Hitting The Bases

Larry fanfic. in louis' POV. one chapter per week.


1. Frisky Dinner

Louis POV:

I was starting to cook dinner for harry and I. I felt a strong pair of arms wrap around me and Harry's hot breath on my neck. "Mmmm smells good. What cha cookin' boobear?" What is with harry and getting so touchy lately.. "I-uhm.. chicken.. and potato wedges.." His lips started trailing my neck. "H-harry.." I could feel his smirk against my neck. "What Lou.. can't handle me being so close to you?" The timer on the chicken went off and I wriggled out of his grip to get oven mitts. "No, i'd just prefer you try not to seduce me when im cooking" He sighed. "Fine; but for the record, this is the fifth time you've shut me down this week." I felt a twinge of regret. Followed by the thoughts of what I have planned for him tonight. "So.?" My thoughts were interrupted by Harry. Shit.. I guess he just asked me a question.. "Uhm.. I guess?" His half smile grew bigger. "Lou I asked you how your day went." Fuck. "Im sorry harry my mind is elsewhere... it was okay actually...besides getting hit on by the receptionist who still fails to see she works for a gay designer." I chuckled hoping to keep his smile and he smiled wider. His dimples.. and his green eyes, his curly mess of hair falling in his face as he looks over his food. Why is he so fucking attractive?


We finished eating and I got up to start dishes. I glanced at him from across the table. He smirked and stood up; walking over to the counter. He had that look in his eye and before I knew it his lips were on mine. Harry picked me up setting me on the counter kissing me with even more passion. His lips trailed across my jawline and to my neck and a small moan escaped. "You like that don't you Lou?" He growled by my neck; the previous followed by a harsh bite. I snaked my hand to his pants and carefully unzipped them. The tight fabric pulled away with ease. He was already hard.. was it possible for me to cause that? Just then the doorbell rang. "Shit" We both muttered.. it was movie night with the lads. Harry fixed himself up as I opened door. "Hey boys!" Zayn, Niall and liam muttered their hello's before plopping on the couch and popping a movie in. I sat next to harry on the love seat and slightly snuggled in. His hand was on my knee, slowly inching it's way up; but then he'd pause and go back to my knee. "Fucking tease" I say barely audible but he smirks. The credits roll and they all started chatting about the movie. I wouldn't be able to say about what because I was busy trying to hide my obvious hard on. "Louis you look awfully tired" The only reason I caught liam's words was because my name was said. "He's had a long day" Harry looked down at me then at my crotch then back at the boys. My face got hot and I prayed that the boys didn't noticed me blushing. "well we'll head out so you can get some sleep.." They're completely oblivious. I smiled and lazily walked off to mine and Harry's room as he was saying goodbye to the lads. Tonight, Harry was in for a treat...

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