She's Not Afraid

*This is after
One Direction broke up 13 years ago, they have all moved on and got married and started a family everyone but Harry. Harry became a school teacher teaching the 10th grade and in his class just happens to be one girl named Darcy Styles.


6. Chapter 2

Darcy's POV:

Well what can I say this week has been something alright, the first day of school went awful and I didn't want to go back like ever again, but of course my uncle Ed made me he went and talked to all of my teachers and when I mean all I even mean my maths teacher who turns out to be my uncle Ed's brother twin brother talk about weird. That's not the only creepy thing but ever since me and my brother have found out that our maths teacher is our uncles twin brother Mr.Styles has been more nicer to us and he keeps looking at me and my brother all the time plus my brother has been acting weird like he is hiding a secret.


I'm walking around the school looking for my maths class after being here for a week you would think that I would know where it is but I don't I go over to one of the class rooms and the door is opened and Mr.Styles and my brother are in there talking but I can't really here what they are saying "Hey Darc" someone said kind of loudly and of course Mr.Styles and my brother looked at the door and saw me. Great I thought in my head and turned around and saw William my boyfriend. "Will what are you doing here I thought you were in Doncaster" I said hugging him "Well your brother called me and said that you were living back in England so I begged my parents to move here and they did plus my dad heard that Harry was teaching here" He said, When he said the name Harry I just stood there cause that name I heard it when I was little when I was about 3 or so I remember my mum fighting with someone named Harry.


Edward's POV: (Darcy's Brother)

I got to school early cause I asked Uncle Ed to drop me off early cause well there is a secret that we are keeping from Darcy and I hate to do that because half the time she either A: Knows that I am lying or B:She figures out what I was lying about.

I walked over to the classroom that Harry was in and knocked on the door. He looked up and smiled "come on in Edward, how are you doing?" He asked, I walked in and sat over near his desk "I'm fine I guess but I can't keep lying to Darcy she is going to find out and then she is going to hate me for not telling her when I knew" I said I can't lose my sister I love her she's the best sister ever. "Edward you have I can't tell her right yet because then she will hate me that I made you keep it from her just don't tell her right yet I want to be the one that tells her" He said, I sighed "Hey Darc" I heard someone say and me and Harry both looked at the door and saw Darcy standing there oh god I really hope that she didn't hear anything.


I saw Darcy go over and hug William and I heard them talking all that I heard I was "plus my dad heard that Harry is working here" really you had to say that name in front of her, I looked at her and I could see that she was thinking. "Um hey Darc you said that you were having trouble with the maths homework last night right?" I asked she looked at me and she was biting her lip and holding back tears, "hey Darc it's okay" I said and hugged her, Harry and William were looking at us as if we were weird. Darcy pulled away "I'm sorry I just um my mum use to be with someone named Harry and I have heard my uncle Ed say that, that person is our dad and I can't stand him for what he did to me and my brother but anyways me and my amazing brother have maths class now don't we Edward" she said and looked at me "um what oh yeah we do" I swear this is going to be one long year with Harry and my sister in the same room together.



I hope that you guys like this so far I am going to try and write longer but I am just so busy but i will try and write some more in the morning! xxx <3 -Dani

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