She's Not Afraid

*This is after
One Direction broke up 13 years ago, they have all moved on and got married and started a family everyone but Harry. Harry became a school teacher teaching the 10th grade and in his class just happens to be one girl named Darcy Styles.


5. Chapter 1

Darcy's POV:

I was sitting in the kitchen just moving my eggs around on my plate "Darc eat up or your going to be late for school" my uncle Ed said, you see I live with my uncle Ed and his wife with is two kids oh and my twin brother Edward. "I don't really want to go to school today" I said looking at him "Darcy I don't care you need to go it's a new school and you'll love it I use to go to that school it will be fine" I sighed and went and got dressed the worst thing about this school is that you have to wear uniforms.


Here I am walking around this school trying to find my first class of course my brother went off to find his class and left me here alone I sighed to myself and kept walking till I bumped into someone. "I'm so sorry" I said "Darc don't worry about it" I looked up and saw my brother I sighed again "I came too see where you where class is starting" He said pulling me into the class room.



The teacher looked at us and when he did he looked like someone I know "Edward does the teacher look like someone we know?" I whispered to him he just nodded, well a lot of help he is I thought "You two in the back take a seat please" the teacher said. I sat down and thought this is going to be one long day.


"Edward and Darcy...Styles" The teacher said and looked at us, I looked up "Um yeah?" I said "it says here that you and Edward are new here so why don't you and Edward come up and talk about your selfs " He said I bit my lip cause I hate speaking in front of people. "Come on Darc" Edward said pulling my up to the front of the class. "I'm Edward and this is my sister Darcy  we're twins " I was just standing there not really listening to him it's just that the teacher it's like I have seen him from somewhere. "That's it" I said out loud and everyone looked at me "oh um" I bit my lip and then the bell rang and I ran out of that room fast.


*Sorry it's not a lot but I am really tired, I will try and update in the morning


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