Me, You, and My Medication

Violet and Zayn have lived in the same duplex since they were babies. Zayn being popular would protect her in high school from bullies but now as high school ends. Where will they go? Who will protect Violet?


5. Sticky Situation

Okay maybe today won't be such a nightmare! I LEAVE HIGH SCHOOL, THIS IS GREAT!

I walked down the hall by myself until Becky came along and poured lemonade next to me.

"Guess who peed their pants guys!" She pointed to me, but I didn't care because today is the last day I put up with her shit.

I received a notification on my phone that someone had tagged me in a photo, turns out there's a hate page dedicated to me and somehow almost everyone from school follows it. Oh how I love Instagram.

I sat in my usual seat in drama and waited for the tardy bell to ring. People were already up presenting their parts of the play while not saying a single line right.

I saw Niall walk in and he sat next to me not making eye contact. I was genuinely happy until Zayn messed everything up.

"We don't have to go up... Sorry" My voice shook as I hesitantly glanced at Niall.

"You're forgiven" He proceeded to text people on his phone.

What he said hurt, but I could live with it. I put in my headphones and sorta blasted Fall Out Boy, sorry not sorry. Niall received a text and laughed, but then his eyes grew wide. He turned to me then laughed again. Cool. It feels really good knowing the guy I had my first kiss with will never talk to me again. Sarcasm heals my pain. The bell finally rang, Becky and her crew stormed out of the classroom along with Niall.

I walked out the door and made my way down the usual hallway that I walk down.

"Where do you think you're going?" Becky and her friends blocked the hallway infront of me. It felt like everyone at school was there behind me with their phones out ready to record. My heart dropped when I saw Niall right next to her while she held a rope. I looked up to the ceiling to where it led and before I could see it it hit me, like it really hit me. Maple syrup and feathers all over me.

I turned left and right to see if there was someone not recording, there wasn't. Everyone laughed and pointed. "Die!" "Stupid bitch!" Was all I heard. I saw Becky and Niall laughing their asses off. I walked out the door near the crowd of people behind me. I ran after I was sure no one could see me.

I got home within minutes and saw Zayn sitting down. He laughed then got up.

"What did I tell you?" He smirked

"You knew all along didn't you" I walked to my room to get clothes to take a shower.

"Yup, since the second he said that he wouldn't hurt you. Everything was planned out."

"I hate you and you make me want to fucking die." I almost slammed the door to the restroom in his face, yet he managed to slide in.

I stood in the shower and turned on the water to wash off the feathers and stickiness (with my clothes on.) Zayn just stared at me quietly.

"You love to see me suffer don't you?" I scrubbed shampoo in my hair with tears in my eyes. He can't notice if I'm going to cry anyways.

"No... But--"

"But freaking what Zayn?? You couldn't have warned a girl!" My voice cracked

"I did Violet! I warned you!"

I felt syrup under my shirt. I attempted to get it out without taking off my shirt.

"Just take it off it's not like I'm going to be attracted to you." He helped me take off everything... I kept my underwear on.

"Violet... What are these?" He looked all over my body and saw bruises. Shit I forgot.

"Nothing" I turned my back towards him to act mad, well I was mad. He turned me around and grabbed the sides of my arms forcefully.

"Who did this to you?" His voice lowered to a whisper

"My moms boyfriend"

Zayn hugged me, he hasn't hugged me since we were kids. Under his grasp I managed to switch off the running water.

"I'm so sorry" He kept squishing me

"It's not your fault" I rolled my eyes even though he can't see me. He needs to quit acting like he cares when he just feels bad.

"Violet why didn't you tell me?" He kept holding on to me

"I honestly forgot, now let me go" I wiggled out of his grasp and made it to my room to change into new clothes. I'm glad I changed in time because Zayn got into my room and sat on my bed.

"I'm such a cunt right" He looked down at his hands. I walked to the kitchen to serve Turtle her food.

I let Zayn figure out the answer to his question himself.

"We go through this all the time Zayn" I petted my tiny cat as she nibbled on her tuna.

"Well this is different... You're hurt!" His left hand motioned up and down my body.

"I've been hurt! Why do you think I take pills? Mental illnesses are just as serious as physical ones" I walked to my room to put on a sweater, since my arms have some bruises.

As I walked to my room I saw from the corner of my eye, Zayn turn around and clench his fist to hit one of my cabinets.

I chose my oversized Nirvana sweater that always comforts me.

"You may leave now" I pointed to the door that leads to the porch.

"Are you going to the senior game?" He asked

"Gee..... What do you think? I think people are capable of freaking killing me if I don't watch my surroundings!" I sat down on my couch and switched on the tv.

"It's a great experience... Wait I have an idea!" Zayn eyes lit up like a Christmas tree. "C'mon! No ones going to see us!"

"I have to fix myself up to go out" I looked down at my knee socks and my sweater that fit me like a dress.

"Just put on some boots you look cute" His voice gave out at the end of the sentence.
"The costume shop?" I questioned him.

"We are here for wigs" Zayn held the door open for me as he responded

"Why did you bring me here?" I moped around touching the soft hairs in my reach.

"Well if you wear a wig and contacts no one will bother you and people will think you... I've been planning this out for a while so don't judge" He handed me a long blonde wig.

"Everyone will think what exactly..." I parted the wig down the middle and put it on top of my head.

"Woah! Who's that girl? Is that Britney Spears?" Zayn looked at me in awe, but he was just joking. I looked in a mirror and could hardly recognize myself.

"Either you bleach your hair and buy a black wig to go back to the normal you or buy a blonde wig and can take it off when you want"

If I have blonde hair it will be easier to pull of since people will think I'm a new person. Since they won't think it's me they will become my friends (maybe) and want to hang out. The more time they will spend with me the faster they'll realize it's a wig and people will hate me even more.

"Black wig it is!" I smiled at Zayn

"I'm going to get you a blonde wig just for tonight since we don't have time to do the whole bleach thing today. Oh and since I'm nice I'll also get you a black one" Zayn offered

"These are one hundred and twenty dollars each!" I walked behind him as he made his way to go pay for the wigs.

"You'll thank me someday" He smirked as the cashier handed him the bag of wigs.
We made it to the senior game and stayed in the car a while.

"People know this sweater Zayn. Remember in tenth grade when they attempted to burn it while I was in gym!" I turned to my left to look at him

"Haha yeah... Oh sorry, I know how much it means to you I shouldn't have laughed. Look for some clothes in the back" he pointed to the pile of clothes.

I rolled my eyes and some how managed to pull out high waisted shorts, like skin tight and REALLY SHORT. Along with one of Zayns black shirts.

"Let me see that" he pointed to his shirt and made it into a crop top by cutting it with his pocket knife thing.

"Oh no I am not wearing that!"

"You might not wear it but she does" he pointed to the bag that contained my wig.

What he said made sense so I managed to slip on the shorts and crop top in record time. I smushed all my hair into a wig cap while Zayn brushed my wig.

"Let's roll!" He was out of his car within seconds.

The length of my new hair was past my waist. My real hair was just past my boobs.

I walked behind Zayn and kept my distance.

"Um you don't have to do that anymore" he laughed "hold up" he parted my hair to the side instead of the middle.

"Heey Zayn!" His friends snuck up on us. "Who's this?" Niall asked. Zayn and I looked at each other and panicked.

"I'm....." my mind trailed off into a million thoughts and Zayn just blurted out the dumbest thing ever "My newest catch... Fuck!" he screamed at the end and everyone looked at him like he was crazy.



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