was slow and painful, but once I was able to adjust to his size, all I  experienced was pure pleasure.


His eyes were on mine the entire time, and there were no words to describe how that moment felt like. He placed light kisses on my chest as his thrusts gradually began to quicken.


"Oh, fuck Claire," he groaned as I grinded my hips against his. I writhed against the pillows, digging my nails into his muscular back.


I clung onto Derek as I felt an orgasm building up inside of me, and the final thrust was what sent me over the edge. It was the slowest, deepest one yet.


We both climaxed, and I screamed out his name, my muscles clenched around him. He collapsed on top of me, our bodies covered in sweat as we came down from the high. I gasped for air as my breathing came out in loud pants.


I didn't know about him, but I was completely exhausted. He rolled off of me and went to go throw away the condom.


When Derek came back, he gathered me into his arms, our legs tangled together. The blanket covered our naked bodies and I let out a quiet yawn.


"How was that for your first time?", he asked me with a smile.


"It was perfect," I whispered.


"Just like you." Derek kissed me on the forehead, and I snuggled against his warm chest.


"Thank you for tonight. And the dinner,  too."


"Anything for you. Now go to sleep, sweetheart."


At long last, my husband and I had finally consummated our marriage. And it was a night I'd never forget as long as I lived.



A/N- Wow, I can't believe how long ago it's been since my last update! First off, I hope everyone had a wonderful New Year. A lot happened to me the past couple of months. I got my driver's license in December, went to Texas for winter break, and celebrated my birthday. The best part though was probably making it onto Houston TV on New Year's Eve:) Anyways, back to our beloved Claire and Derek. And yes, you're all probably thinking they finally did the dirty;) But most importantly, they're in a further stage of their relationship. I want to thank everyone for being so patient with me. School has been extremely difficult, and I also have to study for my upcoming college entrance tests. I can't promise when I'll update again, but for now, remember to like and comment!

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