Every Light in the City (1d/5sos)

It's the oldest story in the world. One day, you're 17 and you're planning for someday. And then quietly, without you ever really noticing, someday is today. And then someday is yesturday. And that is your life. And this is mine.

Hi, I'm Ashton Irwin and honestly I kind of regret running away last year with my friends but I met people who affected my life forever in that year and when I think about that, I don't regret anything.

"Every light in the city is shining for us tonight Ash," he whispered as we stared up into the city that never sleeps. "Just for us."


1. Prologue

"We never should have ran away," I muttered.

The eight of us stood in a circle around the casket. The night was warm but a cold breeze would occasionally blow and it reminded me of the mistakes we had made.

"They never would have died if we hadn't" one of them said.

Everyone started mumbling about the things we shouldn't have done and it gave me a massive headache.

"Just shut up guys," I said. "There's nothing we can do now." I walked away from the group, ignored their calls and kept going until I was out of the cemetery.

I wish Calum never got the idea to run away then this would have never happened. I wouldn't have lost the poeple that mean the most to me. I wouldn't have fallen in love with someone who I'd never see again.

I walked into the hotel and took the elevator to the roof.

I sat down on the edge and stared up into the starless sky.

And even though I wasn't in New York anymore and I wasn't staring at the shining lights, I could still hear their voice.

"Every light in the city is shining for us Ash," he said. "Just for us."

I didn't notice the tears sliding down my cheeks until I reached up to pull the hair away from my face.

"No," I whispered at the memory. "Tonight the lights are shining for you. Every light in the world is shining for you and someday, they'll shine for me too."

Author's note:

This is technically the ending of the story. I suppose then that you must read it to find out who had died and how. You can make guesses though throughout the book

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