Every Light in the City (1d/5sos)

It's the oldest story in the world. One day, you're 17 and you're planning for someday. And then quietly, without you ever really noticing, someday is today. And then someday is yesturday. And that is your life. And this is mine.

Hi, I'm Ashton Irwin and honestly I kind of regret running away last year with my friends but I met people who affected my life forever in that year and when I think about that, I don't regret anything.

"Every light in the city is shining for us tonight Ash," he whispered as we stared up into the city that never sleeps. "Just for us."


3. Birds Will Fly

Calum's POV

The dandelions were swaying gently in the warm breeze and I smiled every time Niall would pluck one out to cast a dream.

Ashton was twirling the drumsticks in his hand around and when he ran his hand through his hair to get it out of his face, I couldn't help but stare.

Louis's soccer ball bounced on the back of Niall's head so he turned around and gave him his best glare but it melted when Louis sent him a grin.

I rolled my eyes, grabbed a handful of grass and threw it as far as I could.

It was when I noticed the way the birds in the sky flew that I remembered a quote our English teacher had drilled into our brains;  "I always wonder why birds stay in the same place when they can fly anywhere on the Earth. Then I ask myself the same question" -Harun Yahya.

I leaned over to tug at Ashton's sleeve.

"What?" he asked.         

"We should run away," I answered.

Ash shot me a confused look.

"What?" he repeated.

"Wouldn't it be cool?" I said. "We'd leave for like a year and we'd have all these adventures."

"You're ridiculous," Ash rolled his eyes.

Niall shrugged from where he was listening in on our conversation.

"I think it'd be ace," he chimed in.

"See," I exclaimed. "Us four, together on an epic journey to the most amazing places in America."

Louis plopped down in front of us with the soccer ball in his hands and his legs stretched out on Niall's lap.

"It'd be our last chance to be together before we go off to college," Louis mentioned.

"My parents would be majorly disappointed in me if we just walked away," Ashton argued.

"Ash come on," I whined. "You're parents are going to judge you anyway so might as well have them judge you for something you wanted to do."

"And you're always complaining about wanting to escape," Niall said.

"Besides," Louis added. "We'll be back at the end of the year."

Ashton avoided our graze and stared up at the vast blue sky.

"All right then lets do it," he said.

We cheered and laughed and fell back onto the grass.

"This is going to be great," I whispered.

Louis stood up and pulled Niall with him. Ash turned his head towards me, smiled and opened his hand.

"Take my hand and we'll run away," he replied.

You're incredibly cheesy," I snorted.

He shook his hand and stared expectantly at me.

"Alright but just because it probably took you a long time to come up with that corny quote," I said and I grabbed his hand.

"Look," Ash said. "They fit together perfectly."

I grinned and began to think the moment was nice but.....

"YOUR HAND FITS IN MINE LIKE IT'S MADE JUST FOR ME," Niall shouted and laughed when Louis twirled him around.

"Bugger off,"

They laughed, Ash laughed, and eventually so did I.

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