Me, You, and My Medication

Violet and Zayn have lived in the same duplex since they were babies. Zayn being popular would protect her in high school from bullies but now as high school ends. Where will they go? Who will protect Violet?


4. Check Yes Juliet

After school...

"So are you going to go to the senior game?" Simone asked me as we walked through the field in my backyard

"Sure I guess" I kicked a rock

"Yaaaay! We are going together, right?" She cheered

"Of course!" 

"We still need our licenses!" Simone screamed but luckily no one could hear her

"Don't think about it too much man" 

"You're always so mellow I swear" She ran around in a circle

"Watch out or else your gonna puke" I warned

"Like you" She spoke fast and laughed like a witch

"Yes." I said with a blank facial expression "I told you my food was corrupt"

"Sorry, at least you got to meet, Niall Horan, the Troy Bolton of the school as you say" She motioned her hands in the air as if she was making a rainbow

"You annoying twit! Tag you're it!" I slapped her forehead and ran to my house as fast as I could.

"You do remember I was in track!" She caught up to me and slapped my cheek

My houses backdoor was locked so I was just sitting on my, or mine and the neighbors, outdoor couch.

"Tuuuurtle!" I saw my kitty walking up the stairs struggling since she was so small.

"I still can't believe you named your black, one month old cat, Turtle.." Simone picked her up and placed her on my lap.

"She loves it though" I puckered my lips as I said that and Turtle meowed cutely

"Why are we out here?" Simone scoffed playfully

"My mum must've thought no one was home when she got home from work and locked the back door before she left for groceries, ya know the use" I petted Turtle

We both heard people in Zayn's house and automatically knew he had people over.

"Let's go before we get bullied" I got up from the seat with my cat in my left hand

"Juliet! I need to talk to you!" Zayn opened his door and the five people laughed at what he said

"Hold ma poodle" I turned to Simone and handed her Turtle

"You watch too many movies" She rolled her eyes

"Come in" Zayn motioned his hand to his living room

"Okay!" I spoke excitedly, I was faking it. "oh wait no, so I can get roasted on? No thanks" I walked away

"Fine!" He ran after me and grabbed my shoulder to make me face him

"What do you want?" I said annoyed.. Because I was.

"I want you to stay away from Niall WHOREan" He emphasized 

"Says the biggest whore of them all" I spat out, I'm tired of holding my words back.

"Maybe this is why no one fucking likes YOU!" He screamed and walked away. 

I stood there hurt. I tried to shake off what he said but I couldn't. The thing is about me one little thing like this is like a chain reaction in my head. It leads to one thing for example: No one likes me cause I defend myself? Wait maybe cause I'm rude. If I'm rude then that explains why no one cares for me. Wait I never talk to anyone but Simone..... Etc. It goes on and on until I end up crying cause of my confusion.

I felt something playing with my shoe laces and it was Turtle.

"Hey baby" I picked her tiny body off the ground and walked back towards my house

"Violet! What were you doing over there by yourself?" My mom shouted as I made my way towards the house, my back yard is super big counting that I live in a kind of rural area.

"Turtle wandered off over here" I looked down towards her and she meowed with her head leaning to the side. Did she just understand that I lied to my mom? How weird haha.

"Where's Si?" 

"Her mom called her home, make sure to take the cat a bath if you want it inside" 

"Alright mom"
At school... 

"I hope you guys are having a fantastic Wednesday morning!" My drama teacher Ms. Wiggins spoke "for today and the next day we are going to be short short paired plays! And you guys are going to vote!" She handed out strips of paper and placed a box at the front of the class. 

I wrote down "The Little Mermaid" since that was a really fun one that we did this year. I got up and placed it in the box.

"And we have our first entry!" My teacher handed me a bell... Crap! I forgot that when your the first to do something in this class you have to ring a bell. I didn't pay attention at the fact that no one was finished writing. I usually wait after the first person goes or else I get really nervous.. Like right now!

I rang the bell then ran to my seat embarrassed while everyone continued to laugh at me and mock me. This is stupid.

"Heeeeey guuuuys wouldn't it be fun to do Romeo and Juliet?" Becky stood up and looked at me. Of course how did I not see this coming?

"Good idea Miss Becky!" My teacher dug through her desk and managed to find enough scripts for the class. I was freaked out on how she casually had Romeo and Juliet in her desk but then again it's a freaking classic. "Pair up! One boy one girl! Choose whatever scene you want to do!"

I opened my script and began to read. I already knew no guy would want to pair up with me. 

"Violet!" Niall made his way over to the empty seat next to me. This boy is my savior to be honest. Even though I've known him for a day.

"...why are you here? Just wondering" I didn't want to make a fool out of myself and assume he was here to be my partner. How embarrassing would it be if he came over to just say hi and I would've been like "Thank goodness you're here to be my partner"

"To be with you..." He backed off a bit

"Sorry again, I'm not used to having a guy want me... I don't think that you like me or anything but like you know as a frieeeend, hoooomieee, buuuuuddyyyy--" I babbled on awkwardly and the bell rang for lunch

"Let's go!" He grabbed my hand and led me out the door. What. I have never. Held hands. With a guy. Before.

We went to the table that we were at yesterday and rehearsed a bit.

"I sorta want to do the kiss scene" 

"Haa... You're funny" I laughed at his joke

"Oh... Yeaaaaah" He laughed awkwardly, does he actually want to kiss me?
At home...

I was out on my porch with Turtle giving her a bottle of formula since she was still a baby.

"Why are you not listing to me?!" Zayn walked out to the porch and left his door open to reveal his friends on a couch.

"Vi!" Niall walked out and Zayn gave him a death glare.

"You make me fucking sick!" Zayn stormed off inside and Niall sat next to me.

"AWWWEEEE! Who's this?? Can I please hold it!" Niall flipped out

"Here" I handed him Turtle and her bottle "Her name is Turtle and she's one month old" I was waiting for him to judge me for naming my cat Turtle

"I love it!" He smiled as Turtle snuggled into his lap, it was so cute. He looked down at Turtle and then to me. "You guys are so cute" 

"No but yes my kitty is" I then laughed at how perverted I sounded as Niall learned closer to me. Turtle jumped over to me with her tiny black paws clinging on to my jeans, waiting for me to lift her back up to safety.

"Yes, you're quite adorable yourself" He kissed my cheek and i could feel my whole face light up with happiness. I played with Turtle and made sure my long hair covered my face.

"You know when I said that we should do the kissing scene I wasn't joking..." He pushed my hair back behind my shoulder and I looked at him. He leaned towards me.

"You slut, ya kno yesterday she was all over me" Zayn stood infront of us ruining the moment. All you could hear was Turtle meowing, I swear she can detect lies.

"What?" Niall broke away from the soon to be kiss and I stayed there with my lips puckered with my eyes closed for a second.

"Yeah she couldn't stop begging for me 'Oh please Zayn touch me like you touch the other girls!'" He did a really high pitched voice that sounded nothing like mine. "So of course I had to satisfy her thirst and I let her suck my dong, do you like how I taste Niall?" He stuck out his tongue laughing as Niall got up and left disgusted

"We didn't even kiss! You can't let me have my moment can you? It always about you!" I stood up with my cat and barged into my house ready to cry.

Tomorrow is going to be a nightmare.

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