2. Ashamed

~Allison's P.O.V.~

Master walked into the room a few minutes later and looked straight at me with anger in his eyes. “When I tell you to do something, you're gonna do it. Now I have to punish you,” Master Alex said, grabbing my arm and dragged me up the stair in to his room. He threw me onto the bed and I instantly got up, not wanting him to go to hell with this. He started to walk around the bed and I crawled under it and curled up into a ball. Then, out of nowhere, he grabbed my foot and dragged me out in twice the speed possible. I screamed and I tried to get out of his grip. He whispered into my ear, “Mmm, I like them fiesty.” He grinned and got up and threw me back onto the bed, this time not letting me get up. I tried and tried to get out of him grasp but it didn't work. He grabbed my hands and moved them above my head and tried them to the bed. “P-Please don't. I-I will d-do anything. D-don't, please.” I whispered between sobs. “Sorry Allison. You have to learn one way or the other. I can have Damon do it. If you scream he gets to go next. Got it.” “No, p-please don't. I-I'm s-sorry” I started to cry as he took my clothes off. “No, M-master P-please d –,” he went into me. I scream and starting to cry more.

~~after that~

“Looks like Damon gets a turn, when he wants it.” He threw my clothes at me and untied me. I got dress and Alex put me over his shoulder and sped down to my cell and threw me onto the floor. I crawled to the far corner and cried silently to myself, soon falling asleep.

~Alex's P.O.V.~

I put Allison into her cell and looked for Damon. I found him in the kitchen, drinking blood from one of the slaves. “Damon.” He looks up at me, then pushed the slave away. “Yes Alex?” “Allison is a pretty good fuck.” I smile and Damon laugh. “You already rape her? It hasn't even been but a day,” he said, controlling his laughter. “Well she has to learn her place in this house and I'm not dealing with her bullshit,” I said seriously now. "I understand, Sir Alex. Besides she has to suffer for running away with that Kris guy, remember?" He said standing up straight, like a butler would do for his master. "Damon, you know you don't have to act like this around me. You are the master here to," I pointed out to him. "I act like this everywhere. don't want people getting the wrong idea, you know," he answered, before walking into the living room. "Oh, hey I told Alison if she screamed, you get a turn. She scared shitlessly of us. I find it very funny," i said as I walked into the room with Damon. "I don't intend to rape her untill she does something so bad that it's the only way to teach her a lesson," he replied calmly. Thats when we hear the front door open and close.

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