1. Kidnapped

~Allison's P.O.V. ~

Kris and I were standing there just looking into each others eyes. I wanted him to kiss me so bad, but I don't ask anymore to test him. He looked at my lips and said, “You want a kiss?” I nodded my head and then he kissed me. Sparks. Bombs. Fireworks. That's what I felt, I don't know about him but is was the most amazing kiss ever. He smiled and took me into his house. We went up to him room and he locked the door. After that he opened the window a little bit. “Baby, sleep with me?” he asked. “Yes, come cuddle with me. It's freezing over here.” He laughed at me and layed down beside me, wrapping his arms around me. We both fell asleep after a few minutes....

~unknown P.O.V.~

We watched as they fell asleep. Allison was our target, she's quiet, shy. Perfect for our new slave. We are thinking about turning Kris into a vampire and then he loses all the love for Allison that he has and wouldn't think twice of hurting her. I looked at my watched. 10:30. “It's time.” I said to my brother. My brother and I live together, we share the slaves, and hopefully Kris will be living with us soon. Damon went in through the window, then I crawled in after him. I was gonna take Allison and keep her asleep till Kris was changed then we will test him, if he still cares or not. I picked Allison up and carried her to our car we had parked in the back. I opened the trunk and put her in, placing a blindfold over her eyes, ropes on her hands and feet, and a gag in her mouth. This was going to be fun. I walked back to Kris's room to see him on the floor in transfermation. We picked him up and layed him in the back seat of the car and soon left.

~Allison's P.O.V.~

I woke up but saw only blackness. “What the crap? Where am I?” I asked myself. My arms are tied, my feet are tied... “Hey, Alex! She's awake.” I turned at the voice, it wasn't Kris, I know that for sure. The blind-fold was removed and the light burned my eyes so I closed them just as fast as I had opened them. I slowly opened them to make out three guys two in front of me and one in the corner, looking hurt. Wait..Kris is the one in the corner. I tried to move by the chains held me back. One guy with dark hair and bright red eyes leaned down and said, “Hello Allison. My name is Alex, this is Damon, and you already must know who he is.” He smirked an evil grin. Tears were coming down my cheeks fast I tried moving again but the chains cut into my wrist. Alex got up and went to Kris as Damon took the gag out of my mouth. Alex kicked Kris and I whispered, “Don't hurt him.”

~Alex's P.O.V.~

I heard Allison whisper “Don't hurt him.” I look at her, then laughed. “Really? Do you know what I am?” I smiled, showing my fangs. She whimpered and whispered again, “It's not possible. You're faking it. You have to be.” I grew anger, and appeared in front of her. “Watch him.” Igrowled to Damon, not taking my eyes off of Allison. I undid the chains and pulled her up by her hair. She whimpered as I dragged her out of the cell and into another cell. I threw her into the wall. She screamed and fell to the floor. She looked at me with pleading eyes, I ignored it and picked her up again. “Think i'm fake now!” I yelled in her face. No answer. I slapped her. She whimpered and began to cry. “Answer me!” I yelled into her face again. She whispered, “No, I believe you. Please stop!” “Alex, leave her be it's her first day she doesn't know the rules yet.” I turned, letting go of Allison. “Get up!” I yelled. Instantly she got up and walked out the door behind me and Damon.

~Allison's P.O.V.~

“Rules? What's going on. Gosh that slap hurt too.” I walked behind Alex and back into the cell we were in earlier. Kris has awoken. He looked at me with cold eyes I flinched and stopped walking. Alex turned to Kris, saying, “Kris, Damon told you want to do, didn't he?” He nodded, never taking him eyes from me. “Then go on, do it.” Kris walked up to me and moved my hair from my neck. “W-what are you d-doing?” I asked, moving away from him. He slapped me and I hit the ground, hard. I looked up at him with fear in my eyes. “You aren't allowed to speak!” he yelled. Then he bit me, it felt like a thousand razors cutting into my skin. I screamed, and tried getting out of his grip, but he only tightened it. Alex and Damon look proud after Kris was done. I moved to the corner of the room. I started to cry and watched as Alex, Damon, and Kris left, locking the door. Alex looked threw the bars and said, “We will be back to tell you more about this and the rules.” Then left me in the darkness.

