Me, You, and My Medication

Violet and Zayn have lived in the same duplex since they were babies. Zayn being popular would protect her in high school from bullies but now as high school ends. Where will they go? Who will protect Violet?


2. Ask Me

"It's just me, the gardener. I came in to use the restroom if you don't mind" He smiled awkwardly 

"Oh um, carry on" I laughed and walked back to the couch. I kept the umbrella by my side, just in case. I tried to forget what that bitch Becky said but it just kept repeating, "kill yourself" that's all people have told me all my life. I heard the gardener walk out the backdoor and I felt relieved. 

I grabbed a packet of ramen noodles and dumped it in a pan full of water. The pan was on the stove and I turned it on to let it cook and boil. I then set the timer on my phone to 15 minutes and put it in my back pocket.

What if instead of the gardener it was a murderer? What would I have done then? Would I have opened my umbrella and bust a Mary Poppins to fly out of my house? No I think I would've been slaughtered to death, maybe like that everyone could be happy... Ya know since I would be gone.

I decided to go and walk to the graveyard. It's only 10 minutes away and.. I need to visit my dad. I kind of live in a very open "country" area so everything is pretty much 10 minutes from my house.

I finally made it to the front gates of the "Sunnyside Cementary." I don't know why they would name it that counting that the place looks like zombies are about to burst out the ground and eat my brains out. Loose fake and real flowers all over the ground from all the graves. I felt a buzzing in my back pocket... My noodles!

I ran to my house and saw that my front door was open. I slowly walked in and realized that I had left it open. I turned around to unlock it and I felt someone grab me by my waist from behind and cover my mouth. They turned around still covering my mouth, it was Zayn.

"We need to keep it down my mom is next door and she will kill me if I didn't go to school and she will tell your mom, who will kill you too." He whispered and finally let me go

"Why are you even here?!" I looked up to him like he was crazy

"I needed to know that you were okay" He shrugged

"Don't even act like you care about me! You didn't protect me today! This is the fifth time that you have don't this!" I walked over to the couch angrily and sat down. He walked over to the back door and closed the blinds, I'm guessing since his mom passes by the door to get to her car, so she wouldn't see that we skipped.

"I'm sorry" He split the noodles I cooked into 2 separate bowls and walked over to the couch. "Here" He handed me a bowl

"Thanks" I responded and started twisting my noodles on my fork "I know you laugh at me" I looked down to my bowl and began to eat. Zayn sat next to me on the couch and I rested on him. 

"I have to keep my image up.." He finally broke his silence

"I know... I'm just... Overreacting..." I lied to not look like a wuss in front of him.

"Look our favorite show is on" He turned his head to me and smiled 

"Bobs Burgers... Yaay." I attempted to not sound like the depressed mess that I am. I was finished with my food and went to go put my empty bowl in the sink. Then I went to the restroom to take my medication. Anti-Depressants either had the power to make you not go "crazy" or they made you even worse if you took too many. I didn't give a shit and just poured a random amount of pills in my hand.

"Violet!" Zayn ran and grabbed the pills out of my hand and handed me back two, the recommended amount.

"You know I do have more in this container" I laughed and he then snatched the container out of my grasp.

"When you need some you text me and I'll decide if you need any. I'll go and take you to get refills" He looked into my eyes

I rolled my eyes and swallowed the only two pills I had left. I made my way to the couch and laughed at my favorite show on the screen. Zayn then accompanied me and joined in on the laughing.

"You're so like Louise" He laughed

"Haha, Can I ask you a question?" I sat up and faced him

"Sure Vi"

"Why doesn't anyone like me?"

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