~that evening~

~Allison's P.O.V.~

I sat there waiting for them to come back. What happened to Kris? He was so loving and caring, now he's a.. a monster! I was interreped by the door opening and Alex and Damon walked back in. “W-where's Kris?” I asked, as they place chairs infront of me. “He won't be joining us right now,” Damon said, looking down at me. “Allison, we are going to tell you the rules and if any are broken you will be punished, ok?” Alex said, also looking down. I nodded, then got back-handed. “You will speak when spoken to, you aren't allowed outside, you will do eveything we say, you will call all of us master, and you will not treat any of us like we are shit, got it?” Alex said, getting to my eye level. “Yes.” “Yes what?” “Yes master,” I whispered, looking down

~Alex's P.O.V.~

I tilted her head up to look at me, her eyes were filled with tears. “Miss Allison's crying,” I said, laughing and spitting in her face. She broke out of my grip, and tried to go to the door. Damon got in front of her and said, “Where do you think you're going, princess?” She turned and I appeared behind her, I closed my eyes for a second, then open then to find Damon on the floor, knock-out. “What-” Everything went black...

~Kris's P.O.V.~

I quietly went back down to the basement where Allison was at with Damon and Alex. I knock Damon out and then Alex. Allison stood dumb-founded, then said' “What?” “No time to explain now, lets get out of here!” I said, grabbing her arm and running out of the house back to my house. I turned around and said, “I know that I hit you but I had to till, well, just a few minutes ago. I'm so sorry, Allison. Will you ever forgive me?” She looked into my eyes and then kissed me, saying “Yes, I forgive you.”

~Alex's P.O.V.~

I got up and looked around, remembering what happened last night. My eyes widen and I ran through the house, seeing if Allison and Kris were here. They weren't. Anger grew in me and I went back to the basement to see Damon just getting up, rubbing his head. “He's dead, and Allison's will suffer for going with him,” I said to him. “We don't know where they are though,” Damon answered back. I laughed, “He the kind of guy that's stupid. They went back to his house.” Damon laughed with me, then we headed to Kris's house, it was night again. Since the sun wasn't out, we ran at super speed. I open Kris's window a little more, again he was stupid to leave the window open. I went in and put a gag in Allison's mouth and woke her up. Her eyes went wide...

~Allison's P.O.V.~

I was awoken from my sleep to see the familar red eyes. My eyes widen when I realized who it was. I tried moving away from him but he wrapped his arms around me, saying, “Allison, don't wanna do that. You will want to watch this.” He smiled while turning me around. I saw Kris on his knees in front of damon tied up. Damon put his hands on his neck and turned it. I heard to crack of his neck braking. He fell, dead, onto the floor. “NOOO! KRIS!” I cried out, after finally getting the gag out of my mouth. I was pulled out he window and Kris's body disappeared, soon, into dust. I cried and tried to get out of Alex's gripped but he wouldn't let go. I tried kicking him. I hit him! Right in the knee cap. He let out a groan and then spun me around. My head snapped sideways. I move my hand to my now red cheek. I was put over Damon's shoulder and carried back to the house. I cried, replaying the scene that just happen....

~Damon's P.O.V.~

Allison fell asleep on my shoulder by the time we got to the house. I walked down into the basment and threw her onto one of the beds. I walk out, locking the door and going upstairs to get a glass of blood with Alex. “Alex! Where did you go?” I yelled through the house. “He went out to get yall guys some 'food', master.” I turned around to seen Ella, another one of our slaves. “Thank you, Ella for the information. Now go take care of our new slave. She's in the far cell in the back.” “Yes, Master,” she said, walking off to the basement door with the one key.

~Allison's P.O.V.~

I woke up in the cell I was in the day before. I instantly started to cry again. They killed Kris and I have no idea why they want me. “Shh, girl. You're gonna get in trouble!” whispered a girl that just walk into my cell. I looked up and asked, “Who are you and why am I here?” “My name's Ella and Alex and Damon needed a new slave so they choose you,” Ella said, sitting beside me. After a long peroid of silence, she asked, “What's your name?” “Allison,” I said, and started to cry again. “Shh, you're gonna get punished if –” “Allison! Get up here! Now!” Alex said. “Oh dear, Alex's home. I'm sorry for what he might do to you,” She whispered. I stayed where I was at. I don't wanna go anywhere anymore. “Allison!” I here footsteps coming down the stairs. “I'm sorry, Allison. I must go before Master comes in,” Ella said, while walking out. I crawled to the far corner of the room and cried, fearing what Alex, I mean Master, might do to me.

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